where is ps resovoir my fluid is low

This started happening about 4 days ago. I have to step on the gas and the break to keep the car on. When it just idles it turns off, and also when I start from a complete stop. Please help. Thank so much

When I make turns

My digital dash goes off and on someone suggested central control module?

i have a 94 park avenue my brakes are locked up how do i unlock them cheaply

air vents blow cold when heat is on high,flushed heater core , antifreeze ok ,when i hold heater core hoses they dont seem hot at all, what could it be?

1992 park ave wont start. no sound at all. last time this happened, I could hear clicking.. i then disconectted and reconnected battery and car worked great for 4 months...this time that trick did not work. battery appears good, is this a relay problem?.

passenger assist handle, driver side rear, above door, for a 1994 Buick 40 Park Avenue Ultra ~ where do I find one?

email: tarbet@austin.rr.com

Yesterday when I shut the car off the AC and heater motor kept running. Try to shut it off but nothing helped. I was told that if I take the fuse out it will quit running. Where is the fuse for it? I need the car and at this time don't have time to get it checked.

When the lower intake gasket is replaced do I have to replace the plenum as well and also the plenum gasket?

Installed new tires, fine after this. Short trip involving country roads, on trip home noticed car high in rear, looked at shocks, obviously in higher position. How to correct?

how much to replace the lower intake gaskets

The service engine soom light come on now and then.

hit a bump and vibration started

my rear passenger tire is leaning ,and looking like its about to fall off what can be my issue?

The driver side window won't go up or down. This is all the time. I'm thinking that the window motor is bad.

left side turn signals stay on with ignition off

a bolt on pump seems to not want to come out cuz power steering pump in way

squeeling noise just when I back up,sounds like it's coming from the front.

my car keeps cutting off in the middle of driving, mainly when im pulling off. Then yesterday, it act like it did not want to start. PLEASE HELP. I LOVE MY PARK AVENUE...



my heater readout is in metric, i am truley stumped as how to switch to a Fahrenheit reading

Where on the vehicle is it located and does it take a special tool to replace it?

Replaced the powertrain in my 93 Buick Park Avenue with one out of a 94 Regal Grand Sport. Fits like sock on a rooster. Why does it pull off like it's in second gear? HELP!! "NEL."

What are the symtoms of a bad module?

Is there a switch to turn on and off for the Traction Control light in the dash board?

there are no codes appearing ....and it only does the jerking when you accelerate

gas gauge pointer has flipped around to empty ped

level suspention control on rear d/s lowel control arm