where is the blower motor at

I am getting some rel lousy gas mileage and the check engine light is coming on. I got a code for the evap solenoid. I have already done a full tune up. I purchased the evap solenoid at the parts store, but just need to know where it is located so that I can change it. Also, is this a difficult part to change. Thanks

This has happened 3 times in the last 3 weeks just after a rain. I noticed during the last week a light stream of water coming down on passenger side back behind where the glove box is. How do i fix this?

my car will not start the battery is fine but the car will not turn over?

i push yhe trunck release in the glove comparment and hear the click but trunck doese not open. i have grocerys inside and it opened at store when i put them in, but got home and will not open . is there anotherway to get in to the trunck/

I have california engine with all that emission control gadgetry. How do I unplug cardone smog pump. Will it run without it?

everytime i put gas in the car it will move back and forth it will say how much then go to full then down to empty i dont know what is going on with that ?

i took my car to the emissions test site and it keeps getting rejected because of incomplete monitors i just recently got my catalytc converter fixed and some one said i have to drive it at least 100 miles before it can read its fixed is that true if not what should i do to pass emissons

i am more or less looking for step by step directions

water pump, radiator hoses and serpentine belt..cost

where is the fuel filter located

the hood release cable snapped.i tried using a pair of vice grips but the cable kept on fraying when i could grab any of it.I have removed the grill and located where the cable leads in to the release but that end came off.Any ideas?

On the drivers side need a cv joint. What is the cost of replaceing it.

To whom this may concern I'am so so sorry it was not my brake light it is my antilock light.

My brake light came on about 3 days ago, it has not gone off but it does go off when I turn car off and then it will come back on ? The low traction comes on sometimes when I drive slow not all the time I just would like to know if I need brake fluid or what even though I have not checked it out yet. I'am just soooooooooooo scared about the brake light. Please do let me know Thank you very much.

replaced sensor 3 times light comes back on why

rear brakes cant get drum off

interior and exterior lights,door locks, etc stop working or fail to start working, engine will still start and car will run

i own a 2001 buick century custom and when i drive it its ok till its gets hot then its stays hot and will only let me go to about 25 to 30 mph and when i looked under my hood i saw a leak of some water slightly spiting out right under my intake manifold do i need a new intake manifold gasket or do i need new head gaskets cause my car still starts and still has power when i step on the gas any one have any thoughts they could share would help out alot

temp gauge goes to red line at 203 degrees (temp is 203 at computer according to my scanner).thermostat works fine.Just replaced lower intake gasket,thermostat waterpump due to leaks.Also replaced temp sender at this time due to high reading,but problem still exists.Any idea what resiatance or other readings should be at temp sender?

pfmills problem solved; plug wires were arcing, plus in bad need of new plugs.

This car leaks gas everyday no matter whether we park on flat ground, up on a hill, or facing down. We don't really know what it's from, but I figure it could be a hole in the gas tank. How much do you think it would cost to replace the tank? We're trying to figure out if it's worth it to replace the whole thing or to just keep on driving it until we need to get another car.
Thanks very much.

service engine soon light comes on (gas cap is tight), after 70 mph. Today, car started skipping..maybe firing on 5 cyls.Can I drive it (3 miles) to my servicing garage safely?

my backup lights don,t work. I have replaced bulbs and
checked fuse. what else could it be? thanks

what could this be,its a 3100 v6 engine.

heater blower motor only works on high

The old transmission needs to come out. The reverse has came out and I can't back up.

I have a 1995 buick 3.1 liter engine i am replacing the o ring were the distributor use to be,but i am having a problem getting it out,any suggestions on how to get it out.Thank you randy.

My car over heats because the fan will not come on,replaced sensers but fan does not work were are the cooling fan relays located

The transmission has developed a good size leak at the driver side output shaft, or drive shaft. I am told that it will be more involved than the seal at the point of entry for the half shaft and is actually an internal bearing/seal problem. True?