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Can I install NGK 6509 spark plugs on Buick Rendezvous 3.5L cxl 2006? Some sites list it as a fit and do not. Any help is appreciated.
they go all the way to the floor. the all wheel disarm light comes on. We changed the master cylinder and the pads are good. What is wrong Please?
My car dings at me when i hit the lock button and requires me to hit the same button again before locking. Its almost as if it is telling me something is left on but i cant find anything left on.
the car drives very well, then it stops what could be causing this fuel pump or fuel filter needs to be changed.
Ac was on high working fine and then it just quit like someone turned the power off the lights went out only on the heater control blower wont work nothing but everything else works
The car hesitated and then wouldn't run. Replaced the fuel pump and it ran once then tries to turn over but won't. What is the problem?
I have to leave it running as you have to try to start it otherwise.Lights are on but as the old saying goes,"nobody home'. I almost got stuck at the local domestic abuse shelter but I got so frustrated I threw it in...
Was having no problem, stopped at a store & shopped, drove to grocery and attempted to turn off vehicle and key would not turn at all. Vehicle could not be turned off. I tried everything and finally drove it home whe...
This is my daughters vehicle. t suddenly started just sucking gas like crazy. We did not find any leaks
This is a constant problem. door can not be locked or the key will not open the door.
Sometimes when u start it it's ideling really high so I turn it off and restart sometimes it's ok. It accelerates on its own and sometimes dies when driving or stopping. It shifts so hard it jerks you.
Would that be passenger side or drivers side.
When I put gas in the tank the gas gauge goes all the way to full and it is not reading the gallons right it does this every time now I am worried all the time I'm running out of gas
Starter went bad and it acted like a battery issue I jumped it off and it would crank I replaced the starter and ever since my low beams don't work and my power door locks stopped working. I have checked all my fuses ...
the cable came apart at the transmission lever
Changed fuses to no avail. Could I have old fuses or what. Thanks
i turn the car off and restarted it and it went away
Came home last night and parked in the drive way, car ran fine and shifted fine. Next Morning dad tells me gears wont shift but the lever still works. I'm thinking the lever might be worn down and isnt cicking anymore...
We did not receive an owner's manual, when we purchased the car used. Therefore, although we have changed the oil several times, the "change engine oil" light has remained on since shortly after we purchased the car.
Was told, in order to change the spark plugs/wires, that two bolts have to be removed in order to slide engine forward, to access the back ones. Is my engine going to fall, without something to hold it up during this ...
The problem occurs on and off. It's not consistent.
120K MILES ...well maintained and no problems. Just died while idling at light. Towed. Left overnight. Garage started up fine this morning. Told need new fuel pump ASSEMBLY and that they are very expensive - ? Oil f...
May 03 Buick rendezvous has been getting terrible gas mileage lately and my exhaust fumes are worse than usual. My oil smells very strongly of gas also. Scan tool said it was an O2 sensor but it doesn't seem to be the...
It doesn't happen on short rides.But after driving for awhile, when I turn off the car, the automatic interior lights don't come on and when I attempt to manually lock the doors upon exit, they pop back open. Also whe...
My truck has a 16 gallon tank it was almost empty I put $20 in it and it read full.
Recently, I had to replaced a hub assembly. My Mechanic told me if could have been because I had different brand name tires. Can you tell me if he was correct?