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tilt wheel is stuck. how do I remove the airbag to get to the other parts?

Car sat for several months during Seattle cold wet winter months. Upon startup the tranny slipped at take-off. Fluid was a little low so I added Dextron3 to fill line everything seemed normal drove fine. Sat again for two weeks without battery. Upon next startup the tranny slips quite a bit at takeoff and seems to be mushy throughout all gears. Reverse is firm and solid. Thinking time for fluid and filter change . . . if what else ?

a easy way to change my fuel pump

How do i compress the caliper

The DVD system was stolen in our 2007 Buick Terraza CXL and now our rear speaker don't work. Will they work when we replace the DVD system or did they damage something else? Where can we get a replacement? My local GM dealer says they can't get one. I want to replace it so we can have air controls in the back.

need to floor it to take off after it shifts the rest of the gears seems fine just when im stop and try to take off it feels something is clog or ect.. code that show up are po135.. po304.. po740.. po753.. po758.. p1406 .. p1655.. p1675 im just try to fix the shifting problem first

It happens every time I drive the car. By the way, it is a 1989 Buick Regal not a 1990. When I do accelerate, the steering wheel will not budge and it is hard to press the brakes. I have no idea what the problem is, can you please help me?

I am trying to replace the front brakes but can't get the calipers off what tool does it take to get the 2 bolts out?

the door handle pulls out of the door when opened

Where would the main computer be located,

5 time asking this same question

How would I get the info if someone anwsure this

where is ps resovoir my fluid is low

looking for the process of changing the brake light bulb on my buick ranier

when doing intake gasket job what are upper and lower intake bolttorque specs

Loosing break fluid but no sign of leak. I have to add fluid about once a month.I replaced both rear brake cylinders about 6 months ago.

where is the tansmission vacuum module located on a 1992 Buick lesabre 3.8L

driver side wiper is off track. it swings off the windshield.

the lower control arm bushings need to be replaced

My dash lights comes on. But when the head lights come on, the dash lights goes off. What is wrong.

happen today went out while i was driving just happen know nothing other then that

After breaking the connector between the front parking brake cable and the intermediate cable, the cable is about an inch and a half too short to replace the connector. There is no adjuster anywhere in any of the cables. I assume there is an adjuster in the foot pedal assembly, but I can't figure it out.
All three cables are free, and the lever on the calipers are free and working properly.
All worked well until the connector broke.
My car is a 2001 Buick LeSabre.
Please tell me how to get the cable length adjusted.

water sprays from area of the water pump when car is running

This started happening about 4 days ago. I have to step on the gas and the break to keep the car on. When it just idles it turns off, and also when I start from a complete stop. Please help. Thank so much

The rear window of my car not working why?

neither the drivers or passenger side seat heaters will work anymore.

My Interioer Lights Stays On While Driving My 1996 Buick Regal 4 Door Sedan My Drivers Side door jamb switch needs changed. How do you do it?

When I lower the window about 2 inches, it drops down inside the door. If I lift it back into place and push the window UP button, it will stay up and in place.

My odometer light is out for days at a time, then it will just come on for a few days then go back out.

All of a sudden this afternoon she will not start I've got all my power but she will not start

My transmission slips after acceleration from a stoplight or stop sign. It does it quite often. It feels like it falls into neutral and can't catch back into drive. Lately, it feels like it won't go. I have a hard time accelerating when getting on the freeway. It sputters and just won't go.

need an estimate of labor cost plus replacement of the transfer case, dealership cost