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how do you get the plugs out,is there a special tool
car will not turn over and its not the battery
when ca r running on idle or speed my voltage go down often and come back to normal right away what cause this low voltage to happen
while driving it will blow really cool air for about an hour and then it starts blowing hot
My transmission is shifting hard after it heats up. The "presure cylinder in side the transmission may be acting up and needs replacement" is what one mechanic said and quoted me a $500 repair. It doesn't always shi...
Start Engine, place foot on brake, Trans Lever will not come out of Park Pos. Once or twice released after shaking the lever up and down. Is there an Electrical connection, a vacuum control, or a solid mechanical c...
When the battery wire was reconnected after 5 months I discovered the needle wasn't working. The computer gauge still works. I have disconnected the battery lots of time in the past and never had a problem.
locked out need key code or wire code to pop trunck
I have replaced my ignition module and the coils and the relay but my car is still not cranking enough to start it tries to turn over but doesnt succeed. What else could be the problem? My check engine light is still on.
While driving at low speeds and when stopping in traffic or at intersections my car will just die. The RPM gauge will hoover at 500 then drop like a rock. Sometimes, it will almost die, then lurch forward sometimes ...
The trunk will not close all the way. The automatic part is not working. The lid remains open about 1/2 inch. How do I close it? Is there a motor on the trunk lid that need replacing? If so, what can I expect to pay? ...
THe trunk won't automatically close after the initial latching. It remains open a half inch or so. Is it the electronic motor on the trunk? I checked the fuse for the gas door and trunk and it was fine. Any help grea...
My trunk lid won't shut and don't want to spend the money to replace the automatic part. Is there a way to make the trunk a non-automatic and open the trunk with a key?
The vehicle gets locked into park. After awhile, it will release. What causes this problem.
The gas gauge doesn't work. It gives no indication at all.
No codes. turning on rear window Defogger kills engine. Bought car resently from ase mechanic. Battery and Alternator check out good. Windows now are effected too. I did notice when I try to get drivers window down wi...
bought a new air conditioning compressor and the clutch will not come on have power to the 30 amp ac fuse and power to the interior fuse and the ground is fine.no juice to the compressor plug,anyone have any clues.thi...
what is the best kind of gas to use for my car
the car won't start it's turning but will not crank. i've replaced the battery&starter so far,then it started. 2 days ago coming home i gave it some acceleration then it started decreasing,the service enging soon ligh...
I need to know how to get the drivers window backup.
at what rpm does the trans shift into od? my car is turning 2400rpm at 60mph.
The dome lights do not ever shut off. I wanted to trouble shoot by checking the door switch however I was unable to locate the switch. Where is the switch located & could this be my problem?
how can i locate the door mode actuator?its blowing hot on the passengers side and cold on the drivers side.
My husband was driving and all of a sudden the oil pressure dropped to zero and then the car shut off. Could it be the oil pump?
About a week ago my car started having problems starting. After it had already been running and you cut it off and tried to restart it it would seem as if the battery was dead, but if it sits for 45min or so it starts...
Where is the reservoir for power steering located? Where is the check valve?
leaving a parked position or turning left or right from a stop sign car extremely hard to turn no noises 95k
gages jump around when you try to start it but it wont start checked battery told it could be computer problem
The windshield wipers only go halfway when turning them off. They are sticking straight up on the windshield. They will only go to the "down" position when in the other speed modes, but still active to rain sensing.