also making whining clunking noise .sounds like pump how can tell if bad

Installed new fuel pump ,new fuel filter ,got another key made from dealership but still cant figure out problem.Coil pack is firing.....idk what to try next other than the ECU ..Im dumping money no reaching a solution though,need help

My car stalls while driving and it takes a few minutes to restart. I replaced the fuel pump and filter and plugs and wires... Used fuel injector cleaner and lucus gas treatment but no help. Car is 1994 Buick Regal and can't seem to get a diagnostic test due to the year. Help.

Replaced belt. Ran fine for about two weeks. Then it came off again. I checked all pulleys to make sure they were not wobbly and spun freely. So I replaced the idler pulley and serpentine belt, again. Ran fine for about 3 or 4 days then the belt came off again.put the belt back on and now the belt comes off with in a minute. But I notice the pulley on the altenator was real hot. Replaced the alternator and got a new idler pulley and new belt. I made sure there was no grease or fluids on all pulleys. I got a new idler pulley, belt and altenator. No pulleys are wobbly every thing clean and dry. And still the belt is coming off. I'm stumped.

I need a picture diagram of
wiring for a turn signal and headlight of a 1997 Buick Regal LS.

Replaced spark plugs and wires, fuel filter.. No help.

I have already driven 2500 miles, what is your opinion ?

what seems to be the problem ? there is no code only not complete.

Do they use a battery and if so, how much and where can I get one.

I went to dealer for recall to replace balance beam and had the actuator replaced as well. When I took the car back about the noise they are telling me I need the timing chain replaced. It was not making this kind of noise before. The noise starts upon acceleration and gets louder while driving

dash board indicator is normal, but engine gets hot in hot weather.

All other windows work from their local switch and the driver's door switch. Prior to total failure, the driver's window had gone down a couple times and would not go back up. Opening & shutting the door a few times seemed to fix it until it quit altogether.

Needs: Spark plugs & wire set. Intake manifold gasket set. Valve cover gasket set. An EGR valve adaptor. Total parts and labor will be $825. Front axle and rocker panel are rusted and will not pass next inspection. Should I invest the $825? Or scrape the car? Thanks for your help.

Hot air comes out of vents

Already changed the brake pedal switch and the turn signal switch still I don't have break lights. My running lights work but my third break light does not work either even after changing the turn signal switch.all bulbs look fine and so do the fuses. What could the problem be

Why Does not change gears