everytime i start my buick it idles very high and when i hit the gas it dies. why is it doing this?
fuel regulator maybe?

When I Turn the heater on for awhile the light comes on But as soo as I cut the heater off the light goes off

misplaced spark plug wire placement

There is fluid in the washer, the washer button activates the wipers but no fluid comes out to the windshield

My engine has 200,000 miles on it and the car is still in excellent condition. My rods are knocking and would like to just replace the engine with a low mile or rebuilt.

what hood will sub on 1995 regal

There is a water sloshing sound in the dash area. There is no aparent leaks. Any help please.

How much does it cost to repair tie rods on my 1998 Buick regal

replace torque converter clutch solenoid. how much?

how mush will it cost and what exactly do I need to replace?

The "ENGINE" light has been on for a year .... after THREE diagnostic tests, the best the so-called "experts" can come up with is replace 5 engine sensors ... from Mass ariflow something to the thermostat ....

Nobody can pin it down to ONE ITEM?? I don't have the $300 to play games with a $2,000 car???

im having problems with my 2001 buick regal supercharged fuel gauge..it goes up and down and i hard to know how much gas i have! can anyone help me please?is it easy to do? can i just by the part and install it my self?

the speed gague stoped working

my panel doesnt light up anymore. what is it?

Door latch was stuck, I mistakenly pushed it in the opposite direction from it's original position. Now the latch is stuck in the opposite position, and the door won't latch close! How would I undo this, so that the door latches close again! Thank You!

my whole instrument cluster panel no longer lights up. is it fuse related??

initial code after the engine stopped was P300, multiple misfires. replaced plugs and wires. Wouldn't turn over so replaced starter. Turned over but wouldn't start. No codes showed up on code reader.

I just bought this car yesterday and have driven it less than 25 miles and the belt that is on the side of the engine that controls the power steering has "fallen off" the place where I bought the car will not fix it because I bought it "as is" the belt is brand new I just need to get it put back on correctly so it doesn't come off again. What will something like that cost me?

All of a sudden my automatic windows on the drivers side no longer go up or down. Repair estimate?

Iknow whatfuse is blowing how doI fix it


How do go about finding the short

why does my fuse keep blowing for my interior lights door locks lighter

Turn key to start will not turnover will not show battery power but will work in acessary position

my car uses alot of water. there is no leak, but i have to keep putting water or antifreeze in it or the heater wont work. the low coolant light keeps coming on. water last for about 2 weeks.

tell me about the fuel pump

Ran out of gas...refilled tank and now the car wont start, you can hear the engine cranking but it wont turn over...giving it gas wont work. Is there a fuel pump relay switch located somewhere on this model?

While driving will stall,not always,sometimes after turning the car off it wont start right away.I pulled several codes P0321,P0341,P0361
Seems like an ignition problem,but what part of the system

Sometimes transmission slips when it should be changing gears with the result of no power for a few seconds. How much does it cost to repair a transmission?

battery light comes on then anti-lock light car shuts down
new battery and alternator tests good can jump car off but only runs about 2 min. then dies again