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What keeps causing my MAF to fail or trip the check engine light? I have replaced it 2 times in 4 months.

it shuts off jus cause I'm reving the motor

Fuel pump not coming on help please

I have a 2000 Buick Regal that with about 135,000 miles on it and it randomly shuts off. It will cut of once a day and sometimes 10 times a day. It starts right back up with no problem and mechanics cant find the problem. can someone help me ?

Was told about a tutorial on you tube showing how to "rock the engine"????

Not slipping, no loss of power, no change in rpm, just a hard shift. Shutting the car off for 30sec and restarting fixes it. Car needs to be hot and running in city traffic for 30-40min for it to happen. Engine sounds higher pitched even when idling when it does this. It doesnt happen much over the winter but now that its warmer its happening everyday after its been running about that long.

When I start my car, sometime the antilock brake/service engine now and traction control off lights pop up, i turn off the engine and restart it goes out, then pops up again every once in awhile, can some tell me why this is happening?

I have a tremendous loss of power and it also doesn't like to start right away

Tried playing with controls switching from AC TO HEAT, in creasing fan speed etc. After car warms up after 5 or 10 miles driving - fan starts working fine - both ac and heat. doesn't do this when its warm outside - above 40 degrees.... thanks for the help

Car was running normally, wouldnt crank or even turn over at all. Everything else is fine. Just cant seem to find a 4.750 resistor. Looked at all radio shacks. They keep asking for wattage. I dont know how to find or figure out the wattage for a 4.750 resistor.

I tried testing, checking fuses which is good, use starter fluid, the car starts then keeps shutting off, also took the filter off, blowed the lines, the fuel pump still not pumping gas from the tank.

already replaced idle control valve and it still not idling correctly

Causes of it ? Turn on fan radiator leak started one day only .what is the cost of the repair of radiator leak ?

The light came on and when I press on the gas the car starts to shaks. How do I know whats wrong with it

After starting it and letting it run for about a min. I go ahead and put it into gear from park and it shuts off immediately.

Have brake lights and turn signals front and rear also have headlights...

I just bought the car and was told it needs a major tune up because it has been sitting for about six months without being started but I have been driving it for three weeks and it runs smoothly until today when it just shut off on me in traffic like I said it will start back up without any problems it just doesn't stay running for more than a few seconds

No other warning light is on.

great but when i push on gas it sputters and bucks what else could i try the check engine light doesn't work

"Low Tire Pressure" light stays lit all the time, have checked air pressure but it still stays on...It does have the 225/R6016's on all four they are a couple different brands, but same size. What is the fix...