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my car bucks and jumps randomly. Checked vaccum tubes, changed gas cap and sanded down gas filler tube from rust buildup. still smells of gas for 2 days after filling the tank. no noticable gas line or tank leeks. any...
Car won't start, Was running last Sunday then all of a sudden quit and won't start. It rolls over but, won't start. Changed battery, fuel filter, module and coils.
how do you know when you need a peformance control module
Have had the car stall when service engine light comes on, other wise it will keep running but will hesitate or act as if it is missing.(chugs). This is only at times then runs fin when it does stall it starts right b...
im working on a 8/99 Lesabre - the problem i found is the engine runs terrible to the put that it will jerk to a halt as if its trying to suddenly turn backwards but if alternator is unplugged than it runs fine -ive p...
In the morning after a mile, I stop at redlight and when I go again, car drags and then jerks into gear and takes off. During the day, it just seems sluggish. Had a new fuel pump and filter put on a month ago. Do you ...
Are there any one piece intake manifolds available for this engine.
car will operate rough when trying to hold at speed or going up hills,otherwise transaxle operates ok.
No idiot lights. this sound is intermittent and can get very loud. Has nothing to do with how long it's been driven. Had intake manifold replaced by Buick dealer 4 yrs ago.
stuck pulley
Hi, my mechanic looked at my 2000 lesabre and says upper intake manifold (UIM) is warped, recommended new UIM, along w/ lower gasket, valve cover gaskets..should I go ahead and replace the head gasket while in there? ...
just wondering if i can take it apart and clean it some how or if anyone els knows a way that i could get it to work? thanks
where is the fuel filter located,and how hard is it to replace
Not a recurring issue. But a apparently inaccessable bulb.
Car will turn over but won't start.. Recently the "Check Emissions " light came on but I ignored it thinking it may have an electrical short , I have some issues with the A/C, HEat, Defrost Modulel but that is another...
I have noticed my transmission slips when I go uphill. I have noticed that the transmission is not down shifting and then it will begin to slip. Also my gas mileage has dropped from 24-25 mpg to 20-21 mpg. I have had ...
My dashboard temp. guage not working,need to check the temp. control sending unit,but do not know where its located.
drove the car stopped for gas brought it home went out tried to start the car and it wouldnt start battery is fine everything works that way just replaced starter and still doesnt start
hot air coming out has no leaks and enough freeon bower works
Horn button sticks because the rubber covering the air bag is putting pressure on the button which is directly making the horn blow without pressing. i tried getting a brand new air bag, no luck. I bought a used bag a...
signal light bulb (front) ,
How much refrigerant oil goes in the compressor only on a 99 buick 3.8l?
How many quarts of oil does a 2000 Buick Lesabre transmission hold?
I experience a thumping sound when I over a bump and when I make a turn on occasion! My car has 59,900 miles.Should I replace the struts along with replacing the strut mounts? Please advise!
my buick lasabre hesitates going into first gear and when it finds the gear it makes a clanking sound especially in a bind
I am experiencing a knocking noise when I go over a bump or making a turn on occasion! I have 59,945 miles registered on my speedometer. Should I replace both the struts and the strut mounts?
Hello I have a 2002 Buick lesabre and about 2 weeks ago I put a can of freon in the car. A week later I am driving my kids to the daycare and the air is blowing cold really cold then I get back in my car and head off...
My check engine lights comes on and blinks about 18 to 20 times. What does that mean?
Were is the PCV Valve located ?