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need a starting point to repair moonroof.itwill not open or close.

do i need to drop the furl tank to change the fuel pump

bad gas mileage

i replaced my battery in my 2002 escalade i started the car and opened sunroof when i tried to close sunroof it wouldnt close any suggestions

Can you tell me if it is really difficult or not that hard for a mechanically inclinded (but, not a professional car mechanic) to change the front struts on a 2003 Deville? I've done quite a lot of maintenance on my own cars over the years, but I'm just a bit unsure trying to tackle this one without some kind of input. Thanks, Glenn.

Air works great but now that cold weather is here I have no heat. Could it be the thermostat or the temp sensor switch?

I have a bad head gasket on this car, the engine is a Northstar aluminum. I have read about fluids that can be poured into the radiator to seal the leaks. Do any of these products actually work. If so which brands should I be looking at to buy.

The interior lights dont always come on when I open any of my car doors. sometimes they do come on but usually they dont. anyone have any ideas what to look for.

I have a 2001 cadillac seville that is hesitating while accelerating. recently there was a trouble code indicating vacuum leaks. we had the throttle body boot, plenum gasket and injector seals replaced. cleared the code and drove for one day and a new code pops up saying faulty secondary air pump. had that replaced, drove out from repair shop and it codes again for a map sensor. drove it one day and runs rough. now we have replaced spark plugs,plug boots and an egr valve. now accelerating from a stopped position it hesitates or misses slightly until you reach cruising speed where it runs good. no codes pop!!

will not start not even turn over

daily drips in driveway

My parking lights never come on. I checked the bulbs and they are fine. I have an after market alarm/remote start on it. any ideas?

need key and ignition lock cylinder with raised-chip key...4.9l 82,000 om

After each fill up I get A STRONG GAS ODOR. I have replaced my gas cap but it still persists.

Other night I woke up to find the ocean had tried to reclaim the street I live on . The salt water was up to the wheel wells and the interior was fullof water the seats I guess had shorted out and went all the way forward to the dash . TRied jumping it after but it won't start. I actually did drive it that night to higher ground . could that have done more damage then just letting it sit I'm bummed out because I just got it running somewhat like it should and now this

why does the transmission on a 1999 Cadillac DeVille not pick up gears after loss of fluid and when fluid is added?

1994 Cadillac Deville has been sitting in a garge for ten.

What will I need to look out for when first starting after ten years

cost of replacing and cost of item. Thank you Leonard

starting from a cold engine, the car runs fine for about 10 minutes. Then it just dies while driving. It will re-start but dies again. The fuel pump is new and fuel filter is clean. Sometimes it will hesitate and lurch, cough and then dies.

what is the torque needed on the wheel bearing?

engine idlle sometimes low. battery no charge comes on , changed battery, still dose the same the go's to charge. computer indecates low idle, cadillac can't figure it out. it dose not happen all the time, also climate controll jumps from auto to econo. when i put the new battery in it stayed in auto, now its doing the same thing. need help

smoke coming through vents

has anybody put E3.54 spark plugs in there car.I have heard pros and cons I would like to here from someone who has tryed them in there cadilac.thanks triump68

Regular brake lights work fine. Is this an assembly or bulb issue?

simple and stupid but i cant figure it out...the gear shift knob is loose and rattles like crazy while driving but i cant find the place to tighten it. any ideas?

my caddy blows white smoke and i need to replace radiator coolant often, the car has under 100,000 miles on it. my question is do you guys take extend warr, i am covered by interstate national warranty(mepco)

Where is the knock sensor located on the engine ?

location oo fuse for front lighter

location oo fuse for front lighter

I have the barn style doors and the door handle for the driver side one has broke. It is not a exterior door handle, it is on the inside door jam. You have to open the right side first to see the door handle/latch. I can't find it online any where but I don't think it is technically called a door handle. Any help trying to locate this would be helpful. Thanks