ok so my car won't start.. I was driving on freeway n smoke started to come out of the exhaust pipes, I started losing horsepower... when I exit the freeway as soon as I came to complete stop the engine shut off.. now I can't get the car to start, I tried jump starting it and it won't start. it makes a clicking noise but every time it clicks: clock, interior lightning shut off at the beat of the clicking, it's not the battery tho, screen says voltage good on battery, just recently replace my starter about 5 months ago so that's not it either.. and also everything I try to turn it on as the clicking noise starts n lights start clicking off the speakers make a noise too as if it's an electrical problem, also sometimes when I turn the ignition on to start car there's sounds as if the engine coughs.... so please anyone knows what's the problem is??

was idling checking cooling system for leaks said fuel pump died Can change filter before fuel pump & revive yet

gas gauge dont work and check engine light on and off also check oil 1 after another constantly nonstop

My primary fuel pump was just replaced, now my fuel gauge is stuck at 5/8ths tank. What happened and how is this fixed?

both lights turn on, then my car feel like its running rought and when i turn left or right the steering wheel feel heavy. what could it be?

I have 262,000 miles on my car

Trun doesnt close all the way down I am wondering if its the trunk pull down switch and if so how much for repairs

I looked up the fuses and a maxifuse body 2 might not work beause my heated seats also do not heat now . I am confused if its a maxiFuse how do i replace it

to clear the diagnostic codes ,can I remove the powertrain control module bat fuse to turn light off. The codes are reading 171 and 174,also eng coolant light coming on ,but not low and no coolant loss.

how to fix leaky sunroof.

There is not a colum for this question. The line is rusting and is leaking. Can you give me an estimate of how much this would cost? It's only about 2 - 3 feet of line that needs replace and it's the line that go's to the rear passenger side brakes. The Labor fee in my area is $65.00 - $70.00 per hour and the 1/4 inch metal tubing shouldn't cost that much.

car won't stay stared, for long period of time

Oil leak beneath engine

The truck will not go into reverse and rpm go to 5 before shifting from 1st to 2nd

sometime hard to start,,not all the time,,,have a vacum problem,also replaced idler mod. and ckecked all other sources,,occasionally die`s when coming to a stop

how to check the fuel meter if working properly

what is the name of plastic shield under the engine that protect engine

My wife got in the car this morning and went to close the door. The door would not latch. What could be the problem

when shifting from drive to neutral trans stays in gear
only time neutral will engage is from park to neutral

the mechanic changed the engine. after he changed the engine the cluster in my car stopped working . can someone tell me what's wrong with it

problem started 2 days ago.code was po341.any help please.

What type and color engine coolant do I use for a 1998 Cadillac Deville,with the the North Star engine, to prevent radiator/engine damage. TKS

The oil pump needs to be replaced and I am not sure how to take the oil pump out of the 1999 Catera.

The heater works on both sides but when I turn on the A/C only the driver side works. The passenger side blows out hot air. Are there any solutions to this problem?

What size is headlight bulbs come the sts v 2007. Fog light to?

it goes from full to empty and back.

I have a 1999 cadillac seville sts and am having some starting problems. I changes the battery, starter and alternator. I checked all the battery cables under the hood and under the seat and they are ok and clean. I am getting enough fuel pressure. I get no obd codes. So basically when i turn the key to start the car sometimes i have to crank it anywhere from 1 to 30 times. As the key is being turned all the dashboard lights go out and there is no noise coming from the starter. I tried different keys and i still get the same results. The car never turns off on me as i am driving. And it always starts up. I also tried turning the car on with my foot on the pedal and the transmission shifter on the neutral position but i still get the same results.Any help would be greatly appreciated

my car is saying engine over heating a/c off and making this bubbly sound like boiling water under the hood. no smoking, no small with the oil,no color to the oil and it's has 110,000 miles

I have an Escalade and everything ran fine shifted fine and then all of the sudden the truck would not go. It was like somone took it out of gear completely. When I turn it off and wait about 5 ot 10 mins it will move and shift just fine for about 10 feet and then it does the same thing. I have been told many thing and somone told me it may be the torque convertor. It has never shifted hard or anything it just stopped moving. I would rather replace the torque converter other than a 1700--3000 transmisson. Please help if you know where to start....Thank you

I am trying to find a diagram picture of my sunroof which shows all the parts involved. Where can i find this type of diagram?