My 01 Cadi Deville DTS has been unable to remain running. It will start, but I must keep my foot on the gas, to keep it running, soon as I remove my foot off the gas, it will cut off. During all of this,the Battery voltage will decline. Also the Service Charging System will appear. I took it a repair shop for this problem, and replaced the map sensor, and it seems to have made the problem worst. Any help would be very appreciated_thank you kindly!

gear shift has been sticking from time time dealer says its broken

would it be 9382835 or 12226956? Do it need progremming?

Two Caben filters? One inside and the other under the Hood?

Hello, Only the drivers side low beam is out the passenger side works fine. I changed the bulbs and don't see any blown fuses. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks

My question is do I replace the motor or resistor or both, I have found the motor but I have no ideal where the resister is, this is what it do....

- Occasionally works turns on
- Slamming the right hand side passenger door would temporarily fix the problem
- Hit a pot hold it will come on, I live in Mich.
- Tapping on the blower motor metal housing with the handle of a screw driver will come on
- Wiggle the blower motor power source - Blower motor turns on
- Wiggle the housing - Blower motor turns on.

I can't understand I only have 66k on the car

When the blower comes on it works fine but when I turn the car off and start up again I have to start hitting and tapping the dawn thing again till it comes back on. Once it's on it stays on till I shut down.

I have COPD and for me any task these days are hard for me, so I will have to have someone fix this for me but I need to know witcth to replace once they take out the blower and replace it and find that it's the resister will they have to take the blower out again to put it on or in ?

Another thing is that I hear that the Motor for my car has 2 designs, how can I tell witch design I have ? and if I have to buy both can I take the other back for a refund being a eletrcial part?

Thank you all in advance,

PO102,106,121,171,174,300,506,507. where do i start, with the MAP sensor or MAF sensor.

antifreeze is leaking from the front of the motor. i have checked the hoses, they were not leaking.

one day we drive and the heater works fine, next time, nothing.

Rear seat vents are cold. Is there a separate module that controls cooled air entering the vents on each side?

reads bank 1 sensor, next time it reads bank 2 sensor. I put injector fluid in it and a new gas cap. What should I do next? Thanks

coolant tank, sparkplugs, we also brought this seal that said it would garruntee to seal any cracks or holes it is still over heating but it just takes longer to do it.

Do I have two errors or has the real problem finally showed up? I get the 300 @ start up and about one min. later the 306 shows up.

My check coolant error message lit up on my dashboard display, and will go of when I reset the the info button. However, when I turnthe engine off and park it for a few minutes, the check coolant light will come on again. I have had the lower engine gasket; new radiator; new surge tank; and new thermostat replaced. All these changes occured during the last year while my engine was out of the body of the car for the lower engine work. Now I have the check coolant level light coming on. Please advise.

I tried to start my cad dts sometimes it would take me a couple of turns . Sometimes it would take 20 minutes but it always started. Now nothing at all please help me get it started.

not, sometimes if I hit a pothole it will come on, when I have it on I have checked the fuses and the relay is ok. I think it maybe in the temp.control, off on switch.

How much should it cost . Can I do it myself

A sparkplug wire was burnt

it shake bad

and again at 65,000 miles

Thinking of changing them

I'm fairly handy but need to know if I can replace the right low beam headlight bulb myself or best to leave it to the dealer who will charge all outdoors

There is a scratch located on the left side of my car approximately 4 in. long and also damage to the chrome panneling on the right side. About how much will this cost me with the labor?

Im not sure if my car needs a tune up when idle it jerks and seems like it wants to quit only when idle.Ive asked around about maybe putting the car on the diagnostic machine,ive been told that since the check engine light is not on the test will not be able to tell what the problem is.

Does a 03' Cadillac DTS need to be lubed?

looking for a place that is an expert on cadillacs

I bought my Dts with 38k know i have 60k when should i get a tune up

Sometimes my navigation system works and sometimes it says it cant read disc.Now when I drive about a half an hour or so my radio locks up and I cant turn the station and none of the controls work?

hit a pot hole and the next day it said service battery system battery not charging

my brakes seem to be fine no noise stop fine, i am told i need new front disc pads and rotors,,,how do i know i do need them and their not trying to make a sale???