im on a real tight budget and i seem to have 2 problems with my car but i can only get 1 repaired. my map censor and 02 censor. my mpg is 8 and my car smells like gas at times but no leak. engine light reads both codes. after a drive and i try to restart my car it hesitates to start until after the 3rd time, and its not the starter already reapaired that problem. i only have enough money to repair 1 for now wich problem would you recommend first and why? Thanks for the help

Is there any place that cuts GM keys thet will work for the engine. I bought keys through Ebay motors along with FOP. I need FOPS program and keys cut at a resonably price. Can anyone help me out?

Is there a picture showing how to replace the pump, i know it is done underneath the car, but what is it located near?

my 96 Cadillac has a thumping sound on right front side. I replaced struts,strut mounts,all bushings & lower contol arms & tires. my mechanic can not find the problem. The car only has 50k miles

Comming down I-20 car just cut off and want start back up.Getting gas and fire to the plugs.Codes that came up PO101,PO108,PO175,PO300,PO340 and 1406.E-mail

Today at 70,000 miles I got a check stability control message. What dose that mean?

only one oxygen censor is bad on my car however i have 1 autoshop telling me that the have to replace all 4 or they wont do it and i have another shop saying they can replace 1 im confused can i just replace 1 and not have any problems

truck shakes when idling

like to know how to repace radio

clog it was get no gas

everytime i drive

runs about every third time starting,sometimes it will start after hitting a bump. suspect a loose wire, but where?removed and cleaned plug and contacts on motor,it worked then.drove last night, it didn't work!arrgh!

when going up hill car start missing or shut off.

thermostat location

My blower fan for ac and heat only comes on when I go over a bump or slamp the door hard.

head lights will not come on but all other lights is on and the day time running lights come on

i am losing oil on my ext.6.2 liter with 15,000 miles I have. engine is losing a quarter of oil every 1000 miles. I use mobile one oil. please inform me on what to do?

i run my cadillac for about 30 min then it turns off.. then it doesnt want to turn on till about another 30 min.. the service engine light is on.. what could be the problem?

Transmission shifting hard. Service engine light came on, and will not go off. Took to Auto Zone parts store. This is what showed on screen.TEC PREASURE CONTROL CYCLINDER P2763 PENDING

signal lights some times they work .most times they don't

this is a 8 cylinder engine we replaced the spark plugs and the engine runs fine at first then starts running can then smell raw fuel when the engine is running, we have pulled the spark plugs back out and the front 4 plugs are soaked with gas but the back 4 plugs are fine, what could be causing this to happen? thank you.

cant seem to be able to get rear disc rotor off whats the trick to this

my service engine light. what is the code to turn off light/

where is the diagnostic connector

Everythiing was find i drove the car the seat worked great then all sudden the seat stoped working Ive checked everything fuses seat relays memory switch still no movement it like no power help triump68 thank you I repaired my problem it was caused by static I had to remove the neg battery cable wait a short time replace it that resets the computer hope this will help others with problems thanks triump68

2oo4 Caddilac DeVille

Hello - I just purchased a 2000 Eldorado with 65K miles and discovered that the right side vents (AC and heater) blow cold while the driver/left seem OK (warm but not hot). The vents seem to be working ok. tks/Vic


what is a hydro booster?

Is the power steering pump on the firewall?