what does a speed sencer look like & where is it located

why doesn't my speedometer work

where do i find & how do i change it

where is speedometer cable located

car want start had starter checked out, battery is ok seems like not getting fire from battery will crank through starter but wont stay running help

tilt wheel is stuck. how do I remove the airbag to get to the other parts?

need to floor it to take off after it shifts the rest of the gears seems fine just when im stop and try to take off it feels something is clog or ect.. code that show up are po135.. po304.. po740.. po753.. po758.. p1406 .. p1655.. p1675 im just try to fix the shifting problem first

where is the tansmission vacuum module located on a 1992 Buick lesabre 3.8L

happen today went out while i was driving just happen know nothing other then that

After breaking the connector between the front parking brake cable and the intermediate cable, the cable is about an inch and a half too short to replace the connector. There is no adjuster anywhere in any of the cables. I assume there is an adjuster in the foot pedal assembly, but I can't figure it out.
All three cables are free, and the lever on the calipers are free and working properly.
All worked well until the connector broke.
My car is a 2001 Buick LeSabre.
Please tell me how to get the cable length adjusted.

neither the drivers or passenger side seat heaters will work anymore.

All of a sudden this afternoon she will not start I've got all my power but she will not start

car has started making grinding noises and slight smell of steam but no actual water that i can see

Where could I get my car serviced with reliable work, I live in Petersburg, VA/ also a reasonable pruce

In changing the sensor could I be refreshed on the steps that are need to be taken?

It runs good don't use oil but the service engine light comes on at times it start to trying to die don't want to go at all, like the tansmission shifts to lower gear. Once it quit and would not start, the garage said it was the fuel pump and it was relaced but it is doing the same thing again. what could it be? I can put it in netural and restart it and the light goes off and it goes on.

Transmission knocked and shifted hard one (1) time. On two other occasions it slipped and did not move when the gas pedal was depressed. This was confirmed by electronics.
How much should it cost to replace the pressure control solenoid?

worked ok then just quit

was changing a cig lighter fuse,didnt have one went to start car the abs,brake, traction control lights stayed on and tire oressure was not working

i changed my fuse for the tail lights and they keep blowing out and my dome light keeps staying on

gas gauge goes wacky when it gets down about a quarter of a tank. It operates ok as far as I can tell if the level is kept above that. Whats the problem?

it just happened

a service message stating "service stability system" appeared on dash, after stopping and restarting the car the message is gone. I was driving using cruise control at the time of the message.

What needs to be done to service it? a dealership said bring in the car and they would need to diagnose the problem at a cost of $100-$150, sounds very high for looking and reading some codes.

just wondering if im higher then the high mark about an inch can that be bad for my tranny? thanks

tilt stuck in up position

car runs fine, then shuts off. have to wait awhile then it restarts then it repeats this. Have taken it 3 diffrent places and every one says it checks

When starting the car,the air pump lifts shocks to max. height. The car stays at max. as long as the runing and being driven. Is there a manuel available system?

of the two adjustment screws, which one adjust the low beam height. at present my low beam is not far enough foward. About three car lenghts. Its hard for me to see ahead.

I had my 2002 buick lesabre tuned-up last Friday. Today, it took 2 times to start the car. When I filled up with gas, it wouldn't start the first time and then on the second time, it sounded like a back fire and then started, but idles very rough and at times there is a whistling noice from back of engine.

power steering fluid leak at metal line connection by boot
of rack and pinion cylinder are these lines replaceable?