what does it mean when traction system and abs light comes on

the headlights or daytime running lights wont come on no matter if i turn on the switch or not. high beams work. changed the headlight switch and i put new bulbs in, have power at headlight plug if i ground it. is there another switch i'm missing or could this be a ground problem?

What kind of oil is recommended for my car. I live in Scottsdale,Arizona.

My husband changed the bulbs and checked all the fuses and they're good. does anyone know what I should do now?

Windshield wipers front and back windows have stopped working.

need to know the correct torque for valve covers

How do does one remove and replace the high pressure power steering hose hose?

What does it mean when they say the 4th cylinder is misfiring

the low coolant light came on and then I noticed temp gauge not working. I filled up reservoir. and a few miles later it came back on

We recently purchases a 2007 Buick Lucerne. After getting gas, the message for fixing the gas cap came on. My husband tightened the gas cap and then the check engine light came on and has stayed on for the last 2 weeks. We took the car back to the dealer and they said they found nothing wrong and yet the check engine light stays on. We got the service record from the previous owner and they had taken the car back to the dealer about 4 or 5 times just before they traded the car in. What is causing the check engine light to come on? We are taking the car back to the dealer this week. At what point do we determine that we have a lemon? We really do like the car, but not if we have to pay for repairs that appear to go back to before we owned it.


I drive often and never hear anything but normal noises that echo off the road, but when I make one right turn (always the same place) I get the grinding noise. Now, the tie rods and ball joints have always been greased and I checked them out, they are in good condition. It comes from the passenger side wheel, the noise that is. It goes away, even while driving. I do not feel anything in the steering wheel. It only happened once making a left turn. I was going into a dip on that one, where as the right turn it is upward.

Now a clunking noise has developed when turned all the way to the right. I can hear it go all across the bottom of my car. I checked the tie rods and ball joints, both are good.

Could it be a strut?


my catylac converter got cut off and now it runs rough.. i also now have too jumpstart my car since the catylac converter got cut off..

AC and Heater Blower not working on high I have charged and switch only works on other 3 setting what is the problem ? and thanks

Is it really a need to put the brake praportioner on for the rear brakes?

where is the fuse for the turn signals in a 1996 buick regal?

My son useour Buick this morning and brought it home and when we went out to use it, the car won't turn over. It doesn't do anything. The dash lights come on and the gauges move and the fuel pump runs, but the starter won't turn over. I jumped the solinoid and the the hot wire and the car starts and runs. When you turn it off and try again with the key there is nothing unless you jump the solinoid and then it starts. I put a tester to the wire on the solinoid and had someon turn the key to start and I have no power. Can someone help me?

see above what else can cause this problem ?? Thank you

There is a strong smell of gas in the passenger compartment when the engine initially starts and particularly when the heater is running. The check engine light is on. The light is steady...not flashing.

the problem started last Sunday.When start car now,I notice a rough vibration.Car is running fine, but when it is in idle you feel the car shake.There is a burning odar too.

all the time

the windshield washer doesnt work. has fluid, push the switch and cannot hear the pump try to spray.


I have seen a GM bulletin on this but it does not mention the buick. Has any one had this code and what did you do

head lights won,t go off when car is running in park

Problem occurs after car has been driven for a short while; transmission "kicks" into gear, then gets sluggish. I can hear a faint whine as well. Someone suggested it may be a bad transmission selonoid? Not sure what that means.

The engine turns over just like it should but it won't start unless I push down on the gas petal just a little. Can smell gas after it sits in garage

what is cost to replace the thermostat?

in addition to my previous question about my 91 LeSabre, could ignition switch be the problem even though it cranks fine but no start?