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water drops have formed on the lens. ca i repair this?

Car isn't driven much

Tank leaks

I have a battery or starter would not start sounding like a low battery condition. then loud clicking sounds started for 30 minutes until turned off by AAA road service.

Used the remote key while in the car to start up and leave on a trip. Sound made of engine not wanting to turn over. Turned it off and then a loud clicking sound started continuous for 30 minutes until AAA service arrived. He started car with battery equipment after he disengaged the starter motor. I do not know whether there is a battery problem or a starter problem. Need help.

Recently had an oil change . Car now drives very hard/rough and sounds loud when I'm driving?

If I ease up on the brake pedal, the car is fine again.

Do know I need to change spark plugs and have a p0304 odb code

Bought car June 2016 with 17,000! No problems until April 21,2017...every time I go to the left on a ramp or highway my back end fishtails. I have taken to Cadillac dealer and they can't find any problem. Alignment, suspension, shocks and struts are good. Has anyone had an issue like this? It's very frustrating, I'm at the dealer every week. I was stopped by the Police last night, thinking I was drunk. This problem needs to get fixed, any suggestion's?

Making whinging noise when driving on hiway

over 40 miles per hour

Service stability system service steering system brake assist light is on and abs and traction lights then my brakes lock while I am driving

top won't retract. I can not find a specific fuse

I have Escalade and one of the passenger door has child safety lock on. We press the unlock button for child safety and it either turns on or keep blinking. Second passenger door in the back is fine. What should be do?

Need diagram for engine and transmission sides of this connector

Had the oil changed on my Escalade today and there is a S warning light on the dash

neither the button on the key or the button on the door will release the trunk. No "click".

Before coming down so I can start car

Anti-theft light servicing coming on

Service light came on an its burning a lot of fuel

car runs 30 minutes then shut off. restart few minutes.. what think is wrong?

2000 deville base.

I've encountered this same issue to where radio, trunk, or gas door will not open. Checked all fuses, etc. Pulled the module from under the dash and it looks fine to me. What part should be resoldered?

Stalls and stutter when warm have an E30 code do I need to clean the throttle with throttle cleaner

Any ideas as to problem and repair?

2011 Cadillac cts while driving dash said engine power reduced and engine light came on. Code reader says P02A1 and P0302
What needs fixed and how long am I able to drive before fixing and or ruining something else?

The needle that shows the speed and gas amount in the tank does not move. Can you tell me how to fix it.

lift gate does not sense obstruction when closing almost lost my hand

it was the first pupup on the page

engine light comes on at same time traction control light comes on... monitor reads " service stabilitrac" then reads "service traction control system" then the last display is " proceed with reduced power" and the engine loses what feels like half its power... once you turn the vehicle off for 20 minutes the traction light goes back out, and you again have full engine strength after driving for a few hours the engine light goes back out, this happens every couple days