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also, grinding in front left wheel. bearings? what size socket needed . its a large nut .
when temp outside dips below 80 degrees cold air returns
Still has power to the rest of the vehicle , after it cools off 15 minutes or so will start back up and run normal for a while
It makes the sound everytime when I make a turn.It was recently check, new rods have been added and the brakes all replaced.
none of the parking lights work on my vehicle. I have tried replacing the relay underneath the rear seat. that did not solve the problem I cannot find a fuse anywhere in the manual for lights work fineheadlights and t...
The bags were replaced 1 yr. ago. no other parts were needed. 190,000 mi. It went down again and would not pump back up after driving, could not hear pump working. I parked the car for about a week. I started the car ...
one week. when I used the button again the compresor turned on again but the rear did not raise up.
the heat only blows out of the vents on each side of the steering wheel and cold air blows out of all the other vents. Any ideas what is the problem?
How much will it cost to fix air suspension
When the ac is on vehicle will want to shut off when ac is off vehicle runs fine
This a part near the ignition switch gets so hot that you cannot touch it. A friend thinks this is the reason that I had trouble shifting gears, the vehicle will not start at times, and none of the controls on the dr...
I hear a whining noicse and when I turn on the sound its the one speaker and I now hear the signal. I just got this from someone and don't want any problems It has onstar but I don't use it or the satelite any ideas
blowing in defrost and bottom only need to find my vent actuators location two change it
Comes on sometimes when I turn on car