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Leak has been fixed before with something that cost around $ 60-65. Drove it for a long time even a couple 4 hour road trips then went out. Again. Each time seems to get worse. Had towed in but haven't heard verd...
It has happened when I get out. As well as directly after starting, while driving. Begins with one honk, then increases to multiple times.
Dies when coming to a stop now won't start at all.
what would be reason for rough ride
others say the motor will have to be pulled to get to it
I dont know who said you could not put a 2000 engine on a 1999 sts cause I put one on my car and it works fine
Ive done the key learn procedure to get rid of the VATS in the dash. The new key works however i still cannot take my car out and go faster than 30mph. any ideas?
It makes a clicking sound when I push the button so I know it's nothing electric.
Has had 2 boosters and sensors put on and warning light still comes on. System has been reset.
Had car in shop. Top hose clamp was lose on rad. Care was idling at shop 30 minutes no leak. Drove 4 miles home, parked, antifreeze leaked on driveway. Could it be the rad or trans cooler?
My caddy was runnin good and out of the blue my dash went haywire I pulled over turnt the car off and it wont start back up hellllp
Does it need service at all?
Any specifics to change a flat tire
Where is the wheel position sensor located? On srx v8