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When I turned the car on the gage hand flew back and forth then around ending up under the stop pin.It has a light and dings when its almost empty,but registers needle under the E stopper.
Has always been difficult to go to "hi" beam (after about 3 to 6 trys). At this point, you can hear that the switch is being activated, but as soon as you let up on the activation lever (on steering column), the head...
The driver side spark plg appears to have an interference to the exhaust manifold. I can't get a socket on the plug. Is there a special too available to aid with removal?
Last week or so, A/C will not turn off when car is turned off and I have had to disconnect it. It cools when connected, but does not turn off either by trying to turn it off inside car, or by turning off engine. Ple...
window motor works but it looks like window shifts a little sideways and then will not roll on down
this will happen all of the time . the car has no codes that show. the fuel pump has been replaced with the fuel filter.
Sounds like speedometer gable is hitting steerring column
where is the shift control solenoid located?
the lock - unlock button has come loose and I need to get back in behind the door panel to resecure it
The ac unit is functioning, however, the control panel buttons are inoperable (unable to turn the a/c off or on, unable to turn the defrosters off/on, unable to adjust the fan up or down, and the gauges light is out).
how do i drain the oil from the steering rack in my 1992 buick parkavenue?
why would the window wipers when off stay in a up right possition
Which gasoline octane should you use in the 3.8 Liter Engine...My engine has a slight miss when climbing a hill. Would burning premium gasoline help? I have a 92 and a 96 Park Avenue and I burn the AM PM gas (regular)...
I replaced the Mass Air Sensor. How do I reset the service engin light?
Replaced rear air shocks less than six months ago. Now Load leveler sensor may need replacing? Do not hear compressor and they were working as recently as last week. Ride is very hard like riding on springs.
when i press the rear window defrogger the light came on but the lines is not working any more. What can the problem be?
oil pressure reads 0 when not running, after starting up pressure reads 130 immediatly even before car gets warmed up
While driving the car - 60 mph or 30 mph the engine with go off....pull over to shoulder, put in park and cranks right back up - Why? We have no pattern to it. Could be 1x a day or 10x a day....does seem to happen m...
Car cuts off - pull over on shoulder - put in park and re-crank fine and take off. Could be 1 time a day or 5 times a day. do mostly local driving under 45 miles an hour. But happens on interstate, local roads, goi...
How much time is involved in replacing an AC Compressor on my 2000 Park Avenue - my clutch has failed and I figure I would replace the unit, but it looks like a bunch to remove just to get at it.
why when i hit the break pedal some light comes up the directional sighnal and then it shuts off my car
my car has over 134k miles and for the past 4 years has had one problem after another. is it time to put her to rest? body is in bad shape as is the interior. what is high mileage for this car?
what is code 22 for
cost to replace fuel lines as gas leaking near engine
how do you replace the license plate light.
I've looked all over the passenger side of the engine on the serpine belt, but still can't find the power steering reservior
ac blows cool on driverside hot on passengerside how do I fix it have change climate control
HELP! Fast and excessive heating > 225. Thermostat & hose replaced (top hose was split but themostat didn't appear that bad)....no detectible leaks now. heATER THrOWS HEAT ok AND WATER IN RADIATOR HEATS QUICKLY....s...
I broke the hood release in the inside of the car and i want to know if there is a secondary release or another way to open it from the outside.