Exterior door handle busted. How hard is it to fix?? Also passenger door opens from inside not outside. Unsure how to fix??

My car will just die every now and then when I am driving or stopped at a light for no reason at all. The cars runs great but it does this sometimes. The car will always start right back up but when it stalls. Just horrible though when u are driving 35 mph and ur car just dies though.

After having the transmission replaced, the power steering pumps whines when turning. This is the third pump that has been replaced. Is it possible that something was done during the transmission replacement that could cause this problem?

left side turn signals stay on with ignition off

I recently had my wheel bearing assemblies and my driver side outer tie rod end replaced and also had my wheels balanced. I drove from IL to TN with the car loaded down with boxes and my dog and cat and within the last 100 miles of my trip the front end started shaking really badly. It is still shaking really badly and it is worse at speeds of 50 or above. Could it be the tires came out of balance, I damaged a rim or maybe the other tie rod end is going out? Please advise. Thanks.

my air compressor is frozen/where can I find a used one?

Making a noise which seems to be under my feet while driving. Drive train? Engine runs good.

why does my truck idle funny when i stop or slow down to turn and sometimes dies in the process. i come to a stop and it will start right back upwith no problem. anybody have a solution some have said a air sensor and some say fuel pump or injectors

dash lights not working turn siganl and high beam lights are on with the dimmer switch could a bad light switch cause this?

I am trying to find out where in my Rainier is the fuel filter located and will it be on the passenger or driver side of my vehicle?

The leveler in the back went up but will not go down. Can you let the air out.

When I am driving, seems to be only low speeds and turn wheel to the left, I get a low loise. Not really a whining. Hard to explain.

I checked the fluid and it did need some so I topped it off but noise is sill there. Ideas?

Just noticed oil in coolant jug today. Any ideas what might be wrong?

a bolt on pump seems to not want to come out cuz power steering pump in way

how to remove air injection pump during water pump replacement

Turned a corner and started to accelerate and noticed it was already to 70mph but was actually going about 35. As I continued it went past 110 mph and pointer points straight down towards transmision settings. I assume it is a sensor or engine control madule....any insight? (car is over 90K mi.) Will this be a cheap fix or another loan situation?

how to tell if inside door handle is hooked back together

low oil light (chime) comes on when hot and at idle doesn't happen when cold or going down road. oil has been changed w filter. no leaks or unusual noises. thinking maybe running a quart of dextron trans fluid in it for 10 or 15 mins. and changing oil and filter again.didnt see as a common problem, also maybe breather element or pcv valve??? thanks , Steve

Does anyone else have a problem of paint chipping/cracking around the door handles. About 3 years into owning the car I noticed rust running down from the door handles and now the paint is chipping away and rust is forming around them.

A month ago while on a trip the headlights and enterior lighting when out when I turned on the bright lights. Flipped back to normal lights back on, about ten miles they blinked off then back on. Took garage and said a lose wire was found connecting to battery. Suppose to have taken care off. A few weeks ago, noticed the dimming down and or the quivering...during night driving..Happened last two times I was night driving..

How do you lower the spare tire from underneath the vehicle?

My 2005 Buick Rainier has started doing a hard idle then it will die but no warning lights or anything will come on when this happens. What can cause this problem?

my 1998 lesabre just started stalling and check engine light comes off and on after some stalls. before stalls, i also notice the battery charge level fading down. . does this have anything to do with the volt regulator

I knw I need a muffler and the pipe that goes afte the muffle but I do not nee a catalitic converter have I checed off the correct repair info?

The oil pressure light works ok. In the past the oil pressure reading in the DIC was approximately 50-70. Now it is 90-120 and still says normal. The car seems to run ok. What is the proper pressure reading supposed to be?
Thank you.

3.8 V6 Buick Le Sabre fuel filter location??

squeeling noise just when I back up,sounds like it's coming from the front.

Greetings! I am having problems all of a sudden with my car skipping at times when I press the gas as if its changing gears and then it jerks. I was told it was the egr solenoid and it still is doing it but was told it may have a blockage from of carbon. It runs so smooth and has been a very great car. Thank you

how do you reset change oil light

all at once