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This is the 2nd battery i have replaced in 12 months. Something is drawing power when the car is off. Now when I drive the blower seems to cut out for a split second and the enging rpms reveve up. I have auto suspensi...
I cant get the shifter to move or crank my vehicle. What would cause this issue?
I own a 2007 Rainier with 52,000 miles. I am wondering if replacing the fuel sensor consist of replacing the whole fuel pump. I have received a letter from GM stating they will pay for it to be fixed. My dealership is...
Why is the air pump not releasing air from the left outlet of the pump to the suspension.
few minutes or a hour. Was wondering if anyone else knows what this problem is
The windows do work at each door, but not at the drivers door, I already check the fuse's...
The problem started after I unhooked the battery and hooked it back up. How do I fix this?
I was going to work this morning when I noticed that the back end of my car was lower than my front end. Both rear wheels seem lower than the front wheel. I had my wheels rotated a few weeks ago. And I noticed that my...
Last week, I had my tires rotated. And I now notice that my front tires seem to be making a grinding sound. Is this uncommon or not?
Need some help. Do you know where the amp is located.I was going to try that. I did remove speakers to eliminate the buzzing sound I know to fix the radio I have to take out everything.Also the little radio in the bac...
The fuel gauge go's up and down at any giving time but fuel pump is working fine.
We purchased our vehicle and within 3 months the transfercase motor failed. We replaced the motor, drove 4 hours and it failed again.
When heater is on rpms go from 800 to bellow 500 then jumps back again
other shift levels are OK....changed the trans fluid and drove about 250 miles with no change
After being driven it rises to normal height until the next morning and it drops down again.
Vehicle is not sitting low like in some other cases mentioned. Also notice a clunking sound sometimes when going from one surface level to another, i.e. backing out of garage which has a lip onto the driveway. Sometim...
After a oil change I was told that the toyota need a right axe seal repair estimate 450.00 we already put a new cluch including a flyweel 2 month ago is it a fair estimate?
i get a jerk or a pause with a squeaking noise when i make a sharp turn
It will blow from the floor and defrost this did not effect the rea air either. Could this be a vacumn hose maybe or do you think it is the acuator door.
2 months ago I had an oil change at jiffy lube and 4/5 weeks later, the low oil pressure light came on. I checked the oil and found none touching the dipstick. After adding 4 quarts, the dipstick read LOW. That was ab...
I use Mobil 1 and must add oil about every 1 to 2,000 miles.
now the rear end will not lift at all.when i start the suv i can hear the the pump tring to lift the backend but it stays dropped.what should i look for to fix problem and where are locations of parts tobe replaced.
I'm a retired buick tech but they got me stumped on thiss one. lokks like comess out from in cabin but i only see 1 bolt???