already replaced idle control valve and it still not idling correctly

Causes of it ? Turn on fan radiator leak started one day only .what is the cost of the repair of radiator leak ?

The light came on and when I press on the gas the car starts to shaks. How do I know whats wrong with it

After starting it and letting it run for about a min. I go ahead and put it into gear from park and it shuts off immediately.

Have brake lights and turn signals front and rear also have headlights...

I just bought the car and was told it needs a major tune up because it has been sitting for about six months without being started but I have been driving it for three weeks and it runs smoothly until today when it just shut off on me in traffic like I said it will start back up without any problems it just doesn't stay running for more than a few seconds

No other warning light is on.

great but when i push on gas it sputters and bucks what else could i try the check engine light doesn't work

"Low Tire Pressure" light stays lit all the time, have checked air pressure but it still stays on...It does have the 225/R6016's on all four they are a couple different brands, but same size. What is the fix...

Regal limited. All of my hoses corroded so I took them
off and forgot where they went

and on a couple times rpm goes back down to 10.Also starts fine but when put into drive it bucks and acts like it isn't getting gas because it will not pick up speed and eventually will stall.Could this be my fuel pump or throttle positioning sensor?

The one time I have had the code checked it seemed to be a heating thermostat. The engine is running cooler since I had the coolant reservoir elbows replaced with aluminum units rather than plastic.

-ment or just throttle position sensor? Eng. derates ,but all is ok after shutting off and restarting.

I put a new pump in but it still wont start

when I try to run my heat and I think it is up by the driver's side under the windshield, any clues!!?