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I have a 2002 Buick Rendezvous & I was told that before getting my truck serviced I first had to get my cigerette lighter fixed...where can I find the fuels to have that done? I was also told that's why the check engi...
My car is over heating. I put antifreeze in the radiator, but the car still does not sucks up all of the antifreeze and continues to over heat. I checked it for a leak. I could find any leak. What could it be?
When I'm driving I notice the a power loss like the speed will slow the radio will act up and I will regain power in a momment later
All Wheel Drive light came on. Cable was switched and the light went off. Driving to Hilton Head, SC the light came on again. What could be the problem?
Air condition & heat will not blow (does blow sometimes)I think the dash unit is going bad. How do I search for the whole unit to price it?
my cds wont eject from the cd player. Its a 6 cd play that came in the car. I had this problem a few months back and took out a fuse for 5 minutes and it solved the problem. Now I dont remember the which fuse it was a...
My heater fan runs but it does not always put out heat. Some times the heatguage goes up to hot. Had my engine flushed recently so I know it has water and coolant.
I cannot shift the vehicle into gear. I have depressed the brakes and checked emergency brakes. Any suggestions on why a car suddenly will not shift into any gears. Shifter seems to be locked up.
when ever i fill up my Rendezvous usually about once a week the car doesn't seem to want to start. it just keeps turning over and over,and through a lot of effort it starts. it runs fine every time i start it after th...
my odometer is showing ERROR on the dashboared and it hadn't gone off about one week now.
Car fails to unlock doors when put in "park". Also when using remote, lights do not flash anymore when unlock is pressed; however, car does unlock.
A majority of warning lights and alarms keep going off every time the truck is running. How do I find out what the symbols on the display mean, and how can I turn them off? I had been told that it needed a new batte...
cannot find tire pressure anywhere anyone know what it should be?
My windshield wipers stopped working (front and back) and it is not a fuse. They run on different motors, and turn on with different switches. Please help.
what is the best o2 sensor for my car and how many does it have for a 3.4L engine
about two days now,I have realised some noise at the right tire area, when driving and I make a right turn.
A few months ago the lights on my dash started going out, then my remote starter stopped working and now my fual gage is bad. Could these things all be related? What sould I tell my repairman when I take it in?
what is cost of labor and material for replacing intake manifold gasket
Had new engine put in 2002 buick rendezvous.Milege spot says error why.
The floor on the driver's side of my vehicle is wet which only happens when it rains. I believe (or hope) that something is just plugged, possibly the heater box or the AC drain hose. I have a mechanic and he is willi...
I got in the car and tried to put the key in but it would not go in. I moved the steering wheel both ways and tried but without any luck. Tires are all the way to the right. I can see some metal things in the ignition...
if my car sits for 7 to 10 days without starting the engine, my battery will be dead
What is a rear bushing
speedometer quit working
my radio comes on by its self and also have service vehicle soon light and door ajared and where can i find the body control module on my buick rendezvous. i need a diagram if possible
I need to replace the bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor. Where is it?
How many oxygen sensors or on the above listed vehicle and where are they located.
My 2002 buick rendezvous has a body control module problem. how do i locate it inside the engine and can i can i buy it as used parts?
can i change two tires on an awd with out problem with transmission?