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when i put on the defroster the air comes out of the ac vents instead .Is it the climate control panel ?

battery died replaced battery now car wants to start but sounds like it is not getting fuel could fuse for fuel pump be blown and where is fuse located

my catalytic converter needs to be replaced where can purchase one ?. can i do it myself

when the motor heats up

where is the coolant sensor in 2000 deville

head light suggestion on dash board raer light not working

the power windows go up real slow the other day the drivers side went down i had to help it up .does it need a new motor or grease both sides are slow

Just now; first time: Oil pressure light came on "Stop Car"
We did. Husband ischecking oil dip stick as I type this.

Does the car have to be towed on the flat bed?

how to replace

is strutmaster conversion struts a good replacement for air shocks,does it have a smooth ride, or is my cadilac going to ride like a truck.

if i prime the throrttle body a few time then it will start and run.but the first time of the day it's hard to's like it's out of gas.


light on service transmission

air bag light ia on the dagh

2001 deville wont stay running without foot on pedel

what is the idle rpm in park and drive.

the dome lights work if I turn them on with the dome light buttons but they do not come on when I open the car door like they used to. I've been told there is something in the door that triggers the lights to come on when opened. if so, what is it and how much does it cost to replace it?

Air works fine but it doesn't get warm, defroster doesn't blow warm air only cold.

the interor lights are staying on all the time and is draining the battry over night . i removed the fuse but still have a power drain . its like some thing else is stuck on and drawing power. is there a way to check what is using so much power when the car is turned off and how do i fix it ?

What size socket should be used to remove the oil drain plug?

Can you tell me if it is really difficult or not that hard for a mechanically inclinded (but, not a professional car mechanic) to change the front struts on a 2003 Deville? I've done quite a lot of maintenance on my own cars over the years, but I'm just a bit unsure trying to tackle this one without some kind of input. Thanks, Glenn.

Air works great but now that cold weather is here I have no heat. Could it be the thermostat or the temp sensor switch?

will not start not even turn over

daily drips in driveway

need key and ignition lock cylinder with raised-chip key...4.9l 82,000 om

Other night I woke up to find the ocean had tried to reclaim the street I live on . The salt water was up to the wheel wells and the interior was fullof water the seats I guess had shorted out and went all the way forward to the dash . TRied jumping it after but it won't start. I actually did drive it that night to higher ground . could that have done more damage then just letting it sit I'm bummed out because I just got it running somewhat like it should and now this

why does the transmission on a 1999 Cadillac DeVille not pick up gears after loss of fluid and when fluid is added?

1994 Cadillac Deville has been sitting in a garge for ten.

What will I need to look out for when first starting after ten years

cost of replacing and cost of item. Thank you Leonard

engine idlle sometimes low. battery no charge comes on , changed battery, still dose the same the go's to charge. computer indecates low idle, cadillac can't figure it out. it dose not happen all the time, also climate controll jumps from auto to econo. when i put the new battery in it stayed in auto, now its doing the same thing. need help