i need to remove door panel and replace passenger mirror

Everything passed except failed smog no's too high

if the water pump belt brakes do you need a water pump

rolled window down, and when i attempted to roll it back up it would not go up, but makes a grinding noise

Steering wheel is locked into upper most position. Driver's seat is locked into the exit position.

my car was fine. I put the key in and there is no tension, it just spins and will not start

my 99 catera i just got.drove it for a couple of hours and then noticed while i was sitting still the oil pressure started teetering in the red zone eventually causing the light to kick on..right away my first thought was to rev on it and the light went off. the car runs and drives perfect other than that issue.is it a oil pressure switch? a oil cooler? what is it. i have no fluid mixes, or power loss, what could it be. oh yeah the washer fluid light is on but the level is fine. and the coolant low level light is on and its level is fine. owner said it was just bad caps that have magnets inside that sense fluid levels.coolant temp did not increase while i drove the car learning each problem

Motor surging In park Goes up and down from 750 rpm to 2200 rpm.Does not do it while in gear

Everytime I turn the steering wheel I hear a noise and it's difficult to complete the turn.

I changed the coolant recovery tank refilled it & no leaks but the light still comes on that say "check coolant level" how can it be reset


I have had the system checked by a mech. battery checked ok and he could not find a short in the system

Where is the switch for the auto leveling system my rear seems too low?

This problem start about a month ago. At first it just happen once in a while. The past week or so its happening more often. I have tryed the other key and have the same problems. Any thoughts -- suggestions and what it might cost .... I rather not take it to the dealer ...

Only can find 2 screws on panel what im i missing.


My car starts perfectly fine but after a couple seconds shuts right off. I can restart it easily, but it shuts off every time.

When im in my car, I depress the brake pedal before i start the car. I start the car, and attempt to move the gear selector into a gear. Fifty percent of the time. It wont go into gear. I have to literally force it down into gear. I have been putting this car into gear for ten years now. I know you first have to have the brake depressed and you must also bring the gear selector toward you as well before put it into gear.

both rear windows will not operate unless doors are open, you can hear a click when you push the button but nothing happens.

my cae has no power it is in limp mode been reset still nothing i have enough power to get me to point a to point b

After driving and running errands turned on cadillac to have the engine light come on and the message board to read Reduced Engine Power - could not get the cadillac to go over 35mph

I am trying to locate the ecm on my car it is a 1990 Cadillac Coupe Deville

the 6 disk cd player in my car says there is a mechanical failure. no error codes are reporting. Also, the drivers side mirror does not function. Ideas?

Driver side power seat does not work. I was told will have to replace the whole seat. The seat is back all the way and cannot get a wrench onto the bolts, how do I move the seat forward ?

Key will not come out of ignition

my 04 xlr top wont go up.i push the button the trunk goes through its cycle raises all the way up.the roof section twitches like it wants to move but doesnt.u can hear the pump running the whole time but the roof section never moves.if i hold the button down and lift on it ,it will go up with my help.once it gets to windsheild fram it sucks its self down and latches.to get it down i also hafta force it down.once all the way down the trunk works perfect.the fluid is at the max level.also is there a code that i can press on the climate controll panell to get it to flash problem codes for the body systems

replaced engine,now car wont start at all, put on scanner was told the car thinks its in 2nd gear.Can someone please hlp me out???

In my 2002 cadillac escalade, when I turn on the A/C hot air blows out. I get cold air in the back of the truck when I turn on the switch for the back. Is this a blend door actuator problem and how do I fix it?

grinding noise starts at 40 mph when car is cold. tends to jump or car suddenly moves forward after feeling as if it stuck at 20-30mph. once the jump is complete then the grinding may not be heard until 45-50mph. the 'stuck' tendancy is when the car is cold. if i let it warm up for minimum of 5 minutes, it may not 'get stuck' and the grinding does not start til 45-50mph.

Hello, My 2005 STS will not start on occasions, I can go to the store, turn car off, then come back and this engine light is displayed. I have to wait about 2 hours and the cars starts right up. You can even jump the car to start, Is there a problem with the security system or is there a problem the FOB battery. Please help, I'm tried of sitting and waiting for the system to come back on. Herb