replaced engine a while back and AC unit was working fine until the engine replacement now we can't even get that compressor to accept freon what may we have done wrong?

Cant quit see the direct area but the leak hits the ground straight down from pully. You can add water with engine off and see the leak it stops after iguess the water is below pump

At speed, (2007 Lucerne) when I go into passing gear via foot petal their is chatter from the engine compartment. Only happens then so can't check it out. What do you think? Water pump....fan.....internal engine......transmission? 88k good power well kept. Transmission fluid not changed......Water pump and coolant changed two year ago. help.

Replace water pump

This sound is non-stop with door closed & quits when it is opened. Only the driver's door is affected. The car has been shut off for over 20 hours & is still buzzing when I open any door but driver's. Please help this retired lady, Thank you!

soliniod or wires are broke in system

no radiator leak, no water pump leak, no busted hoses? water leak seems to be at the center of the car. the pulley is making awfull sounds and very shaky.

my buick switch gears at the right time sometimes and it picks up speeed kinda slow sometimes

Seems as if oil smell is coming from under the car

It gets louder the faster you go and stops when turning to the right. It sounds like when your gears don't change but that's not what it is.

I was told the hood support would cost nearly $190 to replace. Is this average??

all electrical portion is working. Unable to remove inside panel to inspect lock mechanism. Is there anything I can check or do?

Brought to dealer, all electrical parts OK. Unable to remove inside panel to check lock mechanism.

does anybody know how long it takes to replace a bad injector valve for the secondary air system that puts air in the exhaust when the engine is first started, the valve is at the back off the engine (3.8) we found the problem with the test equipment the picture off an engine comes on the pump works good it leads to the valve that needs to be replaced for emissions testing and ideas?

the valve is not working right so i am getting it replaced, and wondering how long will this will take the mechanic we have the valve already so its just the time involved .

I have the seat bottom out and all the bolts out from the bottom of the seat