When running my heat, defrost, or air, it is causing a major pull on the engine and eventually it stalls. The air conditioner was recently charged, but that did not help. What may be the cause of this?

When the lower intake gasket is replaced do I have to replace the plenum as well and also the plenum gasket?

it started about a week ago, as i was driving i heard a sound coming from the engine i pulled over to realize my belt was shredded. It has happened already three times while i been driving. I dont know if its the pulley or what it might be.

My vehicle began to overheat so immediately parked my vehicle and let car cool, the very next day i allowed a "so" call mechanic replace my water pump, thermostat, and radiator now car just reads hot but isn't.

When the car is first started and I put my feet on the gas the car acts as if it want to go and it feels as if it stalls put once it is going it picks up speed the way it is supposed to. I changed the spark plugs, wires, and coils.

Installed new tires, fine after this. Short trip involving country roads, on trip home noticed car high in rear, looked at shocks, obviously in higher position. How to correct?

I have a 1990 Buick lesabre when I press the gas it acts as if it doesnt want to go it only goes maybe 25...what may be wrong with it..

I would like to flush my own transmission. Is it doable? are there schematics available?

fuel cover door dont close right due to rust?...door hinge very loose. how to remove and replace?

All my Power Windows don't work at all, when I stop my wipers they stop at half way.My engine light is on, the mechanic said it was my exhaust he changed it and my sensor the light is still on. The car run grate need to inspect it next month don't know what to do, please help don't have money for another car right now.

When I travel at speeds greater than 60mph I get a buzzing sound that resembles electrical disturbance. The noise seems to come from the right side of the molding by the windshield. I think it is a bad windshield seal, but I wanted to make sure it was not a common problem that I was unaware of.

what are the torque specifications on lower intake manifold bolts on a 1996 buick riviera with supercharged 3800

brakes won't release when care is running, but will release when the car is turned off. How do I fix this?

how much to replace the lower intake gaskets

heat is intermitant. driving along that loose the heat. Had the termostant changed and had the system power flushed but after still have the same problem. What do you think???

The service engine soom light come on now and then.

hit a bump and vibration started

how many quarts of trans fluid does the 91' buick regal use.

I can feel the roughness thru the steering wheel the worst when first leaving the house. then it is much less of a noise or feel the rest of the day. I can't feel this when I make a right turn. I have had all parts replaced on the front end of the Buick Lasabre. Took it to the dealer and they wanted to replace the whole power steering rack. Could it be just the power steering pump, since there are no leaks anywhere?

my rear passenger tire is leaning ,and looking like its about to fall off what can be my issue?

Were told by Brakemasters that our car has "a small coolant leak". Upon further questioning re: a/c factor-- were told that it has to do with the engine. They will need to remove parts to see where this leak is coming from.

My rear door will not open. How do I get the door skin off when the door is in the closed position? I have the back seat out, but where are the screws holding the door and are the clips the type you can just pull outward?

i have a 93 buick lasabre limited when car is at idle it starts to run rough but if i give it gas it is ok when it run rough the check engine light comes on any ideas?

Expected cost (parts and labor) to have the left front drive axle replaced in a 2000 Buick Lesabre, 3.8 liter engine.

I actually have a 1985 buick regal but the engine is all I am concerned about, can I change the front main bearing on the Crankshaft with out changing the rear one?

Front right goes on and off at double the normal speed. No light in rear light.

I drove my car 50+ miles started it drove to one place started it again went to another place, started it again went to another place, came out and it wouldn't start no crank at all, I have checked the starter and it works on the bench, changed to ignition switch, checked all the fuses, and the netural switch, still no crank when I turn the key, not getting power on either side of the fusiable link at the starter, I set off the alarm and turned it off, that seems to be working fine, can't find the problem and have run out of ideas

The hearter A/C controls have a mind of there own. Will work some times and other times will run on there own when turned off. Reagl has a bad reputation for electrical problems. Were do I start? Also. What is the torque on the engine cradle bolts?

rear door hatch will not open, also, driver seat will not heat! I checked fuses! what could be wrong? I do not have a manual, Larry

sometimes it will start and sometimes it wont, once you get it started the anti-lock light comes on and want go off and you can't put it in gear