my car says service anti theft system how can i fix it

I performed a load test on my battery and the alternator came up not charging. so I would like to know the location of the alternator so I can change it.

This vehical will not start and it has spark when u first turn it over and then nothing anyone ever have this same problem if so what was that matter ?

how hard is it to change fuel filter an spark plugs the plugs in the rear look tough

When I turn the key all I get is a click from under the hood . Its kind of loud and just one "click" and then nothing. Could this be starter Relay ??

I am looking for the maxifuse/relay box on my car. Manual says it located next the engine compartment fuse block? Not finding it? problem with my fan for a/c and windows.

press remote exterior lights flash but power locks trunk & gas door release won't cycle. No dome lights. No interior lock release or light work. All other systems work O.K.

passenger side switches dont roll windows down what could be causing this? and what would i need to repair?

Driver side vents blow hot air all the time,even when it's off.What would it be,and where is that part located.

had diagnostic test run from GM garage;results were code 170/171,intake leaks and head gasket.A second opinion gave different results-oxygen sensors.Service engine light stays on,what to do? Engine has never overheated,and no anti freeze loss. Does have small pulsing noticeable on rpm hand;also poor gas mileage.

How hard is it to replace the pressure side power steering hose on my caddy.

levelling light is on and destinct clunk in the front

the fan on the ac/heater keeps stopping, it will start up again if i bang the side of the door right under the glove compartment.

My Escalade oil pressure gauge does not move up, does this mean i have no oil pressure or has the sensor gone bad?

need all new brake lines from start to finish how much approx.

My Friends '99 Cadi Sevill STS Was Diagnosed With A Bad Fuel Sending Unit It Got Replaced,So Did The Fuel Filter,It Would'nt Start.I Was Asked To Look @ It The Other Day.I Replaced The Spark Plugs,Air Filter & Charged The Battery To Full.I Also Checked All Fluids,But It Still Does'nt Start.My Question Is ,Could It Be A Clogged Fuel Line? Or Just Something Else All Together ?

when do i change?

How much does it cost to flush a heater core in a 1995 cadillac deville?

the theft light came on and then a msg came on that said service theft system. then the car would not start nor will my key come out the ignition. i had my car towed to the nearest dealership who kept my car for a week and tried fixing other things unrelated to getting my car started. all i want to know is what should i do when i tow my car to the next shop. what does this sound like to you?


Where is the drain plug for the cooling system?
I would like to flush out the system.

Auto compressor or solenoid height sensor may be faulty. Where is the sensor and where is the air valve to let air out? The car is lifted up in the rear and will not come down.

My heater core is leaking into passenger compartment. How do I replace it?

Where is the drain plug located for the cooling system?

how to replace low beam bulbs

How do i check my At fluid and how do i change the filter on it?

The heat only works on the passenger side, I have had it many places and no one seems to be able to fix it. The dealer thinks it is the water pump??

What is the torque on front wheelbearings when replacing them ? Do you have the answer?

Transmision whent clunk and speedometer stoped working.

My Cadillac Eldorado is running hot and I changed my water pump and thermostat..But its still running hot i just wanted to know if anyone can give me any solutions to fix the problem..(Started running hot after taking resevor cap off)