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whats the easiest way to change the rear spark plugs
When braking, the car pulls to the left. Low traction light comes on (Dry conditions). No one has code reader. Cap gasket replaced, calipers replaced, system bleed. proplem is not continues. What is the problem?
engine is not getting gas.
on my 2001 buick century the passenger side wiper ass'y does not oscillat with the drivers side wiper. the drive shaft is rotating but the wiper assy stay still is the a pin sheared or something to tighten?
It stalls backing up. And also idles very roughly...like it could stall going forward at any time. If I press on the gas, it won't stall (but sometimes at lights...I get very anxious because I can "feel" it about to...
when i turn my car on it begings to tick really loud. after it warms up the ticking stops. no idea why
need to diagram of defrost flap
if my gas needle is not working and the car is idleing funny what could be the problem
is it located under the steering colomum or behind the fuse box?
how to get the back bolt off the starter
car runs for about 30-40 and shut down. wait about 10-15 minutes its starts up and run for 2-3 mins. and stop again
my dimms just stoped working,but brights do work. tried about a half dozzen of the most sensable fuses all good what might be wrong
when coming off highway, and coming to a stop at end of ramp, car seems to want tokeep going, but when apply brakes to stop, engine cuts out...restart, runs fine..put in gear and kinda jumps then stalls...whats causin...
my car will cut off at the stop sign but it will start back up what can be the problem with that
just recently my low coolant light has been coming on then goin off, ive went threw 2 jugs of antifreeze and as soon as i put it in within minutes light comes back on and needs refilled, i know its not leaking and i ...
Changed fuses AND Bulbs and still nothing....what else could it be?
while driving slow the car shakes
spark plugs checked also gas treatment and 89 octane added to vechicle
having wiring problems
Is this a fuse issue or something worse?
Please tell me which gasket to use. the one with rubber and plastic or metal and rubber Thanks winer
My 1999 buick century fan goes not come on and it takes a while the engine to cool down off when it the car is turned off. Also when I idol the engine heat level goes up just past the half way point. Any ideas on ...
After I put gas in my 1999 Bucik century the engie shuts off when I attempt to start it. It usually take three or four ties to start and I have to press the accelator to give it gas to prevent it from shutting off. An...
After I drive the car to a couple of places the car starts but then stalls out acouple of seconds later and then take's a half our later but runs ruff. Can any one help and it is not vapor lock.
I recently put a radiator,thermastat,and a water pump on about a year ago and my car is still leaking antifreeze,what else could it be?
My car will defrost the front window in the middle but wont blow heat out the vents is that the heating coil?
How do I reset the security to my car cause its not letting me start it and where is the rest button located?
The night lights for my dashboardare not working. how do i fix it?
What are the steps to replace a heater core?
The heater / AC blower only works on hi. I have chenged the blower motor resistor and it still only works on hi. How do I change the switch itself?