In a recent collision at which point my AWD disabled light came on. Repair center says that it was triggered due to a bad calibration sensor. Since there was no damage to the outer housing unit, the insurance won't pay for the diagnostic, or the repair. Can the AWD sensor be jarred enough to go bad/blow/or whatever would cause the sensor to go bad? I also had serious damage to the front tire, wheel, and suspension from the collision. It just doesn't seem plausible that it mysteriously went bad at the exact same time and that its not related to the wreck. I appreciate any help. Thanks

the brakes release when neutral or drive selected

Fuse is fine. Replaced both the door lock system and controll unit for power windows. Still didn't work

any gear. When I do put in gear sounds like in park or neutral

Dash lights dimmed then went out. Car quit and could not turn the wheel or restart.

Dark smoke from tail pipe over heat quick

over heat after 3 minutes of driving, dark smoke comes out tail pipe

Dark smoke comes out tail pipe after 3 minutes over heat

motor completely rebuilt with three tank of gas and these two monitors and wouldn't r eset

Pressing unlock on key fob opens driver's door, but second and even third press does not open passenger doors. Is this a short in wiring or could it be a fuse?

rotated the engine forward , am move the necessary items in the front. Do I have to move wind guard between the windshield and hood?

For the past two days after I start my car the engine continues to rev with the rpm needle staying between the 2 and the 3. I turn the car off and try it again - the engine does the same thing. It will do this even if I put it in drive, move the car a little, and then put it back in park. Usually by the third time of turning it off and restarting it, the engine will idle fine. What could possibly be causing this and if it needs repair is it going to be expensive? Service engine soon light came on last night but did not come back on this morning.

ABS & AWD disabled lights are on. Scanned at oreilly and it read right front wheel speed sensor was bad. I want to verify this before I replace the sensor. Is there a procedure I can run through.

Sometimes after I drive my car and say go to the bank when I come out put my key in the ignition and it wont turn on. Its literally stuck in the ignition and I cannot turn it on or take it out..I tried to make sure my car is fully in park and it is,because I cannot move the shift at all..Anyone know what this might be and an estimated price if you can how much it may cost to fix. Does anyone know where I can take my car other than a Buick dealer to update my OnStar. I want to pay monthly but they only offer to pay by the year

My car is only blowing luke warm heat I had the fuel filter replaced, water pump replaced, therstat replaced, coolant flush, radior cap replaced and still blowing luke warm air. If you turm up the heat it blows cold air. Water temp gauge only goes to the middle line but never more than that. the car also gets a little warmer when the foot is on the gas pedal. What could it be.

My oil cooler has a hole in it, my husband used a screw driver to try and take the filter off and put it through my oil cooler. It will cost over 200.00 just for the part as we cannot find one here. Just wondering if I can run it without the cooler.

My speedometer is working sporadically and is affecting the speed and shifting.

My car gas tank got messed up n i cant find it anywhere.please help

where is fuse for taillights I can not find in owners manual

When i try to crank it it tries but doesnt crank. It only does this sometimes. The newest thing that happened i hooked my scan tool up and it gave a p0405 code(EGR low voltage) I did the test where you take the egr off and crank the car to see if the egr passages are clogged. My results are questionable because the battery keeps going dead and I have to keep my booster box on the battery. When I did crank it, the RPM'S went to 2 1/2 and stayed there. it didn't stall out, and it didn't seem to me to be idling high. That just had me to think that the intake manifold pluenum was clogged, and needed to be cleaned out. The car's battery has been dead so a normal idle unknown. From my experience, 2 1/2 RPM's seems normal. I don't have a regular running buick rendezvous to compare start-up idle. If anyone has any ideas, give me a shout. thanks.

i went to turn the car off @ it all of a sudden it dont want to turn all the way to the off position. it will turn from acc to on to start & it will go into gear like its not in park but it is. i even tried to slam the shifter & pulled on the shifter cable. read that it has a key lock solenoid but dont know where that would be.

My car has been accelerating when i drive. I let the gas pedal go and the car keeps going and it picks up speed as if I'm pushing the pedal. I have taken it to 3 mechanics and they can't find the problem.It also looks like it wants to heat up but never heats up. So far they have put in the following: Radiator,water pump, Mass air flow, coolant sensor, air intake valve. Nothing has helped and i feel like the car is getting worst. Please help if anybody has heard of this and how it was fixed.