My buick rondevu sunroof only opens 2 inches and stops. It opens fine in the vent position. What could be wrong?

None of my gauges work, including the speedometer. I was told the whole main computer would need to be replaced. Is this true and if so, about how much can I expect to pay?

We can only unlock the rear hatch with the key fob, have I done something to cause this? We normally had been able to open it when you hit the unlock on the fob. Thank you

Where would the main computer be located,

5 time asking this same question

How would I get the info if someone anwsure this

need an estimate of labor cost plus replacement of the transfer case, dealership cost

Ehow just says remove caliper to pull off rotor. Do I have to remove caliper mounting bracket also?

rear hatch will not unlock. is there a manual way to open it?

Does this estimate include the cost range for the 3.6 as opoosed to the 3.4 engine?

po453 code

Replace thermostat, water pump. At 50,000 miles had service of manifold done at a cost of 1200 by Buick dealer

car shut off replaced fuel pump still wont start checked all fuses and still wont start after replacing the pump we we jumped the old pump and it did run what else could it be not letting the pump work

car shut off replaced fuel pump still wont start checked all fuses and still wont start after replacing the pump we we jumped the old pump and it did run what else could it be not letting the pump work

it started about a week ago, as i was driving i heard a sound coming from the engine i pulled over to realize my belt was shredded. It has happened already three times while i been driving. I dont know if its the pulley or what it might be.

My vehicle began to overheat so immediately parked my vehicle and let car cool, the very next day i allowed a "so" call mechanic replace my water pump, thermostat, and radiator now car just reads hot but isn't.

rear door hatch will not open, also, driver seat will not heat! I checked fuses! what could be wrong? I do not have a manual, Larry

I have been told by two garage mechanics that my power steering fluid should be change and flushed. I am told the fluid has a dark color and should be changed. I have looked at the power steering well and the color of the fluid looks pink color to me. I have only had to add fluid once since I bought the car in 2004. Should I have the fluid changed at different maintenace intervals or wait until I have to have the system repaired.

How do i replace the body module. The latch on the rear hatch does not work

How do I replace the fuel sensor on a 2003 Buick Rendezvous

I would like it if i didn't always have to unlock my rear door from only the remote. is there a way to unlock it without the remote?

After having the transmission replaced, the power steering pumps whines when turning. This is the third pump that has been replaced. Is it possible that something was done during the transmission replacement that could cause this problem?

Turned a corner and started to accelerate and noticed it was already to 70mph but was actually going about 35. As I continued it went past 110 mph and pointer points straight down towards transmision settings. I assume it is a sensor or engine control madule....any insight? (car is over 90K mi.) Will this be a cheap fix or another loan situation?

how do you reset change oil light

Windshield wipers front and back windows have stopped working.

The engine turns over just like it should but it won't start unless I push down on the gas petal just a little. Can smell gas after it sits in garage

When I'm driving at a steady speed the RPM's start surging from around 2000 to 3000 RPM's on its own. I can't feel any change in the gas pedal but can definately feel the car surging. It even does it when the cruise control is set. I've read where many 2006 owners have had the same problem but I haven't found what the answer is to get this fixed.

How can I get an estimate for a transmission rebuild? Its not one of your options.

I'm not having a problem but I have about 78,000 miles and I'm thinking of driving to florida in the spring. Also, gas mileage doesn't seem great. Thanks!!

engine races high idle

My 2004 Buick Rendezvous recently started to make a grinding / banging noise when driving especially when turning the wheel to the left. It feels like its coming from the wheels or steering. Seemed like maybe a tire was lose but all lugnuts were tight. Any idea what is causing this would be extremely helpful.

How is air ride pump fixed when it is running due to pump in rear going on and off?