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Is it difficult to change a transmission modulator?

where is the coolant sensor in 2000 deville

i have a 1995 cadillac fleetwood its has a battery thats less than 1yr old im having trouble with it starting had battery checked it was ok alternater was good got a jump it ran but when i tirn it off it didnt start again until i put a jump box on it again then it start

changed right side fog light bulb but still doesn't light but leftt side fog light does. what is typical for me to check next and how so I do not go crazy checking the wrong thing. Figure I will use a volt meter to see if these is power there but if not is it typical for light socket to fail before I waste time changing the socket

head light suggestion on dash board raer light not working

There is fluid leaking from the passangeer side of the motor the stop engine message come on and there is a squeeking noise i raised the hood to check and there was smoke coming from the same side of the motor i took it to a shop and they said they don't know what is causing this do can anyone tell me anything about these problems.


I had my car towed and when I got it back the stering was hard was told it was the rack anpinion

the power windows go up real slow the other day the drivers side went down i had to help it up .does it need a new motor or grease both sides are slow

Just switched from michellin tires to vogue tyres both same size 235/55/17.But the tire on the driver side is rubbing on the shock.Recently replaced lower control arm could the alignment be a cause of that problem?

how do i erase the codes on 2005 Cadillac CTS Lamp/Light Rest (Engine Warning, ABS, Traction ...

2002, Seville SLS

I had a TCC P1860 and 0741 code come up while on a highway after Daytona 500 in 2009.. I guess that is shot as HWY mileage dropped a lot.
More urgent problem. Almost a yr ago, I replaced front pads due to Brakes Worn message as the sensor wore through. At same time, I looked for any connections to check regarding the TCC.. I had unhooked teh Vehicle Speed Sensor (magnetic pick-up type) prior to a short test drive. The digi Speedo was blank, but when I reinstalled the VSS, the speedo stayed dead. I replaced with new Delco VSS and still dead. Contact prongs are all OK. Shifting is bad and thuds with Foreward to Reverse shift and vica versa.
I read elsewhere of a guy fixing breaks and then Speedo died.. He finally got it fixed, but offered NO answer for me to go by... Darn it. ANY SUGGESTIONS???? I need that speedo so I can shift more smooth and efficient and not to damage the tranny. I can live with the TCC problem and lower mileage.
I had to splice the sensor and that got the Replace Brake Pads warning light on SES to go away. I has also disconnected and reconnected other sensor couplers, such as the ABS on Front brakes.
I cannot locate the PCM, a tranny guy told me that removing the VSS should not be cause to need a reboot of it. I looked for connections, I unhooked battery, checked for a fuse, etc... found nothing. Car has been off road now for a yr, and I want to drive it again. What do I do now?

something runs after engine shuts down? What is running and why?

how do we get the air delivery mode door actuator checked
hoses feel warm but does not heat car

I need to replace my battery I was told this can cause the computer to loose its codes is this true

Key transmitter will not lock/unlock car, replaced the car battery after car set for a couple of weeks, also replaced battery in the transmitter also..

after turning engine off something keeps running (compressor?), whats running and why?

Can this be done without a battery keeper? I don't want to mess up any of the electronics; losing the radio presets doesn't matter to me. I am concerned about the security system, etc.

my headlights on my g20 chevy van went out i thought it was the bulbs so i bought new ones but it didnt work some tell me its the pull switch that turns them on others tell me its the dimmer switch i need to know which is it

my car has a rock hard pedal but no brakes get fulids out a the wheels

Just now; first time: Oil pressure light came on "Stop Car"
We did. Husband ischecking oil dip stick as I type this.

Does the car have to be towed on the flat bed?

how to replace

Can I reprogram my key to the car after replacing my battery the car set for a couple of weeks and now my keypad won't unlock the car, I have already replaced the battery in the keylock also

is strutmaster conversion struts a good replacement for air shocks,does it have a smooth ride, or is my cadilac going to ride like a truck.

if i prime the throrttle body a few time then it will start and run.but the first time of the day it's hard to's like it's out of gas.

First the driver door would not power lock and all the driver power functions died at same time then a week later had to buy a new battery. Now driver seaat goes back when forward is pressed and forward when back pressed. Power mirrors don't work but controlled from driver door. The battery started dying every 2 days. AAA says battery and Alternator is good. Now the battery is dying more often. Please help!!!


my car only start sometime after the new thing i have put into it it still start some tome the radio and light come on but it will not start

Is the fuel filter on a 1996 Cadillac STS located inside of the fuel tank, or on the outside?

drivers window does not go up unless you push it down first

CCR lioght remains on. Pump is ok and mechanic made visual inspection and found no issues.