my turning signals do not work at all they wont come up on the dash or make the clicking noise nothing. The left light comes on manually if i keep moving the lever but the right doesnt come on at all. My hazard lights come on on the dash still though.

what colors are positive and negative front and rear speakers trying to replace speakers

Car vibrates at 55 to 70 mph. Front end shakes some times and then smooths out. Wearing all 4 tires now. Vibrates in nuetral while coasting.

horn doesnt work.jumped the horns they worked;fuses seem to b ok

inside hood release will not work.

please use this e-mail with your answer. Thank you send to starlighter523@yahoo.com

i use castrol edge 10w30 can any one tell me what the oil preasure should be at cold start up-at idle-at crusing speed after it is fully warmed up. the oil and filter is changed every 3,000 miles.


How do I get the old radio out and the new one in?

i have a bad gas leak on the hoes i was wondering how much it might cost to get it fixed and also is it drivable if it isnt fixed properly

My left rear power window lift arm has jumped off track. The motor runs and I need to place the arm on the track but I do not know how to remove the panel on this model.

My mom has a 98 Buick LeSabre and in Oct '10 the head gasket went out so my mechanic replaced it. When we got it back, it ran fine for a short time and then it would stall while driving on occasion. Now it is almost undrivable, yesterday it stalled on my mom at least 60 times within an hour span, the check engine light is on and there is now a bolt light lit up on the dash. My mechanic has been looking at it but can't seem to come to a conclusion on what is happening and of course, does not have a scanner. He did replace some vacuum hoses that were bad but it didn't make a difference. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Sick of paying more money to have it looked at and starting to feel like he is taking advantage of 2 females.

cant find the air filter but when i do im going to replace with an H&K

what number do i put the fuse for the tail light in my 1993 buick lesabre custom

Intake manifold torque spec. and sequence

driver side window does not come down anymore

I just want to know about how much it will cost to replace the heater hoses on my 2000 Buick LeSabre with 90,000 miles on it.

what will happen if i keep driving on a bad wheeling bearing and is it hard fix

what will happen if i keep driving on a bad wheel bearing passenger side and is hard to fix

Does the gas tank have to be removed to replace the fuel pump

ticking sound behind glove box. can be heard while sitting in car. eventually it drains the battery completely.

It's a simple maintenance question. I have a license plate light burned out but don't know how to remove the light cover on the trunk lid. There are no screws to remove & no obvious way to remove the cover to get at the light.
How do I remove the license plate light cover on the trunk so I can replace the light? Thanks.

heat blowing cold air

Can I see a diagram on how to put the spark plug wires back right?

after starting cold engine, engine has a popping noise like a engine missfire. when engine is warm, it runs smooth

how to fix a po713 p1864 po753 code for smog check

i am trying to set the timing on the wires on the distributer

how I can get acces to the sensor underneath or throuth the back seat? I need to replace the pump too? The tank must be remove? Thanks for the answers. Doug.

when engine is cold and beginning to warm up apopping sound comes from the engine