When I'm driving at a steady speed the RPM's start surging from around 2000 to 3000 RPM's on its own. I can't feel any change in the gas pedal but can definately feel the car surging. It even does it when the cruise control is set. I've read where many 2006 owners have had the same problem but I haven't found what the answer is to get this fixed.

What are the symtoms of a bad module?

I had to have my transmission replaced a year ago last December and it cost me $3200. I went to another place later and he told me it would cost me $2200 if he had done it. It sounds like I was taken for a ride, was I?

is it normal to have a rough ride after replacing the struts, it sounds like something is loose when I hit a bump

I replaced brake line now it leaks around fitting around threads. I have tightened as far as i can and it doesnt help.

I had my car in the shop about 7 weeks ago because my car, upon driving after braking, would make a high screeching sound and be hard to steer forward. No matter where I was, the only way to move forward was to turn off the motor and turn it back on. The diagnostics showed nothing and the AntiLock light and Service Engine Soon light would come on. They thought it was a sensor and reset whatever so the lights would go off. Alas, they found nothing wrong.

The problem is recurring with the Anti Lock and the Service Engine Soon light coming on. I had it "to" the shop and I was told if it was the brakes that they had to hear or have it act up within their presence as it would be mechanical. I have had mechanics in the car, 3-4 times now, and driven a short while but nothing happens.

This past Saturday and Sunday, the car brakes seemed to lock and made a screeching noise twice. Twice I had a line of cars behind me in a traffice lane and one of those times, I had a big line behind me when I locked up trying to enter a divided highway at night. One of the times I was in a parking lot and a man walking down the asphalt told me it sounded like it was my brakes. He said it was so loud it startled him.

I never know when this will happen, but I'm terribly afraid this is going to cause a bad accident and people are going to be seriously injured or killed. This is happening 3-4 times a week now and I'm not even driving a lot.

The car repair shop (I was there twice last week) is a reputable chain shop, but I am getting nowhere and it seems I am not being taken seriously about the problem. I'm at my wits end. Any thoughts, on this issue, before someone gets seriously hurt, maimed, or killed?

Thank you,

Is there a switch to turn on and off for the Traction Control light in the dash board?

there are no codes appearing ....and it only does the jerking when you accelerate

gas gauge pointer has flipped around to empty ped

my 1990 buick skylark keeps blowing the fuse for all of the lights except for the headlights. this is so frustrating and i cant figure this out to save my life. please help me

How much should it cost to replace an automatic transmission with a rebuilt transmission and the cost to replace with a new transmission?

The engine will stall without warning while in drive and moving. Dealer looked at it and indicated the computer is failing and needs to be replaced. Would this be true and on average, what would be the charges to replace it using a remanufactured computer?

sliping from drive to third gear and on accerleration it take few second to take off after a stop.

How can I get an estimate for a transmission rebuild? Its not one of your options.

The window goes down slowly and up even more slowly...takes forever, less than an inch at a time

gear indecator light does not work at all

I just had the intake manifold gasget replaced at a private repair shop--cheaper than the dealership---Now the Brake light, the ABS light, and the Traction Off lights are on andf we cannot get them to go off. What could have happened and how much should it cost to get them turned off?

I'm not having a problem but I have about 78,000 miles and I'm thinking of driving to florida in the spring. Also, gas mileage doesn't seem great. Thanks!!

I just want to drain the radiator without changing hose.

Brown Automotive diagnosed "oil in coolant with internal engine light" as internal engine damage (possible cracked head or block or head gasket but not the intake gasket). Their paper-work shows "34 engine cooling" and "32 engine mechanical". They recommend an engine replacement. Should I consider this an accurate assesment or get another opinion?

level suspention control on rear d/s lowel control arm

car will not start on occasion. have already replaced MAF sensor,cam+crankshaft sensors,fuel pump+filter. doesn't matter if car is cold or running all day. Sometimes you can drive it off and on for 1000 miles before it happens, or sometimes you can just run to the store a mile down the steet, shut it off, and then cranks but no start. Ive been to several mechanics+all seem to be puzzled sometimes will start in 20-30 minutes,sometimes2-3days.

Would my car have any warning signs or sounds if the engine had problems?

How do I access the lumbar support device, motor runs but it no longer goes up and down? that was easy pull out on the bottom rear panel and slide panel down.

we are tryiong to put new brake cylinder on the rear

car losses power up hill and sputters, stalls and has large iol puddle under car

Anybody ever had a problem with Transmission cooler lines leaking. I took my car for another problem dealer claims to have found that. Anyone know what the repair price on this is?

engine races high idle

My right washer has stopped working the left is fine. What do I have to take apart to to repair this problem.

The car is still at the dealer gaskets were installed 02/17/11