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where does the evap sensor go on this vechile

The evap sensor needs to be replaced, but we can't find out where it belongs.

Low oil pressure light comes on intermittently and "stop engine" also. Oil level is ok & engine heat guage never rises above "normal". Can the sensor be bad & where is it located?

you start the car and it has a rattle from the top end any ideas, computer

When car makes left turn, the right reat wheel makes loud clank, cannot tell if it's suspension or drive shaft. Has anyone else experienced this?

only when parked clunking sound when steering wheel is turned left.nothing when driving or on jack thinking steering rack or left ball joint.please let me know what you think. thanks

heater motor fan makes a loud noise. windsheild got broke and glass went down defrost vents

the head gaskets are blown and tech recommended a jasper reman engine is this the best way to go or should i just rebuilt the exisitng engine and save ther difference in the cost of the reman as opposed to the rebuilt engine

My cadillac just started skipping when it reaches 60mph the rpm gage will rise to 3 thousand and continue to skip until i slow down. i hear a slight whinning noise when i drive it, and it takes a moment to shift gears could i be low on transmission fluid? or is it something else?

The brakes will hum when the car is warm each time you brake. The brake pads were changed about 6 months ago.

How do you get the light on the driver side to turn off..the car wasn't in accident but seatbelt light is on dashboard

I have a 2005 Escalade with 86,000 on it. I brought it to the dealership to get a routine maintenance done on it (transmission flush). When I got it back, my transmission was slipping in 2nd gear and reved up to 4000rpm before shifting. They said the flush would not have done this and I believe so as well. However, around the 75000 mark, my transmission was hitting in gear hard and I had to bring it in to get it reprogrammed. Unfortunately, the car is not under warranty anymore and with the transmission done, they are saying it is $3,000 worth of work. Is there something I can do with Cadillac automotives to back up their work with a transmission going out under 100,000 miles? This is not up to par with such a luxury vehicle. Thank you

Whats the gas milege on a 1996 Deville V-8 32 v northstar engine 4 door sedan automatic tranmission?

Need to know how to unstick the troddle on my cadillac

need to replace brake light

the trunk and gas button dont work

were is the thermostat

when car is started the revs will not drop to the normal position, and when put in reverse it shakes the whole car same in drive position.

my brakes seem to be fine no noise stop fine, i am told i need new front disc pads and rotors,,,how do i know i do need them and their not trying to make a sale???

how do you service a tire pressure monitor. the message comes up randomly

There are three 12V plugs in this car. In the back of the console, inside the console, and the one in the ash tray. There is no power to the first two. The fuses under the back seat check OK. Any help please.

changing fuel pump

what is the temp suppose to be running at ? i just replaced the thermostate . it was running real hot after driving 20 miles and had to stop and wait for it to cool down so i could fill it after it over heated ! i need help !!

at random///////////////////

aigbag light, abs light and battery light stay on

my ac turns on but dont blow cold it says that there is no free on but the guage says its full

hoping to get an estimate that would be typical for the 37923 or 37919 zip code


I have the trans remover from the car and want to drain the torque conv

Someone has my keys and I want to change my there anywazy I can do this without changing the ignition