My ex replaced my original radiator with one from Ecology (the junkyard). Its from a car that looked just like mine, but the difference in the radiator is that it has 3 rows instead of 2(i really dont know what that means,but thats the way my ex described it). It fits good and works really good, but the problem is that now my fans are not turning on! We connected them to the battery and they ran, so according to a general motors manual, it means that the coolant fan switch is defective. The fans worked just fine before he replaced the radiator, so could the problem be the difference in how many rows the radiator has? And the most important question we have is where exactly can we find this coolant fan switch? Again, the manual says its mounted on the intake manifold, near the distributor. Although not a certified mechanic, my ex is very mechanically inclined and has worked on many of my cars as well as his own and others', but e cannot locate this switch for the life of him, so please explain carefully and if not can you direct us on how to get a diagram of where it can be found? It would be extremely appreciated as I have 5 kids, am a single working parent, and am economically challenged(to put it nicely). Thanks again for your help in advance!
P.s. My ex also checked all the fuses and they are all good.

I just bought a Park Avenue and have only the ignition and trunk key. Can I get a keyless entry and duplicate keys?


R&R master cylinder and front brake pads

when i turn left i hear a popping noise from the passenger side feet area!! sounds like knuckles popping

The car wont start

When the traction control takes over it is really noisy. What is causing this??

I have been told that the electronic duel control programmer has disinagrated and is the reason the unit does not work in a normal manner. I have located a plastic black box behind the right side of the glove box with wires connected in what appears to be two different places.. Is this the programmer and can a average american male exchange it without major problems.

The lower part of the power seats seems to move in all directions. The back rests on both the drivers and passenger side will not move when you move the toggles. You can hear a noise that appears to indicate that power is at a motor but no motion at the drivers backrest. A very slight movement is noticed in the pass. backrest. The backrest does not change position, just a slight movement.

Electrical problem. Rear window defroster and passenger and drivers seat heaters as well as cruise control are all totally inoperative. Lights on dash for seat heaters work however. Checked all fuses under hood (large box with relays and smaller box with large fuses) and all are good. No other fuses seem to have all these items in common. All seem to have gone out at the same time although I can't be sure. Any ideas? Any idea wher I can get a wiring diagram? Car has 150,000 miles and we still love it!

Ok it gets mre interesting I wth the car running I can hold the power window switch down after window is down and boom the fuel pump gets quiet and car dies then the window will go up real slow I replaced power window and pump relays still didn't fix then you wait awhile and everything works again also when this happens the elec system and batt acts like its drained.

The blower tends to work intermittently. It gets warm and stays on once it decides to work. It is not set on "auto."

Ok this ones got me stumped my 96 buick might run 4miles r 400 then it will die and not restart 4 bout 30 min when it does this the fuel pump will get quiet not the usual gm whine and for some weird reason the drivers side window will not roll down r up its dead you can come bk out and hit the window swith and if it wotrks it will start if it don't work it won't I've put crank sensor on fuel pump it acts like a dam rlay getin hot but whch one is tied in with the fuel pump. Please help ths is ettin old

I replaced radiator and thermostat but car is still running hot. Temp goes up to 216 in cool weather outside. What could be causing this

It causes the fluid to leak from the transmission

slow leak and is continuous and has been for some time

my power seat goes forward and backwards , but wont go up and down?

Heater blower not operating

Came on while I was driving. Car lost compression and light is blinking and staying on. Starts blinking while I'm driving, constant when car is idleing. Any guesses at what it could be?

My power windows due function up and down however I know that they opeerate at a slower speed than they should. Especially in cold weather. The battery is new. would appreciate some recommendations. Thank You. Chimonidis@cinci.rr.com

When my buick shifts into overdrive the rpm drops down to around 1500. When i try to accelerate the car starts to jump forward or seems like its slipping. The only way it will come out of it is if you slam the the gas pedel to the floor. It does this everytime your in overdrive

my battery was replaced was totally dead,now have no heat.the temp on controls flashes if i run it up/down it goes on for awhile.
then goes back to cold.does this need to be reprogrammed/reset

About two weeks ago my blower in my car started to make a really loud sqealing noise. it stills blows heat but i never turn it on because it is so annoying. can someone please tell me why its doing that and how i could fix it.

I have a oil leak in my park avenue. Whenever my car is idle it leaks oil, while I'm driving, the red light blinks by the oil reader. I notice the oil in the driveway not a lot but enough to be worry. does anyone know what the problem is.


Last week, I noticed my washer fluid was spraying straight up into the hood. I went and reattached the hose to where the fluid was coming out, now all I hear is the motor, and no fluid hits the windshield. Please note that I live in Minnesota, and the weather dropped below ZERO last week. I did get a car wash, and ever since then I ve had a problem. Is it possible the line froze somewhere? I was able to get fluid prior to reattaching the hose attached to the wiper.

i done a check engine test on my car and it came back code 42 and 31 .i have a 92 buick park avenue ive replace the control module and the map sensor and its still doing it and when the car gets hot it cuts off and when it cools it starts right back up.the code 42 is saying electronic spark timing circut open or shorted.what can i do to fix it ,thanks

My 2000 buick park avenue's fuel gauge suddenly went to pass empty and there was 3/4 of fuel before it went to pass empty, what could be the problem? Could it be the float in the gas tank.

can you get to the fuel pump from under the back seat or do you need to drop the tank to change it?

my car has antifreeze in it but its blowing out cool air instead of heat

Flushed the radiator completely and changed the thermostat and still have no heat in car.