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Need to check this relay for the drivers side, but cannot find it. Does anyone know where it is located?
Where is the PCV valve located
were is the gas line filter located
My Temperature gauge on dashboard not working but the other guages work ok.
My Temperature donot work on dashboard but my other guages are working.
I have cool air on one side and hot air on the other side. so that means the heater flap stays open with the cool air on.
where is the oil pressure sending unit and how can i remove it.
No corrosion on filler tube Replaced Gas cap light always on No fuel smell
every time the car is turned on the message board says service stability system,what can i do to fix this?
Is it difficult to replace an oil pressure sensor and where is it located?
The "service engine soon" light ame on after driving 50 miles of a 100 mile trip. Planty of oil and water. The Buick dealer said the Cam Sensor Positioner needed to be replaced. They wanted $1000. I bought it for $25 ...
When trying to accelerate, the car will not shift out of first and eventually, when the RPMs reach about 3500, the car basically shifts into neutral. As the car slows, first gear reengages and repeats.
is it smart to change the water pump at this time and will i save money doing it now?
My car was running perfectly until i parked it at work and it will not turn on ,it is not the battery or starter. The security light keeps coming on...is there a reset button on the alarm that I can reset?
Where is the Power Steering Fluid suppose to go I can't find the spot and is it easy to access.what is the best way to do this?
Unable to get airflow through the vents. Didn't know if the hoses could be plug or what?
never blows out of mid vents
Whenever I step on the brake the gauges go crazy and my car dies. It all started a couple weeks ago but only did it 1 time, then a couple days later it did it 8 times on my way home. I have had my car at 3 different ...
had no problems, was informed for the replacement as needed during a service check
it is just a tune up! wires and sparks
Rear adjustable shocks are high as they can go. How do I lower them?
Tilt-steering; steering wheel is loose and moves freely in all directions. How can I tighten?
How do you change the FRONT stock Speakers?
Where is the emission solenoid in my 1997 Buick lesabre. It failed inspection and is going to cost too much to fix.
how do you replace a window regulator in a 2003 buick lesabre. right rear passenger window
I will be riding down the street and the car will jerk like it wants to go faster. it jerk when i stoped at a red light. was wondering what the problem was
cant get the drum off wear is the access hole in the backing plate so i can adjust the brakes enough to get them off?
need to know exactly wear the brake adjuster is so i can adjust the brakes enough to get the drumm off