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I replaced a coil and a week later had the same problem. Ended up replacing the other two coils and the ignition module and it fixed the problem. A week and a half later I have the same problem. I need some advice, I ...
horn dont work fuses r good ?
vaf,baro map defective vaf defective or dirty,whats all this mean to me
Buick diagnosis listed bearings and motor mounts need to be replaced also service engine soon light on
I drained battery so jumped it, and its fine but volt light still on.
As the fuel becomes less the gauge reads higher than actually is.
this is the first time the controls wouldnt work on drivers side door and window control for backseat left door
On top of motor next to alternator
I can hear the motor of the window regulator working but I'm getting no movement upward. When it first happened I heard a clunk & the window slid down. Do you think that the regulator became detached but still works?...
The power locks and power windows that do function are currently not working, though the power mirror adjust is; the radio normally turns off when the door is open, but it stays on until the time limit is reached when...
it jerks a lot when driving, I put in new plugs, wires and fuel filter and still does, does not run rough, never has, sometimes when at a light with my foot on the brake it will lurch forward.
Stalls all the time and sometimes runs like it has bad gas it always starts right back up, but now 2-3 times a day when I get in and start it , it wont even turn over and dashlights all come on but just bought a new b...
For a long while the engine would just stop (while driving down the road or at park/idle). I could (when driving) pop it in neutral start it and keep going. It has had the crank sensor replaced. Now, when I turn the...
I had a repair shop replace the crankshaft position sensor,but it still quits running without any notice while driving it! What else could cause this problem?
It started yesterday I was sitting in idle and it died since then havnt got it to run more than 5 mins and can't even do that without constantly giving it gas I've check fuel filter fuel pump and relays I've heard myb...
there r 6 wires tan, blue&white ,blue.,blk blue red & soild blk and i need to kn how to hook them up to my switch.
Were is the ingition module on a 97 Buick Lasabre 3.8
Fuses and fuel pump good new fuel filter
In park it idles low and wants to stall and when idling in drive it acts like its out of gas and bogs down and check engine light comes on