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I went to dealer for recall to replace balance beam and had the actuator replaced as well. When I took the car back about the noise they are telling me I need the timing chain replaced. It was not making this kind of noise before. The noise starts upon acceleration and gets louder while driving

dash board indicator is normal, but engine gets hot in hot weather.

All other windows work from their local switch and the driver's door switch. Prior to total failure, the driver's window had gone down a couple times and would not go back up. Opening & shutting the door a few times seemed to fix it until it quit altogether.

Needs: Spark plugs & wire set. Intake manifold gasket set. Valve cover gasket set. An EGR valve adaptor. Total parts and labor will be $825. Front axle and rocker panel are rusted and will not pass next inspection. Should I invest the $825? Or scrape the car? Thanks for your help.

Hot air comes out of vents

Already changed the brake pedal switch and the turn signal switch still I don't have break lights. My running lights work but my third break light does not work either even after changing the turn signal switch.all bulbs look fine and so do the fuses. What could the problem be

Why Does not change gears

The car will not go into drive. It goes into first and reverse if you put it in that number on the automatic console in the car

where is dip stick under for power steering fluid under hood

There's a plug that's in the same harness the O2 sensor and is unplugged and I haven't found the other end of it... What does it plug into???? OR DOES IT??????

they estimate $2,000 is that on target? is it worth replacing?

they estimate $2,000 is that on target?

2.4 L ,exhaust smells like rotten eggs.

my Buick will not shift out of second gear.

key won't engage to start car

I recently replaced the multifuction switch on my car, however after reassemably I am unable to find where a wire connector plugs in, Its a two prong wire thats green and black. I have looked and cannot seem to find where it plugs in at. I was told its location is on the steering colum. any halp would be greatly appreciated

While driving my car this light comes on sometimes,and my car turns off in the middle of the street and all of the lights on the panel go crazy. Already changed the module and fuse box. No codes come up when we took it to the mechanic at the dealer. Only advice given from the mechanic is to wait until things get worse so codes will come up. I dont like that idea and it's dangerous driving a car that turns off at any given moment. Never had any other issues with this car. No one can figure out what is wrong. Sometimes it won't turn on

Recently replaced all brake pads and rear rotors and calipers. The work was done by a trusted mechanic with 30 years experience (family member) he says my tires need aligned, tire shop says they don't.?? Another friend said it might be my tie rod, the mechanic said it's not the tie rod. Any advice?