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we also see a message on dash to shut down car immediately. Or if the fans are not running wear they get there power supply and is there an inline fuse or something?
what does it mean when the dashboard indicates no fobs detected, and the car does'n start
possible vacuum leak mean? What is ballpark cost of repairing all?
I made a stop and it felt like it was rocking side to side
But as it warms up it slowly gets quiet n you can barely here it unroll you give it gas and Idk what the problem could be an I'd like to know the main cause because I don't wanna sink a lot of money into it...thanks.
How can I unplug, or disconnect the "check he coolant level" sensor? Everything checks out OK but it still shows.
any ideas instead of a dealership ad pay a ton of money for a door handle
this was a first too not once has the car before turn on check engine or anything. It happen out the blue. The car turned on and then shook. Then it made noise like something blew out or fall off. The car then shutoff...
I know the part is only seventeen dollars and if I can do it myself why pay one hundred for labor,,, have looked for it but didn't find it, not just a dumb female that cant fix it herself, have worked in automotive sa...
had new rotors and pads put on front @ 58K Is there something wrong with the abs system?
I constantly have to put in antifreeze, I took it to my Mechanic they replaced the thermostat. It still overheated brought it back and they tested it and said the head gasket was leaking and needed to be replaced cost...
When the belt is attached the car won't start. When the belt is not attached the car will start, what can be the problem? Just replaced the battery and starter, noticed the belt was broken. I bought a new one, and ...