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You cannot read the mile on the cluster
cluch on compressor for ac stopped working after garage worked on ps pump then altenator could a wire plug be off any ideas
The power door locks keep making a clicking sound, trying to open and close on their own. Someone mentioned that it might be the switch? Also, my passenger door won't open by lock or key, so my guess is the bar is bro...
Most of the time the air bag light comes on, blinks and then stays on most of the time. Sometimes it goes off and stays off as it should but that is rare.
I replaced two coil packs, it ran ok. One day I was driving and the car shut off. i tried to start it then it back fired. It started up after 5 mins or so. It drove home fine. I was driving it the next morning it was ...
Exactly how would I go about changing the spark plugs in a 94 buick regal?
at a long stop light the the fuel gauge will go from full to empty. It happens all the time.
how can i change an oil pan gasket from a 2000 buick reagal
The display on my climate control went out. Everything still works but we can't seem to find the problem. Anyone come across this?
I have looked for a transmission fluid reservoir but can't find it. How do I add fluid to the transmission? Lonna johnlonna@aol.com
my left brake lights wont work even though the bulbs are new. the parking lights light up. and the emergency flasher doesnt come on either. only on the left rear side. why?
how can you replace a fan motor for the a/c--where is it and how can you get to it?
my shifter was giving me problems coming out of park for a couple of months and you had to hit the button hard to release it now it wont move at all i was told that a clip broke tha pulls it into gear someone put a sc...
car starts and runs for 3 seconds and then shuts off. no fault codes found. i can start the car and then pump the accelerator like mad and keep the car running, but you can tell it is not running right. then as soon ...
how do i replace rod bearings
i have a 1996 buick regal gs 3800 it starts up for about 2 seconds than cuts off
I am looking for a brake system diagram for a buick regal 96
My 1997 Buick Regal recently developed a stalling problem at 105,000 miles, due to recent other troubles I've replaced the ignition switch, fuel filter, spark plugs and wires. After it stalls I can it sounds like it's...
i have a 2000 buick regal supercharged, it was working fine and now it willnot start, it has juice ans wants to start but don't.
does the pcm send ground signal to the a/c relay ? if not what does ? havin a/c probs no ground at relay
The display on the heater and a/c control panel dont work how do i fix it
I just purchased a 2000 Buick Regal from a auction. It did not have keys,so i got it towed home. What should be the first thing i do? The car has not be driven in 8 months. The sunroof was open and there is water dama...
Trying to figure out the most common reasons my car would run hot.
need to replace my stop light switch, I had someone put a new one in and as soon as I drove away it stoped working again, he had trouble putting it in to begin with, said he never seen on of this type and one that the...
you can put the key in and all the lights light up but it won't start. The security light flashes and we jumped it off of the starter and the engine died as soon as you took off the jump. Even tried the jump wire th...
inside dash and radio lights go off when head lights are on.once in a while inside dash lights work. what is the cause?
I need to know if the Buick Regal has a switch or push button for the fuel pump
This is a car a friend just bought.If I unplug the air temp sender it will run if the gas pedal is pumped. It idles and runs rough.I replaced this unit made no change.She told me it was driving fine it suddenly starte...