location fuel filter for 2001 cadillac deville

What causes a popping or clicking noise when one is turning or backing up?

The "check engine" light comes on and sometimes goes off. Lately it has been staying on. The diagnostic code comes up with 10 different codes. How can you tell which one it is without having to check each one?

Sometimes my DeVill won’t start. Not even a click, I think one of the relays is not triggering to shut off the accessories or the actual starter relay. It happens when it is damp/ humid and cold. Moving the transmission from park to nutral will sometimes allow it to start.

We were driving with the windows down, and my son had his arm out the window, and I began to raise it, and it bumped his arm. it went up, and later when my husband drove it, the window did not want to go back up, once it was down.

can you show me a picture of how to align timing change on this car

While I drive my Cad I notice the voltage dropping from 14.4 down to 12.9 volts and the car running rough. Could this be a faulty alternator because I replaced it a few weeks ago and shortly afterwards the battery.

I changed the alternator as it went out and soon after the battery which i also changed. As i accelerate I lose power. are the two related?

My Caddy had problems with the throttle position sensor. Ran fine after replacing it for a couple of weeks. Started to run rough at start one day and and now won't start at all.

cars just shuts off and will start rightback up

my 1989 cadillac eldorado has 4.5 engine that seems to get hot very quickly and the idle run at 1000 or better when the car is in park.the driver information come on saying coolant fan fault when i check the reading the temperture is at like 224 or 226 sometimes it goes little higher and the stop engine light comes on. after all that the information center starts reading the temperture is 185 or 190 which should be normal. but when turn the car off sometime it doesnt start back up? can anyone help me with this?

well first where and how many r there. but i did not drain my radiator over the winter and the freeze plugs busted or blew out, anyways now im trying to find some kind of diagram online for locating the freeze plugs and how abouts to do so but i have not found anything someone please help!!!!

would after marker radio make certain functions not work

i have a leak on the inside of my car on the passenger side. i have been tolde it is the heater core. Do you have a step by step procedure of how to replace a heater core. Dealer ship to high, they book shows it to be a 10 hour job. Also do you have any pictures of the step instructions.

Hard to start after car has been sitting over night. Sounds like pressure (popping) from engine area. I have replaced fuel filter. Could it be the fuel pump? If so how do I remove it? Do I have to drop the fuel tank?

I am considering purchasing a 2005 Cadillac Deville with 100,000 miles

Cadillac dealer has addressed the service engine light three different times in past month--light keeps coming on.

climate control and fuel data both are not accurate..way off of normal..a guy told it is the that much are they....does this effect idling about the radio or are these last two totally different probs ?

My uncle told me to add more water to the car but I have no clue where the cap is. Someone told me it should be by the radiator, but where is that?! Please help!!!

problem with ACDELCO PART # GT264 LOCKING GAS CAP for 2004 cadillac truck

i need to check my transmission fluid level does the car need to be running or turned off to check it?

I have a 2007 Cadillac DTS and today the radio just stopped working. I have also noticed that the turn signals work but don't "click" anymore. There may be more things but this is just what I noticed on the way home

i removed the assembly but there are no bulbs!

My 03 Cadillac CTS shuts off while at an idle but will turn on after sitting. Took it to a shop but no codes. Never shut off. Any ideas as to what it may be.

Changing a/c compression pump

My Cadillac Escalade 2004 turns correctly on right turns and it very hard to turn on the left side turn. In short it feels like I have no power steering on the left side. This only happens when the truck is moving slow. I have had this looked at and power steering pump replace, still not steering left.

have to keep putting fluid in every few days to keep the steering from squeaking.

All the alerts lights have come on on the dash board of my caddie. What could be the problem and is it serious/

iwant to know how to read the dipstick on my 2000 cadillac sts. the dipstick only reads cold and hot.

How do I check the fuel pump relay. Car sounds like it wants to start but will not turn over. Was told to check this out. Where is it located? Thanks much.