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i just bought my Cadillac catera just over a week ago and installed a heater core and now my car wont start

in the day time the head lights and tail lights work fine,with the head light switch all the way in. 3 times in 3 weeks i turn on the car at night and the headlights dont work, i pull the light nob back 1 click and the headlights come on but the tail lights were off brake lights work. then i pull the nob all the way out and the taillights work but not the headlights, twilight on off the whole time, and i try to put the high beams and it wont stick, please help me get an idea on whats going on , first time caddalac

coolant level checked-found to be okay light keeps coming on

I have no dash lights unless I turn off the headlamps, what is the fix?

I get the message "AC Comprssor off Very low refrigerant"
I have taken it to the local shop. The said the level is fine and they pulled a vacuum on the system and it has no leaks. I took it back and let them check it again after two days. They said the same thing. They check for the dye they put in on the first day again no leaks. Any suggestions?

how do I remove latch end of seatblet, driver side

i replaced fuel pump and relay and still the fuel pump does not work is there a fuel cut off on this car

my 2003 deville just turns over but wont start...why?

Where is the radiator fan relay switch located in my 1998 Cadillac STS?

to change intake gasket 2006 cts

just happened

electronic guages not displaying, radio not working, occasionally does nothing when attempting to start. No power windows, locks, trunk release, fuel door release, interiror lights etc. First installed a new battery (failed testing) when I disconnect and reconnect, sometimes these thing start to function for a time.

sway is broke on passenger side

I have a 2005 CAD SRX,the number 4 injector is misfiring,and the dealer says its the ECM.I bought a used ECM from a 2005 SRX with the same first 8 numbers as my vin:1GYEE637.Both have the same Service number:12592124.Can I just plug it into my car,or will I need the dealer to reprogram it to work. Thanks Carroll

The outside temp reads 140. I have to turn the heat all the way up to get any heat in the car,I BELIVE THIS IS CAUSED THE OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE SENSOR. Could someone please tell me if this could be true and how to find and change it?

I took my 06 DTS in to have the steering gear replaced (it was a warranty fix) It drove perfectly fine when I dropped it off when I picked it up it drove like crap feels like something was over tightened and it's holding the car back
when doing 60 mph on the highway feels like the emergency brake is on and causes the front end to vibrate. What did they do to my car ????????

It does not overheat,no water in the oil,no smoke out the tailpipes,no leaks,New water pump,pressure test done,no problem.No radiator leaks,it runs great,but it uses about a gallon of coolant every 100 miles.CAN ANYONE HELP ?

when i put in drive and i drive and stop and then i step on the gas the car whom move and the word traction active comes on what can i do to fix it

All of my lights work, except for my headlights. I checked the fuses, and they are good. What else could it be? How can you tell if it's the actual light switch?

hit a pot hole and the next day it said service battery system battery not charging

Squeeking when going over bumps and appling the brakes

what would an average price be to repair a worn flywheel on a 1995 Caddy Deville

My motor shakes. When I stop or drive off my car starts jerking and oil is leaking from the valve gasket.

Recently I noticed water pooling in the floor of my 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. I was perplexed and had to suck the water up several times. Finally I took off the side panel and looked up in the roof and noticed that the drainage tube ruining from the sun roof to the side of the car (connecting to another tube that let the water out of the car) had become detached and was leaking the water straight into the car. I attempted to reattach it, but it almost seems to be too short and will not stay attached. I am at a loss on what to do. Any help?

When going straight down the highway or turning to the right there is a rubbing noise that disappears when turning to the left. What is this?

when engine is started the traction control light is on, the check engine light is on, and the speedo, and odometer is also inoperative.

how is the electrical connector removed from the ignition switch. alldata and the service manual do not go into great detail

iwas on the hyway when my brake lite on the dash went on i pulled over to a rest stop and called aaa they came but unable to tow the car.but i was able to drive it but have no reverse

where does the evap sensor go on this vechile

The evap sensor needs to be replaced, but we can't find out where it belongs.