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Replaced the powertrain in my 93 Buick Park Avenue with one out of a 94 Regal Grand Sport. Fits like sock on a rooster. Why does it pull off like it's in second gear? HELP!! "NEL."

What are the symtoms of a bad module?

Is there a switch to turn on and off for the Traction Control light in the dash board?

there are no codes appearing ....and it only does the jerking when you accelerate

gas gauge pointer has flipped around to empty ped

level suspention control on rear d/s lowel control arm

car losses power up hill and sputters, stalls and has large iol puddle under car

installed new starter. was fine for a day then .in order to start i must turn the steering wheelfrom side to side to start

I discovered a antifreeze leak on my cars engine a month or so ago. It amounts to a cup a day. I thought it was the water pump but have since decided it has to be something else. How tough is it to R&R the plentum gasket and old gasket set? Anything else I should be aware of?

The front driver side window control button is broken. How is the cover removed to get to the button? After accessing it, how is the button replaced?

Thank you.

When I turn on my heat, hot air comes out on the driver's side, but all I get is cold air on the passenger side. Is this something I can fix myself?

My electric door locks & the electric fuel door quit working at the same time. I checked the fuses under the hood & under the driver side dash. They are all OK. Is there something in common for these two things? Any Ideas? Thanks.

How do you remove the cover over the engine. I have a fuel leak visible just under the rear edge of the cover.

when should the timing belt be replaced on 2001 buick park avenue

my car was stranded in the blizzard in chicago ill and when triple a pulled it out the vehicle would reverse but when put in drive it wouldnt move

Hi, I'm currently looking for a mechanic in Normal,IL that will replace the engine in my 1997 Buick Park Ave.

can i disconnect the traction control system on my car?

Problem has been occurring for several years. GM dealer tech removes panel and manually rotates dial counter-clockwise to empty...then charges me $75 for 1 hour time, their minimum charge. Keeps occurring over and over. Dealer tech can find no help in their GM factory computer repair program.

1999 Park Ave interminit starting problems. New Battery, new key batteries, main battery connections are tight, car will not start or trys too but does not, all the gages are peged I then turn off the key and retry and it starts.I checked the gage info center and everything is normal

I have a 99 Park Ave Ultra that had a bad battery I replaced it but now it wont trun over with the key. I can cross it at the starter and it will start and run for a few seconds and quit.

1995 buick regal 3.8 engine runs but at low idle has rough idle. when i plug my scanner in it tells me i have an error and the code doesn't show. i checked fuses,wires,ecm,clean all carb parts. I haven't disconnected the battery yet I really want to fix this problem.can anyone help

My ex replaced my original radiator with one from Ecology (the junkyard). Its from a car that looked just like mine, but the difference in the radiator is that it has 3 rows instead of 2(i really dont know what that means,but thats the way my ex described it). It fits good and works really good, but the problem is that now my fans are not turning on! We connected them to the battery and they ran, so according to a general motors manual, it means that the coolant fan switch is defective. The fans worked just fine before he replaced the radiator, so could the problem be the difference in how many rows the radiator has? And the most important question we have is where exactly can we find this coolant fan switch? Again, the manual says its mounted on the intake manifold, near the distributor. Although not a certified mechanic, my ex is very mechanically inclined and has worked on many of my cars as well as his own and others', but e cannot locate this switch for the life of him, so please explain carefully and if not can you direct us on how to get a diagram of where it can be found? It would be extremely appreciated as I have 5 kids, am a single working parent, and am economically challenged(to put it nicely). Thanks again for your help in advance!
P.s. My ex also checked all the fuses and they are all good.

I just bought a Park Avenue and have only the ignition and trunk key. Can I get a keyless entry and duplicate keys?


R&R master cylinder and front brake pads

when i turn left i hear a popping noise from the passenger side feet area!! sounds like knuckles popping

The car wont start

When the traction control takes over it is really noisy. What is causing this??

I have been told that the electronic duel control programmer has disinagrated and is the reason the unit does not work in a normal manner. I have located a plastic black box behind the right side of the glove box with wires connected in what appears to be two different places.. Is this the programmer and can a average american male exchange it without major problems.

The lower part of the power seats seems to move in all directions. The back rests on both the drivers and passenger side will not move when you move the toggles. You can hear a noise that appears to indicate that power is at a motor but no motion at the drivers backrest. A very slight movement is noticed in the pass. backrest. The backrest does not change position, just a slight movement.