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I have put a new heavy duty battery in the car. also checked all connections new battery termanal connectors.Just about every time I drive the car It starts find cold after it warms up It will click a few times then i...
My speedometer is only showing 2 to 4 miles per hour no matter how fast i am driving, it is digital what do i need to get to fix this
I have 1990 cadillac eldorado and i can drive it for about 2 miles and it stops and act like it is not getting gas but if i wait about 15 minutes it will start again it acts like it is not getting gas is it the fue...
what could be leaking in this area this is a north star eng.
Does anyone know what the code p1111 is in a 97 deville I went on line and it told me this was an unknown code .
Will I be able to replace the high intake air sensor my self or do I need to take the car to a shop for this the diagnostic code is po113
will I be able to do this repair my self or do I need to have the car serviced at a shop. The code is c1235 its sa ys its the right rear wheel speed sensor. How difficult is this part to replace
Failed the smog test, the report showed codes P0101 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance Problem P0171 System too Lean Bank 1 and P0174 System too Lean Bank 2. Is this something I can replace myself to ...
My son was in a accident and i had to replace the headlamp assembly. Upon replacing all lights on the new replacement work but the low beam light. I have returned the assembly thinking it was a bad headlamp but the ...
The Climate Control working intermittently. When blower does not come on, I can get it started by slamming the passenger side front door; but not every time. Once the blower is running, many times it will just stop ag...
starting disabled car maybe not restart
Where is this sensor located in a 97 deville According to the code It said theres a problem with the circuit for the High intake air temperature sensor. Could it just need cleaning or is it something thats normally re...
I am replacing my compressor and accumilator on a 4.9l seville. Everything I've read says to measure the oil in the component your removing and add that much oil. Except for where the manual says to add 3.5 ounces for...
I had car serviced and when I left the shop noticed that these lights were on
Is it possible to make the sevrvice engine light to go out by pulling a fuse or something?? I cleared the codes and the light goes out for a couple seconds but then comes back on..
When I drive my car it runs ok until I use my turn signals or anything else electrical, then it seens to lose power and sometimes it will backfire.
I have replaced all the electronic sensors, and the distributor. It ran fine for several days, then this morning I went to start it and it backfired and smoke came out the exhaust and from under the hood. Now it wil...
how to replace blower motor
I brought a relay for the fan just don't know where it is located can you help?
the moduler on the car powers on but then the power will not go off. All electronics stay on constantly.
i want to know why my fans will not spin very fast to keep the engine cool, it will only spin in low speed.
need direction on how to change a air compressor on a 1997 cadillac deville
my cadillac wont work right when i put it on D shift i accelarate it sounds if i have it on park shift i let go and accelerate and it works fine like if nothing is wrong. this problem is only to start running after th...
engine light was on & dealer checked it & said engine needs 2 timing belts
Approximately how much does it cost to replace the Torque Converter and also front wheel Bearings
were is the fuse for the gas gauge on a 1991 cadillac deville
pump not leaking, only leaks when running