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how do I check voltage to the board? I assume the 4 heavier wires on the left side of the board are input. which wire is power in. any other suggestions?
My OEM blower motor went out on my 99 sts. It just kept getting slower and louder. So I had it replaced with an aftermarket part purchased at Amazon. That blower worked fine for about a week and went kaput. I coul...
The car will JERK when I press on the gas like the axle jerks
do the gages have anything to do with the alternator or do I have more issues
I have refelled coolent two times and still running hot. once car reachers opt. temp no water leaks from any were. I not sure how to get air out of systems.
Sometimes it will reset by turning engine off/on. What is the issue?
All of my air rides are in need of being replaced due to well its a 2003 so it's apparently that time. I am just trying to find the right ones to buy on the internet. Needs some direction please.
Evev did same thing on original pads ,and only front right side tire does it
Leak has been fixed before with something that cost around $ 60-65. Drove it for a long time even a couple 4 hour road trips then went out. Again. Each time seems to get worse. Had towed in but haven't heard verd...
Code po174