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have a 1992 Cadillac DeVille, attempting to refill it and have cleared the codes. i can't get to compressor to start so that i can add the refrigerant. what should i do?
Do you know of any promblem with the tranmisson with this model. This is the 3rd time in the last 4 years that something has gone wrong, 1st rebuilt transmisson, then replaced with a used one now the solenoid. Please ...
what would the cost of replacing the Torque Converter Solenoid and please include the cost of the part and labor
The auto climate control does not turn on and the A/C is blowing out hot air. The A/C system was just re-charged, but still does not work correctly. The mechanic says that the A/C system is leaking and that the A/C co...
The compressor for the air shocks quit working, so I replaced the compressor and both rear air shocks as they were both leaking. After doing that I still cant get the compressor to come on. So I know there is a electr...
Glove pocket want open . Key will turn lock but door want open on glove box. How do I get it open?
Can you tell me where the location is to put in R134a to recharge the A/C? And will the compressor come on for me to put it in?
Front Passenger power window switch non-operational. How does the door panel assembly come off? Do I need to change the switch?
How Do I Change Ignition switch? Car Will Not Start It Says Start In 3 Minutes But Still Won't Start I Believe Wires Are Broken
I replace the secoundary air in take pump with the New Hose kit to stop water from getting into the pump. pluse the relay switch ,replace the EGR but my 2001 cadillac DeVille DHS still get the PO 174 & 410 codes t...
Black particles about the size of a fat pencil lead, and sponge-like with very small cell structure, enter the passenger compartment when the air conditioner is on.
my car says the air compressor is off and low coolant at the same time. the econ button blowns air but not cold.
Had my car for 2 weeks. Someone backed into my front 4 times. Now the start wont start at all and is leaking a fluid. Do you what needs to be fixed?
I have a "electrical system needs servicing" info light comes on consistently. I changed the Battery since the car has 90,000 miles and was the original. I plan to have the spark plugs and wires replaced but would t...
i bought the car recently but it has a water leak that i cant find and it seems to me thjta its coming out of the exauhst and when i crank it and the engine is cold it will not accelerate it will not respond to the ac...
I changed the oil and the engine tells me to stop the engine when i turn it on it says the oil pressure is low what should i do
hey there. my name is dwayne, and im contacting you for help on my 98 caddy deville. well three days ago. i got a alarm installed. and friday i was driving on da high way and it just turned off. and smoke started comi...
My cigar fuse blows (arcs) immediately when I install it, a short in the line. Any idea where to look?
trying to add refrigerant and not sure which of the two ports is the low pressure port. Please assist
How to change the spark plugs on the backside of the engine
Engine temperature on a 100 degree day at a red light, heavy traffic reaches 230 degrees while stopped. Decreases as speed of vehicle returns. Is this a warning sign?
lowered windows'/hadn't used this window in years/right-rear window lowered/won't come up
car wont start due to anti theft system how can i bypass that to get my car started
When my car is running there is a hissing noise. The noise goes away if I move the steering wheel just a tiny bit in either direction and hold it. If I let go, the noise persists. The power steering pump was replaced ...
I Have Three Code PO101 ,PO410 & PO742 I replace EGR , and Secouary intake Fuel pump I still get the above cods
My trunk and fuel door will not open by the key button or inside buttons. What can I do? Debora
There is no change in the way the car performs. What could be causing the check engine light t come on?
Found that I'm missing a hose on the vacum purge switch - the hose that runs back to the canister. Any ideas on fishing this thing back up and attaching it?