My car will just die every now and then when I am driving or stopped at a light for no reason at all. The cars runs great but it does this sometimes. The car will always start right back up but when it stalls. Just horrible though when u are driving 35 mph and ur car just dies though.

how to tell if inside door handle is hooked back together

I knw I need a muffler and the pipe that goes afte the muffle but I do not nee a catalitic converter have I checed off the correct repair info?

Greetings! I am having problems all of a sudden with my car skipping at times when I press the gas as if its changing gears and then it jerks. I was told it was the egr solenoid and it still is doing it but was told it may have a blockage from of carbon. It runs so smooth and has been a very great car. Thank you

the headlights or daytime running lights wont come on no matter if i turn on the switch or not. high beams work. changed the headlight switch and i put new bulbs in, have power at headlight plug if i ground it. is there another switch i'm missing or could this be a ground problem?

What kind of oil is recommended for my car. I live in Scottsdale,Arizona.

My husband changed the bulbs and checked all the fuses and they're good. does anyone know what I should do now?

How do does one remove and replace the high pressure power steering hose hose?

the low coolant light came on and then I noticed temp gauge not working. I filled up reservoir. and a few miles later it came back on

all the time

I have seen a GM bulletin on this but it does not mention the buick. Has any one had this code and what did you do

Problem occurs after car has been driven for a short while; transmission "kicks" into gear, then gets sluggish. I can hear a faint whine as well. Someone suggested it may be a bad transmission selonoid? Not sure what that means.

i need a picture of the routing for a serpentine belt for 1990 buick century 2.5 engine w/air

I just installed new radio in my car about 14 months ago. It played ok for about 12 months,and the audio for the radio stations stopped playing. The CD has audio the clock works, and every other function works fine. Its just the radio audio quits working. I took it back out of the dash and unplugged it and reinstalled twice it and it will play for about 3 or 4 days and quit again. The radio audio is the only thing that stops working. If someone could come up with solution for this I would really appreciate your help.

Wish to replace the steel brake line but need to remove the plastic clips that hold it and 2 black elecrical wires that run under the rocker panel. Not sure how to do this w/o breaking the clips or the steel bracket they are attached to.

all fluids are fine but we start the car with in five mins. it goes to hot but its not smoking any ideas people

I had to have my transmission replaced a year ago last December and it cost me $3200. I went to another place later and he told me it would cost me $2200 if he had done it. It sounds like I was taken for a ride, was I?

is it normal to have a rough ride after replacing the struts, it sounds like something is loose when I hit a bump

I had my car in the shop about 7 weeks ago because my car, upon driving after braking, would make a high screeching sound and be hard to steer forward. No matter where I was, the only way to move forward was to turn off the motor and turn it back on. The diagnostics showed nothing and the AntiLock light and Service Engine Soon light would come on. They thought it was a sensor and reset whatever so the lights would go off. Alas, they found nothing wrong.

The problem is recurring with the Anti Lock and the Service Engine Soon light coming on. I had it "to" the shop and I was told if it was the brakes that they had to hear or have it act up within their presence as it would be mechanical. I have had mechanics in the car, 3-4 times now, and driven a short while but nothing happens.

This past Saturday and Sunday, the car brakes seemed to lock and made a screeching noise twice. Twice I had a line of cars behind me in a traffice lane and one of those times, I had a big line behind me when I locked up trying to enter a divided highway at night. One of the times I was in a parking lot and a man walking down the asphalt told me it sounded like it was my brakes. He said it was so loud it startled him.

I never know when this will happen, but I'm terribly afraid this is going to cause a bad accident and people are going to be seriously injured or killed. This is happening 3-4 times a week now and I'm not even driving a lot.

The car repair shop (I was there twice last week) is a reputable chain shop, but I am getting nowhere and it seems I am not being taken seriously about the problem. I'm at my wits end. Any thoughts, on this issue, before someone gets seriously hurt, maimed, or killed?

Thank you,

The window goes down slowly and up even more slowly...takes forever, less than an inch at a time

gear indecator light does not work at all

I just want to drain the radiator without changing hose.

Brown Automotive diagnosed "oil in coolant with internal engine light" as internal engine damage (possible cracked head or block or head gasket but not the intake gasket). Their paper-work shows "34 engine cooling" and "32 engine mechanical". They recommend an engine replacement. Should I consider this an accurate assesment or get another opinion?

Would my car have any warning signs or sounds if the engine had problems?

we are tryiong to put new brake cylinder on the rear

My right washer has stopped working the left is fine. What do I have to take apart to to repair this problem.

installing strut assembly but it is extended to far to get it all the way up in there to install the bolts

What the cost estimate to repair or replace Freeze Value located in back of Engine?

outside handle does not work went to replace the handle and the holes that mount the handle are worn out the replacement handle has compression nuts so they will not stay tight. I can pick up a door for $75 the door look like I will have to take the dash out to get it off. unless someone has another idea to keep the handle tight

My car jumps every time im slowing down..and when i hit the brakes it makes this ugly weird noise and its getting worse. My service engine light is blinking now rather than staying on. What all is wrong?