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headlight switch

my 1990 buick skylark keeps blowing the fuse for all of the lights except for the headlights. this is so frustrating and i cant figure this out to save my life. please help me

How do you reconnect cable to handle?

What is best way to lubricate cable?

When I turn on the heater and the air conditioner, I hear like an air escape but it is not working, What can be the problem?

Isn't the lock ,up clutch deactivated by the brake curcuit?

Low coolant light remains on. Sensor replaced there are no leaks. waterpump and all seals and gaskets replaced. No leaks. Pressure Tests done. Car also driven 250 miles No Problems. Is there a Diagnostic test for the circuitry and if so can you provide info re: codes? Wiring diagrams for this problem. Thank you.

i tried to start my car and it wouldn't start. my friend replaced a vacuum hose thing that had rotted and also the fuel filter and it idles but as soon as i tap the gas pedal it cuts out. another friend who is a mechanic says it sounds like the air flow sensor meter. he says it is easy to replace. i have no idea where this is located so that i can check it...or how much it will cost if it needs replacing.

My struts are pretty worn out. I hit RailRoad tracks and bottomed out. Now no reverse and it slips in drive. all fluid levels are fine. It has a tapping sound when in Park or Neutral.

Prior to the problem with the fuel pump, I was getting 27 to 33 mpg. Since replacement, my mpg has dropped in half and the engine still bogs and acts like it wants to die.

Happens several times a week. Will not start light flashes. Ten minutes later it will start...

Is there a special way to get the motor out after drilling the rivits out. All I see is a arm with a pin holding it in now is that a press pin. Our does it pop apart.

can an intake manifold gasket leaking cause the engine to take longer than normal to heat up? what would it cost to replace the gasket if that's the problem?

Water appears on both front floors in my 1996 buick skylark after a rain. I had the windshield replaced and there is still water on the floor.

heater hose assembly went bad,it was replaced,refilled,no leaks,shortly afterward,low coolant level light came on,& remains on,it is full.What would cause that?


It starts to overheat after driving in town for just 3-5 minutes. Happens every time you drive it.
The heater core went out and i didn't fix it , they just re-routed it.

Can you use any kind of antifreeze in your vehicle?

in order to gain acess to regulator

i've put back together my radiator but still have a wire hanging out. i believe it's a power wire because i go to turn the engine over and it won't start. please help.

how do I remove ignition lock

window sticks as you are closing it, and you have to wait a few seconds to move it an inch, and repeat

Need to locate Air Coditioner

when i turn left, even a lil, it makes a groaning noise. but when i turn right its quiet

brake lights not working all the fuses are good

How would I find and replace the engine/ignition module?

when i turn my lights on, my battery light comes back on. i just put in a new alternator (mine failed when tested) and a new battery (because it wouldn't run unless jumped, but would then die when i turned the lights on... so maybe my battery was fine?) but when i turn on my lights the battery light comes back on and stays on.

Hello -- my skylark started overheating in stop & go traffic but was fine on the interstate and I noticed that I could hear the fan shutting off. I had the fan replaced but now it overheats immediatley (within 2 - 3 miles). What could this be? Thank you!!!

the car will run for about 5-10 min. and then shut off... then has trouble restarting but sometimes if you just let it sit for a little bit it will restart and do it all over again... we just replaced the fuel pump and filter.

Have an electrical problem. The lights went dim, The radio had power surges you could hear over the speakers, The blinker signal slowed, battery was drained in less than a day of driving. Replaced alternator and battery this did not solve electrical problem. Drained another new battery. July 2010

where is the low side charging port for the air conditioner