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my car has been leaking antifreeze from 2 different places underneath the radiator, but I don't see any hoses!!!! Where could it be coming from?

The dealer says the crossover pipe is the source of the leak as the engine cools off. It leaks about 1/4 cup each time. He wants 1100 to fix. Would a sealer be ok?
Also have oil seepage at split line of engine. Would a sealer be ok there?

The dealer says the crossover pipe is leaking and wants 1100 to fix. It only leaks about 1/4 cup after the engine has cooled. How about a sealer? Also have oil seepage at the centerline joint of the engine. How about a sealer for this. In all he wants almost 5000 to fix these leaks! Have 84000 babied miles.

My Emission Divertor went bad a couple of weeks ago...what can I do to get this correct or repair...the car is in good condition...The dealer said they don't make the part anymore...there must be a way to correct this...please help me..thank you

Yesterday my window started acting up. The back passenger window on the driver side will go down but want go back up. What do I do?

I do not have any fuel pressure.

All is well when the car is running.Once it is parked,overnight, the battery goes dead. Where do I start to look for the problen?

How do I check kthe egnition coil for the fuel pump?

this happens every third,or fourth start

How much should i expect to replace master fuses? Is it difficult to replace them

My climate control has developed a mind of it's own. The fan motor gones on when it feeels like.. Could this be the BCM? And if I go for a used module is it just plug and play.....

pcm data list shows operating parameters. can anyone help me to find a list that shows where these figures should be operating at

In a 1996 SLS is there a fuel pump door in the trunk?

I just went out to go to the store and the lights were on and the info center displayed service stability system i drove the car not but 4 hours earlier and every thing was fine. Would this be a body control module issue?

What products should I use on my tan leather seats?

washed my car shut it off went to start it acted like a dead battery called for a jump when opened doors had lights hooked up cables tried to start it as soon as got power to dash it started to turn over on its own can even take keys out still turns over towed to my house tried to jump it again same thing now no power to dash or radio accept security in the dash changed ign switch still the same problem no power ????

got a ragtop caddy 3 three years ago n popping threw the stereo started and persisted aggressively til the stereo just shuts off therefore no system now for over two years.ive went threw relays fuses grounds resets amp bypassing n no luck please help

en rute from Pa to Fl the fan just stoped working. before I left Pa had my mechanic put 1 lb of freeon on system worked well. when I hit the florida state line and put a/c on it ran for a while then nothing.I think that the cool air I felt it was air that forced into the intake air for the a/c system.

When activating roof retraction motor, it sounds labored when putting roof up or down now. Is there a fluid service level that may be low, or lube points that may need service?

I posted march 29 but should have's more info.the car"1995 seville" idels good. when cold there is a slite miss when driving,"while accelerating & crusing".gets worse after a few miles.not a steady miss.also will"lope"rpm jumps 500 or so with throtel position is worse betwen 30 &60.has good power when i step on the gas.will run up to 100 mph in no time. i have cleaned isc,all connections to coil pack,checked egr"was very clean",changed plugs.ran injector cleaner through it. no codes which i don't understand. running this bad should give a code.did the test where you turn off the injectors one at a time. all had = rpm drop.the only thing left is plug wires.

~I was driving down the street, the car just stopped and it won't start.What can I check first, second etc..

the car runs hot put new water pump thermostat still ran hot blew engine installed new engine still running hot help me please thank you

do i have to remove the switch from inside the column after taking the steering wheel off, the collar does not come off the column,nor is there a pin hole to release it

will switching out column with one with a key present any problems wit the anti-theft

When braking at any speed getting vibration is pedal. I was thinking I had bad rotors so I changed rotors/bads. Still getting vibration could it be something with the ABS or wheel bearing/hub assem?

no code. problem started about a month ago, if we use it on a short run it's ok, it will start up again, but on longer runs it won't start up again once you are ready to use it again. if we let it rest for a few hours it will start right up. replaced fuel filter, fuel pump is good, sometimes when I jiggle around the ignition car will start up bout now it won't even do that. It will crank over and tries to start but eventually turn off.

160K miles, tune up including new wires done at 80K, no spark on #5 wire, all others O.K., new wires or more?

A/C compressor cycles on amd off amd blows cold air air even when temp is set at 90 on both driver and passenger sides


Oil light flickers when I stop at light and rpms go below 725. Oil level is full, but I also smell hot oil when it happens. I don't smell the oil any other time. Just had an oil flush and pressure tested before this happened. Everything ok.

Just found answer here: Question: Why would oil pressure light come on when car is idling in park or in drive??

Answere from valleyautotech:

You need to have a shop check the oil level and pressure as a mechanical oil pump has low pressure at idle then as the motor revs if gains pressure. If the screen on the oil pump is beginning to clog or the oil pump itself is beginning to fail it can do major internal engine damage if its not addressed,