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lost the longer starter bolt, not sure how long it needs to be
lost the longer starter bolt, not sure how long it needs to be
just changed plugs and wires, guess I got 1 in the wrong place. What is the firing order???
my check engine light is blinking , bad smelling smoke is coming out of the exaust , car wont start witout pumping gas , and gas is getting in the oil.
After it rains, about every 3-4 days where I live, I have about 2-3 inches of nasty standing water in the middle of my trunk! I have checked the seal around the trunk opening and it is in excellent shape, no tears or...
The check engine light stays on. The computer displayes electrical problem, and now a service mode shows on the screen. what is code #1019494( after inspection)
There a little shock that bolts to the frame the goes up to a bracket that bolt to the block... what is it called??? Napa and Autozone have no clue what it is, or does, or what it is called
I have a 1989 Buick Riviera that everytime the engine is cool for example in the morning and after work. When you go to start it the engine keeps turning over and over then it starts but stalls this process contiues f...
How much does it cost to repair or replace a wastegate? Will this damage he car by driving before getting this fixed? Thank you in advance.
72 buick riviera 455 rebuilded motor.when driving at 20mph and i give gas it starts to ping.i tryed all kinds of gas additives new plugs ajust the timing put a new msd distributor.swaped the springs and bushings that ...
95 Riv 40k miles. A short somewhere. Battery continually discharges. Any clues? tks
like three days ago my Ac didn't turn on as soon as turn it on, but after a few minutes it did turn on and work well but today is not working at all I would to know how to repaired? thank you
the pipes glow red(at night i look under the hood) and the engine revs are high.you have to floor it to get it to go.would the catalytic converter do this? car has two hundred fifty thousand on it.
I have a 96 Buick Riviera, and I need to know how often I should change my spark plugs.
SLOWING DOWN TO MERGE WITH TRAFFIC when I try to pick up speed a lot of chatter and now traction light staying on
where is the throttle position sensor located
My 1995 buick riviera is leaking fuel I can noot find out where from. The only thing I do know is that it is by the belt and maybe behind the engine. I can not see any fuel lines in that area but it is leaking alot so...
how do i safely remove the steering column from a 1997 buick riviera
1990 Buick has new battery and new starter. We know that the engine has fire to the plugs. The car will crank but will not start.
fuel line needs to be replaced. I know they no longer make them but is there a compatible part? Surely these aren't meant to be disposable cars!
The horn started blowing whn I touched the key. When i tapped on the cover it stopped, but it is very sensitive.
My lights won'[t cut on until it gets a certian darkness has fallen and not until then.
My ABS and Traction light came on and stayed on after I had my rotors and brakes done in the front of my car. The back passenger needs shocks. Does that have anything to do with the light staying on?
my car starts without any hesitation in the morning but shuts off and won't start when it gets warm.new plugs wires fuel and air filter.please help ive put 500 dollars in this car since i bought it and i really need i...
after i replaced the rear struts the car rides like a buckboard - really hard
My AC is not working. Am I correct in assuming that the clutch should be spinning with the pulley when the air is on?
no electrical to transmission - pcm fuse not blown. no cruise control
my buick keep cutting off what could be the problem i have changed everything i could think of plus tune up catalyc cov,
my car wont start = have tried all the starter tapping and such - can the anti theft system keep it from starting? Is there a reset button somewhere in the car?
Have a 99 Buick Riviera, 3.8L Supercharged, 8 Years on original battery, 2 on 2nd. 3rd six Months. Battery dead after sitting 2-3 days. Mechanics checked parasitic draw, within spec. Checked all fuses, alternator, bat...