today going to dallas from lawton okla

location of vehicle speed sensor

After having the front tires balance I've noticed a vibration in the steering wheel at speeds between 60 and 70. Above and below these speeds there is no vibration.I took the vehicle back to the repair facility and was told my vehicle (76,000 miles) needs front wheel bearings. I'm a bit suspecious as this facility is not hesitant in suggesting all kinds of repairs when performing routine oil changes and never brought this up until I returned and requested they recheck the balance. based on this discription, does this sound legit or could there bee some other cause ? Thanks.

rpm surges while driving worse at lower speeds. not as much when cold but gets worse when running teperature. Please email

i turn my 2001 deville on and then it just dies but then when i push the gas it will stay on what is the problem with my car

when i drive my car my service stability system light comes on, then i have to reset the car for the light to go off. Do you know what could be the cause of this problem.

the throttle is sticking after warm-up (3000 rpm) or 55 mph in top gear. I lubed the exposed throttle shaft with wd-40 but no difference. I can shift to neutral at stop lights, but at 2000-3000 rpm it is quite a jolt to engage transmission to resume my journey. Any recall you are aware of?

My daytime running lights don't work what do I need to do ?Where do I need to start.

I found a bolt laying on the garage floor with 1MHH1 on top of the bolt and a 1 underneath the 1MHH1.

Can you identify this bolt.


Had a new transmission installed in my Cadillac. When I got it back the cruise control no longer worked. They said it needs a new switch and the cost of the part was $190.00, plus the cost of installation. I told them it worked before they started on the transmission - they said it was probably ready to go out and they were not responsible for it.

1996 sts installed new battery after i thought the one that was in there was bad - I put in a goo napa with 1000 cranking amps. car runs for a few weeks then sits a couple of days then dead.. voltage is showing good 13.5 to 14.0. when running & checked by my mechanic what do i do

air won't stay blowing out of dash vents. It will blow on floor, defroster and dash but won't stay on dash

I noticed in the maint. schedule references to the above filters. No problem so far.

stalls at stop sign starts right up runns great just stalls when stopped.

car keep cutting off when try to start it

There is no ac coming through the dash vents. It comes through the bottom and defroster vents.
No codes showing. Is it possible it could be above the glove box. Can't get the glove box out, is there a valve there. Also someone mentioned a vacumn above the gas pedal?

my windows stop working i check fuses what else could it be

Need to add freon . There are two ports, one on top nearer passenger Compartment and one lower nearer to radiator. Which do I use.

my security system want let me start car. i was checking fuses trying to solve my electical problem and not it want start. my infomation saids anti theft want start. what's the promblem do i need a code

my parking brakes was push down but now when i put the car in gear the brakes wont release, where can i find the manual release and what makes this happen?

Have error code 404. Tried to take off egr valve to try cleaning. there are 2 bolts 1 is covered by fuel line bracket tried taking off motor cover off to see if i can move it some how. Only 1 of the 4 nuts came off the other 3 the bolt or rod is unscrewing wiht the nut

wont start unless i give it gas then dies when i let off i just put a fuel pump and filter so its not that

vehicle was diagnosed by cadillac as having some internal engine damaged due to lack of oil change. Cadillac flushed engine and pumped in fresh oil, but engine still knocks and wants to turn off. The car still has some warranty, but the warranty company will probably charged me with negligence although I followed cadillac's computer board on how much oil life was left (approximately 40% at the time of inspection). Any suggestions on what you would do with this vehicle? Repairing it could be as much as buying a new car. The oil was supposedly changed (according to my receipt) by Pep Boys back in July of 2010 and I only drove approximately 6000 miles. Does synthetic oil go bad that fast?

Noise due to worn out shocks in rear underside of car

how to replace

ac will not come on, refrigerant full, no power at compressor relay, only power at one terminal on compressor relay

I've had an off and on problem with my Cad getting stuck in park due to the trigger on the handle getting stuck and not allowing the to release when stepping on the brake. Could it be a neutral safety switch?

How do you use the navigation system? I'm unable to enter a destination. Doesn't this work like a Tom-Tom? Please help. I have tried several times and also have read and re-read the user manual without success.

when passing a car, i lost all power to car [lights and everything else stayed on]. i pulled over and tried to restart- car turned over but would not start. theft deturent came on. horn and headlight don't come on like when alarm is tripped. is there any way to go around or how do i fix. i have the actual shop manuals for this year

Service engine light indicate the auto transmission torque converter clutch is not engage. The engine rpm at 60 mph is 2500, What is the cure for this issue ?