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This started out as the bulb frequently burning out (about once a month). Now the directional light doesn't light or flash at all. This is a dual filament bulb and the second filament does light (with headlight swit...
The anti lock light is on and I have no brake lights.I have checked fuses,bulbs,and brake switch!Can anybody help me!!! LOL!
Happens after I drive a short time off and on. Don't know code.
the car seems to more and more severly buck on higher speed,longer trips verses local driving. my email is allainjanice@yahoo.com
I asked for routine 100,000 mile check. Was told that Power steering rack was leaking. I've never noticed any leak and never had to add fluid. The estimate to correct was $1230.00 (GM Goodwrench shop). Does this sound...
When I turn my wipers off they stop in up position. What's the fix?
Seperte slide cotrol for the driver and passenger sides. Cold air comes from the passenger side vent but does not from the driver side. The dealer has never given us a definative answer as to the problem. Can anyone l...
common problems
My '97 buick century has a rough idle at long stops. It tends to run hot and i have to refill the water tank every two days. how can i remedy this? any information would be great.
my gas guage is doing the same, it shows full but its really not, is this fixable?
I recently saw smoke comming form the hood of my car and took it to a mechanic and first he said it was the water pump which i got fixed, which was fine. But then like a few days after i saw smoke again took it back a...
Molding strip at top of door window has come loose. Two stay-plastic-clips have broken and need to be replaced. Window motor broken and not repaired three years ago. Shop mechanic braced window shut and it remains ...
my sway bar recently broke near the front left tire, and i was told by my mechanic that it will cost ~250 to replace the sway bar and the 2 links (includes parts and labor). does this sound about right? also the labor...
will go down but not up
whats the typical cost of rear drum brakes for this car cylinderis leaking
the cost of rear drum brakes
like i said the car is stalling out not starting not they have checked over the EMT unit and have not yet found out what is wrong with it . could you please help me out . i have no other car .so I DO NOT GET TO GO ...
how do I install a hermonic balancer?
whats the easiest way to change the rear spark plugs
When braking, the car pulls to the left. Low traction light comes on (Dry conditions). No one has code reader. Cap gasket replaced, calipers replaced, system bleed. proplem is not continues. What is the problem?
engine is not getting gas.
on my 2001 buick century the passenger side wiper ass'y does not oscillat with the drivers side wiper. the drive shaft is rotating but the wiper assy stay still is the a pin sheared or something to tighten?
It stalls backing up. And also idles very roughly...like it could stall going forward at any time. If I press on the gas, it won't stall (but sometimes at lights...I get very anxious because I can "feel" it about to...
when i turn my car on it begings to tick really loud. after it warms up the ticking stops. no idea why
need to diagram of defrost flap
if my gas needle is not working and the car is idleing funny what could be the problem
is it located under the steering colomum or behind the fuse box?
how to get the back bolt off the starter
car runs for about 30-40 and shut down. wait about 10-15 minutes its starts up and run for 2-3 mins. and stop again