When in cold temperatures the door buttons don,t work till car heats up.

Onboard Diagnostic Codes IRC U1016, and SDM B0029, how do I troubleshoot and repair thses issues

I have put on new catalytic converter twice and both times it seems to work for a while then light comes back on and fuel mileage seems to suffer. I have been told that it has to be a GM converter or this will keep happening.Do i have any other options than to buy a $1000.00 converter

I purchased a 2005 cadillac cts 3.6L, My drivers side HID Lowbeam lightnever worked.. When I went inside to change my bulb there was a HID Conversion Kit on the drivers side only. I even tried to replace the bulb by ordering a hid bulb for that conversion kit but when I went to plug the bulb in there was no power source inside the bulb to plug it into. My question is are there any power supplies inside of a cadillac cts headlight. I know there is one on the outside of the shell of the headlight assembly but what about in the inside where the HID Lowbeam Bulb goes. Right now I still have the HID Conversion kit installed on the drivers side but I need to know is there a separate power supply inside the headlight assembly or is it the big plug on the outside if the headlight assembly. If I replace the bulb and go back to the original will that one have a powersupply in the inside of it for the Low beam to plug in. It will not plug into the power supply on the outside of the headlight assembly.

The car battery has been dead twice this week end. This morning after jumping it the ABS and trac lights were on and the steering and brakes stiff. Tonight it started fine, but the gear shift would not move out of park. The engine light has come on this week and I checked to be certain that it wasn't a loose gas cap, like before.

After serval minutes of playing around I managed to unjam it and have driven home. I have order a new battery since the car has almost 100K miles on it.

Any idea of what the issue(s) could be?

wiper stop working

I've been told this model vehicle has had problems with the computer system and I should probably sell it, or it could turn into a money pit. Any thoughts on this ?

Is it safe to assume that the fuel gauge is defective if it reads erratically but the digital range readings are precise and after adding fuel the digital range reading looks correct but the needle will read anyware from full to all the way around clockwise to E. On a trip the all the digital readings seem normal. Doesn't the fuel sending unit data go to both the gauge and the fuel computer were the digital info comes from?

I went to start the engine and it attempted to start then it made like a whistling sound, sputtered but will not turn over. no diagnostic lights come on. radio and lights working perfectly. It cranked on yesterday without problem. Has 137,000 miles, bought it new, previous no prolems.

what do i need to do to replace sparks in rear.I relize its hard but any special tools or advise.thku

when i switch on the defroster heat come out of the ac vents instead.the rear heating works ok but icant get air to come out to front windshield

Heat used to work fine but since replacing the water pump I have no heat. I replaced the thermostat also but since this is a Closed System I was told that it needs to be burped or bled but not told how to burp or bleed the system. can you help please? It's getting very cold up here by the Great Lakes

My heat doesn't blow, you can hear the blower but no air comes out the vents and it also switches from the vents to the defroster automatically, but no air comes out. Can you tell me how I can fix it or what might be wrong with it. Thanks

I car serviced on 11/15/10 problem started 11/15/10 later that night put gas in my car and thought I had not place the cap on propery.

idles up and down also surges on its own.

The ac and heater inside my car blow but don't come out cold or hot .. what is it and what can I do about it

I bought my cadillac last week but know very little bout cars .. I have aleak red liquid and my car might be burning it too ., I think its trans oil but want to make sure and what should I do!?

idles up and down and surges by itself

the heater blows hot air from the left side and not from the rigth side

battery seemed to be a little weak when starting the other night,next day it had to be started and driven around the block and parked,later it was started only to be moved again,minutes later it would not start,had a hard time to jump it,but took it right to a garage,on the way voltage was 12.7-13.0 at the battery everything checks ok,when i got home and turned the light out, voltage went to 13.6,the alternator was put on in summer,battery is 4 years old.S hould i replaced the battery now and hope for the best?

the security light wont turn off and key wont come out of ignition car wont turn off completely

When I tried to open the glove compartment the latch would not pull out to open.

Are there any computer resets that I should be concerned with when changing the battery?

I have a 2002 Cadillac Esclade. When the truck is cold or has been sitting for hours and then you start it, the battery light is flashing and the volts read around 9-1/2. After driving about 1/2 miles, the voltage goes up past 14. The truck is fine from this point forward. Had battery checked and reads good plus alternater reads good. What could be causing this problem?

get a service steering system display but no codes come up for this when I have had it checked. Also, the car seems to ride low in the rear. Have replaced the struts all the way around but car rides like crap.

How do I access the battery on a 2002 Cadillac deville?

Replaced 2 oxygen sensors and speed sensor and gas cap just recently and the light went off for a few miles and has come back on. Can you tell me if the cruise control would have anything to do with this as we have had to replace fuses in the past or do you have a suggestion? Thanks.

I had two oxygen sensors replaced and a speed sensor and gas cap, however, the check engine soon light is still on. Could it have anything to do with the cruise control as we have replaced fuses on the cruise control twice?

main metal heater hose line is leaking looking for an easy fix

my windsheild wipers stop working