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about two days now,I have realised some noise at the right tire area, when driving and I make a right turn.
A few months ago the lights on my dash started going out, then my remote starter stopped working and now my fual gage is bad. Could these things all be related? What sould I tell my repairman when I take it in?
what is cost of labor and material for replacing intake manifold gasket
Had new engine put in 2002 buick rendezvous.Milege spot says error why.
The floor on the driver's side of my vehicle is wet which only happens when it rains. I believe (or hope) that something is just plugged, possibly the heater box or the AC drain hose. I have a mechanic and he is willi...
I got in the car and tried to put the key in but it would not go in. I moved the steering wheel both ways and tried but without any luck. Tires are all the way to the right. I can see some metal things in the ignition...
if my car sits for 7 to 10 days without starting the engine, my battery will be dead
What is a rear bushing
speedometer quit working
my radio comes on by its self and also have service vehicle soon light and door ajared and where can i find the body control module on my buick rendezvous. i need a diagram if possible
I need to replace the bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor. Where is it?
How many oxygen sensors or on the above listed vehicle and where are they located.
My 2002 buick rendezvous has a body control module problem. how do i locate it inside the engine and can i can i buy it as used parts?
can i change two tires on an awd with out problem with transmission?
Okay...had it replaced and ever since the light above the window is not working...did something get unplugged or how to replace this piece or is there a bulb, wiring, or what is now causing it not to work.
when stopped at light or stop sign, ready to go engage gas pedal car does not shift after a few minutes of pressing hard on gas the car lurches then shifts happening more often only 50,000 miles
tody i put my key in the ignition and it would not turn i was told by roadside assistanc that this is normal and would unlock in 20 min or so something with having the tires turned when i parked is this true
My cigarette lighter is not working and I need to purchase a 20 amp fuse(mini) to replace the one under the hood of my vehicle
BUICK RENDEZVOUS 2003 I have a very quirky one let me tell ya. First off I know is a slow guttless wonder and the speedometer has a mind of its own and the check engine light is on depending on the mood of the car but...
sometimes when brakes are applied there is the sound and feel of metal against metal ,right wheel had a sensor replacement still have same problem
I have a 2004 Ultra and it stalls and looses power from time to time but also has this real tinny sound like a spoon in a tin can noise. Local garage took apart pipe underhood and cleaned sensor noise was not gone bu...
after you have driven the car and turn it off, it will not restart. after a half hour it will start. problem is only during the summer months
Yesterday when I placed the car in park before turning off the engine, the engine began to race. I turned vehicle off and then started the engine again with the same racing engine. I put the car in neutral and still...
i have replaced the gas cap. Cleared the code ( but it has come back. Vehicle is hard to start after fueling and has about 60k miles. Where is the the EVAP emission solenoid and the casister Vent solenoid. What cou...
When I start the car, it begins to turn over and start up, then it dies. I then try it again and I have to push on the gas to get it to start. This is getting worse and its taking me several times to get it started no...
According to the Owner's Manual, it is time for a "service" or "flush" of the transmission. I do not understand the difference. Which is suggested? We have about 60,000 on the car and have never had any problem wit...
In the Owner's Manual for my Rendezvous, I find that at 50,000 miles I should have the automatic transmission/transaxel serviced. On all reports from oil changes and the like, I have never had any mention of any prob...
what will it take to fix computer code PO455?
Am tryng to get an estimate for a new transmission and transfer case. Plus labor