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And it literally drinking the gas I put 5 gals in it and just pressing the gas peddle a little it runs out of gas in no time flat ..plz HELP

I was changing my spark plugs and noticed this part was broken with no electrical connection at all how does this affect the car

The car starts up first crank when its been sitting for a couple hours but once it is warm and you shut it off for less than 5 minutes it will start right back up, more than 5 minutes and it just cranks and cranks then when it stops cranking and you try it again it start on the second try almost every time

trouble with car starting it doesn't die while driving it only when you stop it won't start again AutoZone check the battery starter and alternator and they said all three were good the battery light came on the dash it sounds like the starter when you turn the key it wants to start it turns over about half way and then stops if I hook jumper cables to it it will start I have great power all the lights are very bright and work well

I had one active keyless remote. changed battery now cant program remote/remote start

please.and thank you

What do we do? The scariest part is the seat moving while driving. Sometimes it will smash the driver into the steering wheel and sometimes it will move way back and recline. This is too dangerous to be driving! No telling when this will happen. We can handle the windows not working or radio turning on and off, but this can be scary. The kids have dubbed the car Christine.- the possessed car in Stephen King movie.

Was driving and car just cut off wheel got tight the secerity light came on the dash board.

The Oil low message came on and said stop engine. Found out a leak in the lower crank case, leak in the cover gasket and leak in the oil pressure pressure sensor. How much to repair.

Code P0430.
Cat. Converter issue, I'm assuming. What is the cost to replace?

I already look into the motor n transmission n didn't find it

Will not stay up. acts like a garage door that senses an obstruction in it's path.

Charged battery still won't start. Says press brake, which we are doing. Need to tow but can't get it out of gear? How do we get it out of gear?

I took it to the local GMC but nobody there had ever worked on an xlr? They replaced the cigarette fuse. $140 I don't smoke. They spoke right away about having to remove the lid? The battery went dead. really, remove the lid? No re-set button or? Someone mentioned Fluid? where? Know of a great mechanic near Santa Rosa,CA 95436 ? Thanks so much... jc

How can I REPAIR a head light shortage ON A 2006 CADILLAC DTS /Can it be fix and will it cost allot?

for a 2003 DHS Cadillac

The problem seems to happen whether the heater is on auto mode or not.

In snow or slippery conditions, doesn't seem I have the traction I should have with AWD.

Need to know the type of power steering to use

The edges are dark with the center almost clear but still has a double image hard on the eyes. Is this something new or does it need to be replaced?

Is it a switch in the colum problem or a bad blinker switch?

I am not leaking coolant.

my car starts normally exept after filling up but hard to start after filling up.

Please help it just went off

we got woke up this morning with our horn of our car sound staying on solid and wont turn off whats wrong?????

I need to find out what types of sensors I need for this 1992 Cadillac Deville. My engine light is on mechanic says I need 3 sensors for it

not all the time, but often

I know I need a bank 1 o2 sensor ((upstream))
Could that b it??

I was told at a GM dealership that it was my thermostat and ignition coil. The same day I got it out of the shop the car started doing the same thing again