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what type of gas should i use
The Antilock Brake light is on and I had it diagnosed today. Mechanic says the ABS module is faulty and needs replaced. He says you cannot buy new but will replace with used unit for $700.00. Is this something I could...
after jiffy lube put 10 qts of oil in it the pressure drops when it warms up
need a location of the raditor fan relay ive looked at the relays under the hood but they are not marked
Replaced headgaskett with 47,000 miles. New radiator, thermostat and still my 2000 Deville still overheats.
both trunk remote releases quit working
Rough start when cold sometimes,engine light on,oil seems to have something in it? took the car in had plugs and wires replaced,also madiflod gasket replaced.Had car home for 1 day problem started again? Code reed p03...
The Check gas cap reading keeps coming on. I press the information button and it goes off. When I start the car again it comes back on. It just came on a couple of days ago. I checked the gas cap and it is on.
The back rear drivers side window is stuck in the down do i remove the door panel?
I replaced the 17 "tires at 60,000 with Yokohamas. The vendor has tried three times to balance them without success. They stillbrate between 60 and 70 mph. Aer defective tires likely to be the cause? They have offerre...
The delivership put new gas cap on thinking it was it, but light came on again & stays on.
when i turn off car fan still run's for hrs. until i go out and remove 30amp fusethen it stop's. what do i need to do!
where is the on the transmisson is the speed sensor for the speedometer
fuel filter location on 1991 cadillac fleetwood
My car shakes during hard straight line acceleration and once again around 60 MPH. I have had both front half shafts replaced, wheel hubs, tie rods, front engine mount, 4 new tires/mounted/balanced--now filled with Ni...
My 2004 deville has been a jewel. I just noticed the transmission, instead of a smooth transition from drive 1 to two, I get a rough"slam"ingagement and the same each progressive upshift. However when I hit passing g...
got my check engine ligt read and they said it may be my transmission control module what is that and how diffucult is it to fix and how much will it cost me what are the common side effect of the module going out th...
When I turn or move steering wheel, car makes a moaning sound?
Just noticed the crack in the white coolant bottle today has very little coolant in it.thought I saw a wet spot under my car the last time I drove but can't get the cap off the radiator to check the level in the radia...
the fan will not come on unless you slam the door then sometimes will go off if you hit a bump in the road.
My engine quit while I was driving, it lost power, then there was a very loud noise that sounded like there was no oil. It cranks over, but wont start. Had it towed to a local garage, so far all they say is it isnt ge...
is there any businesses that repair or rebuild electronic shock absorbers like for a cadillac seville sls 1999. for the front right and left.
What causes the right rear tail lights not to come on?? The bulbs are good. However the right front has damage and lacks a parkink/turn light.
After dark with the Twilight Sentinel "On", the running light remain on without the headlights coming on. The healights will only come on with the main switch in the "On" position.
I have replaced fuel cap, tank pressure sensor, checked all connections. Worked for a few days and the light comes back on Car loses power when this happens
the car light is flashing service engine soon,what do i buy to do the maintanace
I need to remove the hoses on my 2001 Cadillac Deville. First I need to locate them. Help.
I had the misfortune of getting hit from behind at low speed by a heavy pickup truck. As soon as I was hit the suspension warning indicator came on but it has been intermittent since. The ride has degraded considerab...
Can`t close the cup holders on center console because lip stick fell underneath them. Can`t seem to release cups holder and take it out