Worse if goin highway speeds or a quick stop.

checked battery changed starter checked starter checked fuses relay clicks sometimes it does not click

We have replaced the starter, battery, checked the alternator. It just doesn't start with no rhyme or reason whenever it wants, generally at least once a month and has to be jumped. In fact, this last time it wouldn't even jump. I think it's an electrical/computer issue, but no one wants to take me seriously. The alarm or dinging and message on the dash says rear door ajar or whatever, and no matter how many times I shut all the doors, again with no rhyme or reason it will stop or it won't.

Could it be my transmission going or on my car

I have changed everything that I can think of of this van and the lights are still on

Changed my thermostat and now it won't bleed out all the air. Get heat out of the back of the van but not the front.

Jumping it was unsuccessful.

It worked fine until last week. I have checked the owners manual to see if there is a fuse that goes to it, but, I can't find it.

Worked fine until last week

it has been working fine until the last two weeks. can't find a fuse that goes to the backup sensor

The signal bulb is not burned out. This happens off and on all the time. Sometimes when the radio/clock light goes out and on other dash board lights go out too.

Lift gate has been locked for 6 months won't unlock. Won't open. Handle is fine. Air ride is as full as it can get every minute of every day. Ruined 4 new tires in 8 months. Had the ride level sensor replaced. Did no good. It still ate the two new tires. It has been aligned 3 times during this time. Has been to 3 different shops. None can find the problem. Some one has to know.

What seal would have blown out, without blown up the engine. And it still starts.

Run relay fuse clicks. Power windows work...wjat couls it be

Remote switch has been checked,ok. The receiver not working on any doors.

Evaporative System and Heated oxygen Sensor. So what can I do about that.

I hate my 2007 terraza I have so much problem

where would I find the oil pressure

The light is on after the car ran out of fuel. Now the light remains on. I just bought the car to a dealer without warranty. The car has 160,000 miles. Runs nice and is very well maintained. I was reading the user manual but didn't find good help.
Can you give me some advise on this problem. The car has the gas tank and I recheck it, oil ok. Two weeks ago I put gasoline of different class because was the only one available.