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All possible causes

Why does my passenger seat belt stay on

It will charge battery when driven for a while is it alternator again

On 4/24/15 i had a front driver's side strutt replaced and now the BrakeLight/Beeper stays on.Very annoying won't turn off what can it be? We filled the brakefluid container and had it on computer but it didn't register anything.

the light keeps coming on i ran out of gas today the gages went dan i dnt know what the problem is..could somebody help me with this question

It only does it sometimes and it seems to fix itself but sometimes it wont start for days

at service station they plug in to check but on my end there is no response from the car

It seems as though no one has this answered. And I don't either, sorry. I have the same problem now w/ my 2007 Buick Rendezvous w/ 125,000 miles on it. I just had the transmission fluid & filter changed and it still happens occasionally. Everything seemed to go awry when I had a damaged left headlight replaced from accident. I get the no seat belt usage gong one time every 7/10ths of a mile plus then the gong sounds again for every left turn signal pulse until I use the right turn signal which extinguishes it until the 7/10ths bit starts it again. It's just aggravating from such a fine automobile(CXL). My only conclusion which "I" believe it may be is the computer. At times I mistakenly blame others. Did the dealer change out the computer because another vehicle has the gong problem? I'm frustrated as you are. Hopefully you and others can view this response. I hate buying new cars. 0730hrs 22mar2015

Hit a pot hole now car won't start.

Going in Monday for an oil change, but this web site sure makes me relax and feel better,,gas cap ? I can do that..I will just have to over tighten..amazing I just filled up and it came on...thanks everyone, you sure are wonderful angels..

In a recent collision at which point my AWD disabled light came on. Repair center says that it was triggered due to a bad calibration sensor. Since there was no damage to the outer housing unit, the insurance won't pay for the diagnostic, or the repair. Can the AWD sensor be jarred enough to go bad/blow/or whatever would cause the sensor to go bad? I also had serious damage to the front tire, wheel, and suspension from the collision. It just doesn't seem plausible that it mysteriously went bad at the exact same time and that its not related to the wreck. I appreciate any help. Thanks

the brakes release when neutral or drive selected

Fuse is fine. Replaced both the door lock system and controll unit for power windows. Still didn't work

any gear. When I do put in gear sounds like in park or neutral

Dash lights dimmed then went out. Car quit and could not turn the wheel or restart.

Dark smoke from tail pipe over heat quick

over heat after 3 minutes of driving, dark smoke comes out tail pipe

Dark smoke comes out tail pipe after 3 minutes over heat

motor completely rebuilt with three tank of gas and these two monitors and wouldn't r eset