After a while it raises back up....an old buick mechanic says the air bags are probably dry rotting. could he be right and if so what is estimate cost to replace.

one week. when I used the button again the compresor turned on again but the rear did not raise up.

will the outdoor temp. affect the air in the rear air suspension. (cold weather)



Someone gave my wife a jump start and now her power windows and locks and a few other things aren't working where is the problem .? I think they hooked it wrong or something . She said something about hooking it up to posts by the fuse panel in the engine compartment . Where should I start looking for the problem?

Started out by not working all the time. Now it will not work at all and the heater control and radio feels hot. The vents above the radio have not worked since we bought the vehicle. It is getting cold and would be nice to have the heater working again. I looked through the owners manual but could not find anything useful.

This doesn't happen every day but getting to be more frequent what could it be

the heat only blows out of the vents on each side of the steering wheel and cold air blows out of all the other vents. Any ideas what is the problem?

My rear liftgate won't lock or even latch. When I use the keyfob, it makes a noise but does not lock.

Doesn't always go up

How much will it cost to fix air suspension

for leaks and how do I safely remove it

When the ac is on vehicle will want to shut off when ac is off vehicle runs fine

How do you remove the steering wheel? How to I get to the shroud to remove a retaining screws. I want to replace all four connectors.

This a part near the ignition switch gets so hot that you cannot touch it. A friend thinks this is the reason that I had trouble shifting gears, the vehicle will not start at times, and none of the controls on the driver's side door work. I need to know the name of the part so i can call to get an estimate on the cost of the repair.

I hear a whining noicse and when I turn on the sound its the one speaker and I now hear the signal. I just got this from someone and don't want any problems It has onstar but I don't use it or the satelite any ideas

My buttons on the driver side power window buttons stopped working .My husband looked in the manual to find the fuse and they don't list it.Which one is it?

With coil springs trying to find out bolt size

blowing in defrost and bottom only need to find my vent actuators location two change it

Comes on sometimes when I turn on car