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At speed, (2007 Lucerne) when I go into passing gear via foot petal their is chatter from the engine compartment. Only happens then so can't check it out. What do you think? Water pump....fan.....internal engine......
no radiator leak, no water pump leak, no busted hoses? water leak seems to be at the center of the car. the pulley is making awfull sounds and very shaky.
Seems as if oil smell is coming from under the car
It gets louder the faster you go and stops when turning to the right. It sounds like when your gears don't change but that's not what it is.
I was told the hood support would cost nearly $190 to replace. Is this average??
I have the seat bottom out and all the bolts out from the bottom of the seat
How do I remove the plastic cover screws
Takes ten minutes to pump the gas click by click Help??
Is there or was there a recall for this problem driver side door.
Power steering system pressuring in reservoir ...is the cap a regulator to control pressure like a radiator cap on the reservoir? Or what is the cause?
only issue prior was air pump for rear shocks started and wouldnt stop. and coolant leek. no check engine light is on.
Fell through passenger side of the defrost vent. Easy way to try to retrieve it?
The bushing is cracked. Is it just a bolt on part or is it under toque or require that the engine be moved to install.
The brake lights are staying on even when the brake pedal isn't engaged
how do you get the bad bulb out? how do you get in the light assembly to get the bulb out?
do I have to take the door panel off to check it? and how is it done?
engine still overheats. The A/C stopped working too. Runs OK on the interstate roads but overheats in traffic
I'm having a hard time turning my steering wheel, and the car is making a loud noise when I turn.
My car is being repaired. And i need coolant bows 2. My car kept running hot.
After being jump started I lost all the sounds - radio, turns, approaching objects, seat belts, etc.