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When I shift car into reverse the battery light comes on. When I shift into either neutral or drive, the light goes out. The light will also come on sporadically while driving. Car has new battery and alternator.
My battery keeps getting drained. I bought a brand new battery and it keeps draining it. I have to jump start it daily. doesn't doing this cause some other damage?85716
more when it's hot outside and slow speed
Diagnostic test showed cylinder misfire detected-cylinder #1. Do I have to take vehicle into the dealer for repair?
well im ganna bye a 2002 buick centruy and the cars fuel pump or fillter needs to be fixs ... im asking how can i repair it myself and how ?
passenger side seatbeat/airbag light comes on and off while driving
My transmission seams to go through alot of fluid but I can not see any evidence of a leak under the car. I put a half quart every 50 or so miles. When it is low it will not shift into third gear. Also it shifts hard ...
the rear window falls down on its own after a new control panel it worked. is this a regulater? and if so can novices do it? the part is 70.00
how do you replace a side light in the front fender of this car.
This has happened twice. It just cuts off while driving and will restart after coming to a complete stop and cutting ignition off and restarting.
air conditioner only cooling on passenger side
whats the latest time i can take my car to get windows tinted in phx,az?
trying to locate the blinker flasher where is it located
abs bearing assy. was replaced 5 times by Meineke, (a couple of mechanics I really trust and think are good) they used rebuilt assy's the first 4 times and a new assy last time. they all last about two weeks, then lig...
I've done plenty of waterpumps on old cars but only a couple on newer models.
Turn signal is blinking to fast.
What is the average life of an engine thermostat in a 1990 Buick Century with a 3.3 liter engine.
What is the average engine thermostat life for a 1990 Buick Century with a 3.3 liter engine.
my mechanic says i need a motor. what is the cost of a mew motor and how many labor hours?
My car only has 30,750 mile on it. I change the oil every 4 months. I have replaced the brakes and stabilizer bar. The car runs good. Is there any other maintenance I should be doing?
There is an intermittent front end squeak when going over 70 mph. I have had a LOT of service done to this car recently and no one has seen anything. Any idea what could be causing it? It's getting worse, and happe...
The gear lights (PRND123) and radio display on my 2004 Buick Century are very dim especially the radio I can barely see it in the day time. Could someone tell me whats wrong and how to fix it? Thanks!
I bought an CanOBD II Diagnostic code reader for my 2001 Buick Century Custom and it came up with two codes; P0446 Evaporative Emission System Vent Control Circuit and P0141 02 Heater Circuit (Bank 1 Censor 2). There ...
I have the same problem as first anonymous, Rochester. Do not see an answer. Fuse blows to compresser when car is started.
locate high and low valve for recharging air conditioner
where is the battery?
just when backing out of the garage. ok after that.
I'm looking for information on how to replace the windshield washer pump
i was driving my buick and white smoke started pouring out of the engine coming into the inside of the car and then i hear slight banging,....any ideas??
how to install push rods back the way the manufacturer placed them in the motor