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I have a 90 buick lesabre. And it is continually leaking antifreeze, yet, I do not show a leak. Any suggestions?
brake lights out,the one in window works,turn signals work.bought the switch but dont no how to but it in!!!
The problem started on June 17, 2010. This is the first time the problem occured--the compressor still works but the cool air does not come thru the vents. Also, it doesn't appear any of the fuses are bad.
how often should the fuel filter be serviced or replaced?
my car didnt wanna start when i just ran to a friends for an hour then came back out and then it didnt wanna start. there was no sound from the starter so i replaced the starter still there was no sound. so what could...
I have a 2000 Buick Centry Custom. My trunk release, lic lights and back up lights all do not work. I checked the fuses and they seem fine (on both fuse boxes) I also replaced all the bulbs and still nothing. It is an...
The vehicle gets locked into park. After awhile, it will release. What causes this problem.
How do you change the rear side marker bulbs? You can not access them in the trunk. Does the outside red lens come out?
The gas gauge doesn't work. It gives no indication at all.
Is the blower control module also called the blower resistor?
Where is the windshield wiper motor's pivot arm located?
The HVAC blower motor continues to run, even with the engine shut off.
Just bought the car; have no owners manual
how do you replace the rear speakers on a GS with the mooson stereo
how do i replace the cam position sensor. e-mail tomryan727@yahoo.com
I had a low tire and so I put air in it but I have a light that says check gague. How do I reset this?
Where can i find a diagram to replace the heating sensor?
I have a buzzing sound coming from the front of the car, only when driving. I thought it might be the brakes but I just replaced those last year so now I thinking the transmission. today the car seem to have slipped a...
no traction light and service vehical soon light is on. and the brake light goes on and off. have brakes shimmy in front end when over 60 mph. had bushing put in and bearing in the driver side everything else seems go...
Can someone tell me where I can find the HVAC blower control module?
How do replace the left front turn signal bulb
No codes. turning on rear window Defogger kills engine. Bought car resently from ase mechanic. Battery and Alternator check out good. Windows now are effected too. I did notice when I try to get drivers window down wi...
bought a new air conditioning compressor and the clutch will not come on have power to the 30 amp ac fuse and power to the interior fuse and the ground is fine.no juice to the compressor plug,anyone have any clues.thi...
replaced the coil,module,rotor,distributor,wireset,spark plugs; however,the reading on the volt meter drops from 13.5 to 13 volts and the car starts to run sluggish.also the daytime running lights drains the battery s...
if i purchase an ac compressor at a discount, would a dealership install it without prejudice?
Brakes have a grinding noise after driving car for about 1 hr--replaced pads and rotors--still have noise--any ideas on what might cause this
my engine seems to get very hot ,even thow no engine light coms on for this reason. also could you tell me if there has been problems with cvc posioned in the transmission ,not ingaged properly.pulsating?
AC front blower stop working.The rear seats blower is working good. What could be the problem?
When making left turns my power steering goes out sometimes making a sound.