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just replaced brakes on 02 seville, how do you reset light
Just replaced brake sensors front and rear on 02 seville, but light still stays on!
The ac blows cold on the Passager side but warm on the drivers side and rear.
My service engine light came on, and I had it checked because my car had a vibration it came back with a P0410 error code which says secondary Air Injection system fault. Has anyone had this fixed. And how much did ...
Yes when i press the gas pedal the car loses power and won't go anywhere. after pressing the gas pedal it will finally after about 6 sec finally take off.
My 04 cadillac srx is doing alot os swaying. It seems as if it is riding on springs. Could this be due to the steering positioning sensor? My stability control did activate only accouple of times when it shoulden't ha...
how much does it cost to change an ignition switch
just started to do this, shiftsgood 1st and2nd wontshift to 3rdoil clean andfull not hotwont shiftout of2ndwhiledriving189000milesno leaks whatswrong electronis???
I have an 85 Eldorado. The left wheel and tire is not straight in alignment with the car. In other words, the left rear tire and rim looks like this /// instead of a normal tire/rim that would look like this III (III...
After I put gas in, put cap on and try to start, have to pump gas
how to replace 2004 cadillac deville fuil pump
how to replace 2004 cadillc devill fuil pump
i just changed the oil in my car and let it run for a while. then after i reset my oil percent meter.i got a check engine light come on and service emission system message. what is this and how do i get it removed? s/...
trying to locate headlight relay switch and could this stop the headlights from coming on
It just clicks when we turn the starter.
Air conditioning and other electrical systems possibly not working.
Ripping new Belts/ don't know what to check for, found the tension pulley had a little play in it could this be the problem?
92 eldorado sometimes it starts right up but when u drive about 30 min an cut it off no start it sounds like the batt is dead or needs starter. but i have replaced both an the control module. HELP
How do you change rear light bulbs in a 2006 cadillac srx?
Ho do you change righ rear turn signal and brake light in a 2006 Cadillac SRX
where do i locate the water pump
When i let someone look at it they got it working but it was not working on the drivers side? When i came to the shop i check it out before i left the shop! it came on, on one side! then i heard a pop A/C was shooting...
I have problems with driving in a straight line due to worn rear independent suspension components - namely the knuckle bushings (according to an inspection mechanic and visually verified by me). This is a Deville Co...
everytime I DRIVE the temp gage rizes very fast It also runs one mark past halve way.I have already change all hoses thermostat rad cap.I also have temp senser but Its ajob to change,so I would like to know If this is...
How much would it cost to repair a gas leak?
I am having a problem with wet floors and have traced the source back to the condenser box but I cannot locate the outside drain to check for obstructions.
My blower fan is not working. Where is the air control module located at for a 1992 Seville STS? Thanks. I have tested the fan and it does work.
right front door window will not go up
exactly where is the suspension air compressor located