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When driving my car it sounds like a saw mill or sewing machine. It is really bad when I turn the stiring wheel really hard to the left or right. What could this be? Other than that it drives good.
I have replaced the radiator, the starter and the car will just quit running at different intervals after I apply brakes to make a turn it seems. And, sometimes when I start up, the anti-lock brake light and the trac...
I added one small can of R134a to the ac and it does not cool yet. How much does it hold. The can empted into the low side in about 20 seconds. this seemed a little too fast
Where is coolant sensor located? And how do you take it out? Coolant is not low.
My middle rear light cover on my 98 Buick real has a huge hole in it. Would I be able to replace it myself or take it to the dealer?
How would I remove the back panel to replace the rear speakers?
The engine light is always onwith the following message "PO443-Evap emission control purge valve C fault". The car doesn't pass inspection.
My moonroof is stuck opened, Can I unstick it myself? if so how?
this is all the time. The blower only works on HIGH
ac blows cold on passenger side, hot as hades on driver. cant make it different. this buick has duel ac control. How do I fix?
i cant find the button to pop the trunk on my 1998 Buick LE
how do i fix my turn signal switch
ho do you change a oil pan gasket on a 98 buick regal 3800 motor? how do you locate the oil pick tube bolts? do i have to take out the starter??
My 2002 Regal will no longer start and the electrical will not work unless the key is turned backwards. The car has been burning through passenger side blinker bulbs at the rate of 1/month for quite a while, and abou...
I was driving my car and notice smoke coming from the front and back of my car. I checked my coolant and noticed that was low, so i let my car cool down and added coolant to it. I then made a stop at the gas station a...
I am replacing the water pump and the last bolt is blocked by another pully. I need to remove this pully, but am not sure how. Is it the bolts that I can reach through the holes in the pully? Help, do not want to do...
brake lights out,the one in window works,turn signals work.bought the switch but dont no how to but it in!!!
How do you change the rear side marker bulbs? You can not access them in the trunk. Does the outside red lens come out?
how do you replace the rear speakers on a GS with the mooson stereo
how do i replace the cam position sensor. e-mail tomryan727@yahoo.com
Where can i find a diagram to replace the heating sensor?
if i purchase an ac compressor at a discount, would a dealership install it without prejudice?
When making left turns my power steering goes out sometimes making a sound.
Oil pan gasket is leaking so the dealer wants to replace the pan gasket and the oil pump cover, to the tune of about 800.00. I questioned this amount and the reply was 6 hrs. labor due to having to lower the engine cr...
My car is due for coolant replacement. Should I powerflush? Should I replace with dexcool or something else?
car would not start--had it towed home, and could not hear the fuel pump run with key on--next day it started but ran very rough now won't start at all--no fuel pressure at the fuel rail--checked pump, have no power a...
my 2001 buick regal was serviced at the dealership in april 2010 at a cost of 1,600 dollars. now i took it to my machanic. he tells me my coolant is leaking into my oil. what is going on.
Is this estimate for 1 or 2 intake gaskets? I have a coolant leak and have been told it involves the intake manifold.
how do i turn off service vehicle soon light?
You cannot read the mile on the cluster