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I need an oil change and would like to buy the best in order to keep my Cadillac running well!
over heats, but it happens qucker when the air conditioner is on.
the location of fuel filter on 2001 cadillac sedan deville
what is the cost to replace the high pressure power steering hose
i was always told that a flush is not needed but just a change, correct?
I parked my car last night no problems, this morning I got in and put the key in the ignition and could not get it to turn in the switch. The wheels are straight not up against anything tried moving the steering wheel...
why is idle high
32 valae northstar where the ckp sensor
what does it mean when your sevice stability system light comes on every bump you come across? I have a 2001 cadillac dts.
The Check gas cap reading keeps coming on. I press the information button and it goes off. When I start the car again it comes back on. It just came on a couple of days ago. I checked the gas cap and it is on.
The back rear drivers side window is stuck in the down do i remove the door panel?
I replaced the 17 "tires at 60,000 with Yokohamas. The vendor has tried three times to balance them without success. They stillbrate between 60 and 70 mph. Aer defective tires likely to be the cause? They have offerre...
My car shakes during hard straight line acceleration and once again around 60 MPH. I have had both front half shafts replaced, wheel hubs, tie rods, front engine mount, 4 new tires/mounted/balanced--now filled with Ni...
the fan will not come on unless you slam the door then sometimes will go off if you hit a bump in the road.
Why does air conditioning fan work intermittenly? IT comes on when right door slams or when going across a rough railroad track
I have a 2000 Cadillac Deville DTS. I have a clicking noise under the dash. I have heat and air that comes out of the defrosters and the floor only. Got any clues to what the problem could be and how would I find them...
Now when driving car it makes a hissing sound but when I stop the car it also stops.any idea???
I've been told I need front brakes and rotors for $450 including labor. Rotors too thin to turn. But are they? What do I look for if mechanic shows me rotors? Do need the best rotor money can buy? Do I get more miles...
Will a smog pump are a secondary air pump cause your car to run hot? Are what are the symptoms of it going out and what will it do to your car?
YEa I also have a 2001 DTs it only has 102k miles, I stall out time to time while idle never when giving gas, and sometimes its hard to start, I even recently noticed the rpms going up to 3 when i'n not giving gas, I ...
Why is the service suspension system light coming on?
Crossover pipeseals leaking coolant and lower crankcase half starting to leak. How much does it cost to repair these issues?
tells me coolant level low engine hot ac off change oil. still starts just have to keep adding water
There is a rubber boot on the intake manifold the goes to the back side of the throtle body. Do you have to take the intake manifold off to replace this and does it have just a seal that can be replaced? mine seams to...
I need to know how to replace the light on steering wheel
My fuel pump fuses and relays that are in my backseat fusebox all have power. In my trunk i am not recieving power through the electrical wire that connects to the fuel pump, is there some type of reset button?
The fuel door and trunk releases don't work. Changed the relays under the rear seat still no activity.