Car would not start, turned over and over and over, but never started. After 2 days in the garage the mechanic got a code for crank sensor. The car started over and over for the mechanic except around 4:00 p.m. He requested a different ignition key and it started. Does it need a crank sensor?

the engine warning light has been coming on. I took the car to Auto Zone to see what the error was. They were unable to get any reading from their hand held device. Is the only way to get a read out of the problem is to go to a dealer?
This engine light will turn off on its own and while driving pop up.

I already remove all screws and bolts from the cover even the ones under the dash inside and under the car i peeled back the rubber layer plus half of the thin sheet metal cover..I see the evporator core it wiggels back and forth but it wont come out is there a possibility theres another scre underneath or is it wedge into some kind of groove? i havent completly taken off the whole rubber/metal cover it still seems there might be some kind of hidden scre i can't see or acces from under the car..any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Got stuck in snow tryed to shift in 4lo and then went from neutral to drive and lost my gears grinds when you put it in park have to use my emer brake to park or will roll

How do I replace the window control module?

for some reason I have no power to the lights located on the trunk lead. No brake lights, Park lights, reverse, nor plate lights, if I push the remote for locate they come on very dim

Can I install the O2 sensor myself

The issue is my transmission will only stay in second gear... The trans.does not slip or any other problems its just that....could it be a solnoid prob...its a 1995 cadillac eldo. and i live in germany not in mi....but thats the zip code for germany .........

How would i decompress the back bumper that was compressed by about 2 inches and no damage is done to the plastic itself.

How do you replace the backup lamp on a 2008 SRX?

fuel pump relay location 2000 cadillac sls

Please provide/guide me where I can order an extra set of keys.

The car was running great when I parked it yesterday. Went out to start it tonite and it will not turn over. The battery is good and everything sounds good but will not start. Has not happened before.


Where can I check and add transmission fluid

my srx cadi 05, is making a noise,next to the pully area, I remove the belts off and ran the engine and the noiseis there. what can it be? also when on highway and i go to change lanes or accelerate, the chk eng light comes on.i scanned and codes are 300, 304 and 306 came up.

Need procedure for replacing fuel injector in cylinder 4. Runs very rough and check engine light on and/or flashing. Received P304 and P204 DTC codes.

door gasket water leak,windshield water leak, front cowling water leak -what is long term consequences of having water in car . Corosion on electric connections in floor pan?

A repairman diagnosed the 2001 Deville DTS with 41,000 miles. He says the power steering leak is in top pressure and return hoses and the power steering pump. Estimate is $780. I find it odd that all 3 need to be replaced at the same time. I would not be surprised if it had been the hoses OR the pump but both seems strange. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

never thought that i would need to worrie about a cadiilac for a while, its allready useing oil and its crazy how there are over 200 people with this problem and there isent a recall? i dont care how old the car is when cadiilac makes something wrong they need to fix it.

Service ride control light keeps coming on.

How is the best way to replace my heater core in my 2001 Cadillac Catera?

I dont have a code but everytime I go to get gas the car is full it freaks me out becasue the needle stays on empty even after I full up at the pump

how do i change the water pump belt

egr flow insufficent

vib. at 60mph+ .have tied new tires, new rims, balance, alignment. local cad. dealer no help.he can't find obvious reason, but question mechanics training and skill.car has 150,000 miles-has been maintained with care.

something is bringing the battery down after i have been out of the car for a while and it is a brand new battery. what could it be?

cooling leaking in back of the engine near the oil filter is this near the rear freezeplug

need to know steps involved to change the spark plugs

re signal functions.I can see that the bulb is black. how do I get to the bulb socket to replace it?97229