low wash on dashlight what does that mean

It leaks oil soon after i start the car and runs dowm the front of the motor on the right side.Its hard to get to, it us under the fuel lines that come in under this black plate that the throttle lines and the fuel lines are above.It looks like a distributor goes there like it was plugged up.

My '98 century started overheating after I replaced a leaking heater hose. I added more antifreeze to replace what I lost from the bad heater hose. I thought that the coolant that I added to the overflow bottle would work its way into the engine but after driving about 6 miles most of the coolant is still in the overflow bottle.
When I drove the car it would start overheating when I was going 40 mph or less. As I accelerated to 55 or 60 mph the temp. gauge would come back to the middle position. Then when I drove the eighth of a mile up my dirt road to my house at 15 mph it was completely in the red.

replaced egr valve and cleaned egr passage but codes still set after a couple miles

where is the ecm fuse located on a 95 buick century

check engine light comes on at 15 mph and goes off when I get to 45 mph.

Car runs fine around town but when climbing a grade on the interstate, the front shudders for a second or two. It feels like driving over rumble strips. This can happen two or three times until the hill is crested. Sometimes get the same effect when the transmission shifts from 3rd into 4th at 45 mph. Didn't find any trouble codes. Any suggestions? Car has 85,000 miles.

front main seal lecks

why do the wheel lug nuts tapered area develop a deep groove

My wiper fluid tank is full but no wiper fluid comes out when I want to wipe my windows. The wiper blades move, but no fluid squirts out. Do I need a new hose? How much does that typically cost? Thank you!

WITH LIGHT does not dim...buzzer does not come on when key removed....instrument panel lights not on....door panel lights not on.

My brake light stays on even though the parking brake is released. The brake pedal works as usual. What can be the source of the problem and how to fix it?

has not been changed out by the prior owner since 2006. Tvehicle only has 35k miles. Has been a very good car.

What causes a rough idle for a minute or less when you start the car? My mechanic replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires and one coil pack. This did not help. My mechanic cleaned the injectors and this did not fix it. The check engine light has come on three different times when it idles rough long enough. My 1999 Buick Century has 98,000 miles.

lost all elec. power in car,car still starts

the turn signals fuse and the hazard lights fuse keeps blowing all bulbs are good and a new flasher was installed i put in a 30amp fuse to test the system i have a right turn signal but no emergency flashers or left turn signal and my voltage gauge goes from 12 to 10 when i try to use the turn signals and my emergency lights dont work either.

i need how to replace light bulbs in the odometer cluster

I need to replace serpentine tensioner in my daughters car. The tensioner fell apart completely. It will be nessasary to remove the tensioner from the engine block and replace. Is that center bolt left hand thread or does it remove as normal (counter clockwise)?

I can't steer my car to make a right turn without great difficulty as if there is no power steering

I can steer my car to make a left turn just as usual.

Driving straight is fine. I was able to get the car home.
Can I drive the car this way til I get enough money to repair it without doing further damage. What should it cost to repair???

My cruise appears to stick when I apply brakes does not cut off. Light goes off but cruise still on

1990 buick century cuts off and will start again buts cuts off again over over again. Changed the fuel pump, had the control module(spell check) checked at autozone, checked the plugs got a good spark, did the ohm test on the injectors there at 12-13 ohms. Crank postioning is fine im at a loss. The fuel relay is clicking. My wife loves the car but i want to put a bullet through the block If anyone can help me please e-mail me

my dash lights are out and where the gears for drive what would it take to fix

My key fob will not unlock doors and the key wont unlock the doors either. Also, the key will not open the trunk.

What is the minimum thickness of break rotor?

when I got out of the car, there was a hot smell, but the gauge did not run hot. I drove 40+ miles, in rain, could it be something with brakes

What kind of transmission fluid do I put in my 1995 Buick Century car?

Can I install Electric Fuel Pump with out Removing the Pump in the Gas Tank? Will it be able to pull gas through the broken fuel pump in the tank? And hey, I know that dropping the tank and replacing the original pump is an easy fix - for various reasons, I'd rather convert to external electric. Thanks in advance!!!

These may be separate problems but when I start the car it immediately begins making a rattling noise like a nickel vibrating in a tin can. I tracked it down to the pulley in the serpentine belt for my AC compressor. The pulley seems to be spinning freely but the face of it rotates very slowly and there are metal shavings around the edges and under it. I honestly don't know if the face is supposed to be immobile or what but it spins. and it's grinding somewhere.

The other problem I have (related or not) is that the car has completely cut out on me twice. It suddenly feels like it's gotten knocked into neutral (power brakes out, steering suddenly heavy) but the engine won't rev and I have to let momentum get me off the road. Radio stays on the whole time though. Shutting the engine off and restarting has fixed the problem both times. Is this a belt problem or just a bad coincidence?

The radiator in my car leaks very bad all the time