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it jerks a lot when driving, I put in new plugs, wires and fuel filter and still does, does not run rough, never has, sometimes when at a light with my foot on the brake it will lurch forward.
It always starts back up, but now it wont start 2-3 times a day unless you keep trying at least 5 times, it wont turn over at all but the dash lights work, plus sometimes going down the road it feels like you really g...
I can't hear my fuel pump come on. The car has high miles but runs great. I shut it off and went to start it and it won't turn over
When I start my car, sometime the antilock brake/service engine now and traction control off lights pop up, i turn off the engine and restart it goes out, then pops up again every once in awhile, can some tell me why...
My wire and I just purchased we put new batteries in key fob now security goes off lights and horn for about 5 minutes took out batteries stopped horn but security light remains on is this normal?????
no set pattern.sometimes a transmission shift will cause it to work or even quit.
i only had the enclave for 4 months and im having transmission problems problems. Had it tow to king Cadillac which they had it over 3week's now replace wave plates and truck still not shifting right. Any help pleasure
So I have changed the magnet under the timing case as well as the camshaft and crank sensor. I have changed the starter, ignition switch, ignition cylinder, battery, engine control module, and I think thats all "ignit...
This sound is non-stop with door closed & quits when it is opened. Only the driver's door is affected. The car has been shut off for over 20 hours & is still buzzing when I open any door but driver's. Please help this...
Just acquired this car and discovered the cruise would not come on. The Antilock Brake System yellow warning light was on.
Just replaced head gaskets and intake gaskets loss of power and no throttle responds and no overdrive
My park ave will crank but not fire. i cant hear the pump kicking on. i had it running just ideling and it quit like it ran outta gas but i added gas and now it just cranks. i wonder if my fuel pump could have gone ba...
Heater just up and quit
the light keeps coming on i ran out of gas today the gages went dan i dnt know what the problem is..could somebody help me with this question