the car bangs into every gear when driving its only after u run it for a while and when u turn it off and cut it back on it stops..help please

while driving my buick shakes between 55 and 75 mile per hour? can it be becaue i have bald tires??

My check engine lights came on,I saw that the battery state read ??????,what does that mean?

ac doesn't work. how about the compressor if it's bad? what about an oxygen sensor, and a catalytic converter?

There is a direct short which pulls a NEW!!! fully charged battery down to 9+ volts over night. The short is with the primary fuse elec/misc 60amp and I have no clue what is on this circuit ! I have checked the secondary circuits by pulling every fuse and circuit breaker under the dash and all the primarys under the hood. I can only cancel out the short by pulling the primary fuse elec/misc which is under the hood... The lights work and the sentry seems to work because I can vary the times +/- and the lights will go out. I cant understand why the chime sounds with the lights off and the key in my hand as if the lights were manually left on or that the key was left in the ignition when I open the drivers door.. The chime ceases when the drivers door is closed.
Does anyone know what could short out on the elec/misc cicuit that is not protected by a secondary fuse???

1999 buick park avenue cruise control does not work. When key is turned on cruise light comes on indicating system is OK. Cruise fuse is good.

car runs bad when it rains.misfires

i replaced the rear struts 5/21/11 quick/struts and now they have bottomed out i hear the air pump going when i start and turn off the car but it won't raise the rear what could be wrong need help..thx.

How do you replace the radiator

please help

I have had the engine replace,spark plugs, crank shaft sensor,alternator, battery good, starter good. I don't understand wht the problem can be now.

Please Help Me
Thank you in advance

I have replace my engine (used) as well as replaced the alternator, spark plugs, and crank shaft sensor. the car still is not starting up. What can be the problem now ?

just replaced a cranck shaft and need to know the specs for the cranck and rod bearing bolts.

it just happen two weeks ago it all just went out.

white smoke coming out oil stick hole .oil and water fine no oil in the water

removing spindle to replace a wheel stud

Thinking about buying this car.

The supercharger belt is missing and the lower idler is missing.

What size wrenches do I need to replace the front brakes?

worked sometimes in past,but since weather started getting hot it doesn't work at all.

my car is cutting off I have replaced the fuel filter fuel pump mass air flow sensor and all the coils it seems to do it when the temp is hot outside once it starts cutting off it does back to back what could it be?

how much does shocks and struts cost for a 1996 buick park ave parts only for front end

how can i fix a leaky brake line myself

does anyone know where the check engine light is on a 96 buick park avenue supercharged ultra?And how to replace the bulb,seems its burned out and I can't see where it would be.automatically fails emissions if that light won;t come on....

Since I had the front bumper replaced the wipers speeds are not correct. When you go from low to lower the speed increases instead of decrease and there is no longer any wiper delay - is this just co-incidence or is the wiring near the bumper?

The led display for heater/ac outside temp, fan speed, etc no longer lites up. what is the problem? for a while it came on after 10-20 minutes of driving, now it never comes on, thanks

the engine wont shut off with the key it stays running

Ok my 92 park ave doesn't have the lower break lights I don't know why I've changed the break. Controler behind the duct on the firewall both switches above the pedal any other suggestions are welcome.

how do I replace the cylinder and what tool do I need

Car sat for several months during Seattle cold wet winter months. Upon startup the tranny slipped at take-off. Fluid was a little low so I added Dextron3 to fill line everything seemed normal drove fine. Sat again for two weeks without battery. Upon next startup the tranny slips quite a bit at takeoff and seems to be mushy throughout all gears. Reverse is firm and solid. Thinking time for fluid and filter change . . . if what else ?

a easy way to change my fuel pump