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replaced fuel injectors and lost o-rings on input fuel line connector, need info on how to put the 2 o-rngs on .or into connector.
Front wheels are locked will not turn. Not forward nor reverse.
the traction light blinks on and off,and it becomes harder to control the car. Could the traction control be deactivated or possibly the tie rods are bad? Could you help me with a fix. Thank you.
I just went and hooked it up and got the following codes and am asking for possible ways to fix it. The codes are C1223 C1227 C1234
The care ONLY vibrates while I'm accelerating or during acceleration at speed and I've checked my tires (no titties) and the wheel balancing/speed balance is good. Could the fact that the engine bolts are loose? I not...
When parking my buick on an incline, there is a bit of rolling of the wheels after the engine is turned off. Is there an adjustment to the transmission that will eliminate this?The transmission is an automatic.
i changed my thermostat, new water pump when the car registers hot i can take the radiator cap off and it doesnt boil or seem to be hot but i have to add water cause the radiator is empty i just dont get it what could...
This started about a year ago with the passenger seat belt/airbag light staying on. It goes on and off for no reason even in park. Sent the cluster out 3 times, they say there is nothing wrong with it..check the main...
Just acquired this car and discovered the cruise would not come on. The Antilock Brake System yellow warning light was on.
no I replaced water pump and radiator thermisthed water hoses.
What is the labor cost for a front brake job on a 98 Buick century?
I changed the Heater/Ac door actuator motor but it didn't fix the problem. Any other suggestions??
I have replaced and tested every other electrical part in my 90 Buick Century. But for some reason I don't get any spark from the motor. I am very confused and don't know what to do next. I really need help to figure ...
The leak is up around where it connect to the steering column
she has her rightful oil , transmission oil but the dem-stick says its to high like n the middle of the dem-sick idk if thats the problem or not , new anti-freeze that i put in yesturday and she starts up well but do...
I want to know if there is an easy way to replace the locking mechanism in my passenger side door. It broke around 119,000 miles, and now it will not lock my passenger side door, the motor for the power lock still works.
Driving along & all the lights go out. Engine still runs, however, sometimes it will correct by turning lights off & back on. Sometimes comes back by self.
fluid turns a very creamy tan color, steering is very hard until fluid is topped off. What could be the issue?