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I have water backing up into the passenger side of car from the air conditioner. Can't seem to find the drain vavle on the fire wall. Any ideas?
Why does air conditioning fan work intermittenly? IT comes on when right door slams or when going across a rough railroad track
I just had a new alternator, serpentine belt and spark plugs installed on my car. Starter fluid will run the car for a matter of seconds then shut down. Please Help!
My glove box handle broke. How does one remove the original lock cylinder so it can be installed in the new handle?
Where is the engine starter located on this vehicle? And how accessible is it?
how to repleace the speed sensor
I refilled my Refrigerant with the correct stuff and the gauge reads as full but the computer still flashes low and shuts the compressor off. What need to be fixed?
dealer said I need new spark plug wires but they were replaced about 15k miles ago
Our 2003 CTS has 139K miles. Cadillac rec's are for replacment at 100k for timing belt. This is pretty expensive necessary is this and are there any telltale signs prior to failure? Thanks!
I have a 1991 eldorado and it won't start because of anti theft it tells me to wait 3 minutes and when I do it still won't start and it tells me again to wait 3 minutes what could the problem be?
car only leaks oil when running...Is it the oil sending unit?
turn key and nothing happens, took key out and the security light made a noice as if it as trying to start but nothing after that.
I cant stop this squealing noise. I changed the p/s pump, the tensioner and STILL and cant get rid of the noise.. HELP!
I have always had trouble with the range on my remotes, I have changed batteries and it doesn't make a difference. Yesterday the remote stopped working at all. Again I installed new batteries in both and still nothing...
I was hearing a loud vibrating noise when I start my car up in the morning and after setting all day, either going backward out of the garage or frontward to leave work. The dealer ship says the rear differential bus...
TCC code, how much to replace TCC. It failed tests.
my digital cluster works when thay want to. my digital fuel guage does not come on at times and also my electronic climit control does not come on at times. and the air cond.well come on by its self
The anti theft alarm sez remove key wait 3 minutes, this happens off and on. I have tried both keys,same thing happens. I have 180,000 miles on her she runs great other than this problem.
How do I release the hood when the latch is broken?
cost estimate to remove and replace crankshaft sensor
Air injection pump is making loud noise like a screeching noise would like the location of pump can't find it.
How do I remove front rotor
Temperature gauge needle on 3rd thick white line in summer months, oil pressure drops to just above red line when at idle, sometimes activating low pressure warning when I get an idle underswing. In winter months the ...
what is the location of the flashers repair
location of this repair
my window switch will only let my window go down not up anymore what does that mean?
how do you remove the strut bearings on front
i had the car towed yesterday night and the next morning at the shop the car started before the mechanic even looked at it. so i took the car and drove it all day. it was fine starting. until last night it did the sam...
just changed front brake pads, how do you turn off light in dash/
The trunk fills up with rainwater? Trunk seals appear to be okay..Does anyone else have this problem and where was the leak at?