how to put on crank sensor and where is it located

I was quoted $300 dollars for Dexron VI at $11/ quart and filter at $50

I discovered a antifreeze leak on my cars engine a month or so ago. It amounts to a cup a day. I thought it was the water pump but have since decided it has to be something else. How tough is it to R&R the plentum gasket and old gasket set? Anything else I should be aware of?

My 2004 Buick Rendezvous recently started to make a grinding / banging noise when driving especially when turning the wheel to the left. It feels like its coming from the wheels or steering. Seemed like maybe a tire was lose but all lugnuts were tight. Any idea what is causing this would be extremely helpful.

email adress is larrykuzniar@comcast.net

installing strut assembly but it is extended to far to get it all the way up in there to install the bolts

How do I remove the headlight assembly to enable me to replace a bulb?

The front driver side window control button is broken. How is the cover removed to get to the button? After accessing it, how is the button replaced?

Thank you.

I have a 2003 buick Lesabre Limited with several bulbs that are out radio,scan,volume,temp only one working is cruise, all are on the sterring wheel. Can they be replaced?

How do I remove the headlight assembly to replace the bulb [s]. 2007 Buick Lucerne CXL

What the cost estimate to repair or replace Freeze Value located in back of Engine?

outside handle does not work went to replace the handle and the holes that mount the handle are worn out the replacement handle has compression nuts so they will not stay tight. I can pick up a door for $75 the door look like I will have to take the dash out to get it off. unless someone has another idea to keep the handle tight

My car jumps every time im slowing down..and when i hit the brakes it makes this ugly weird noise and its getting worse. My service engine light is blinking now rather than staying on. What all is wrong?

How is air ride pump fixed when it is running due to pump in rear going on and off?

I do not have the code

my front break pads were replaced last fall and in the last month when i would prss the breake the break pedal would go almost to the floor but if i let my foot off the break and pump it agin the would stiffin up and work great

what type of transmission fluid does this car take?

Roundtrip to State College approx 450 miles. Noise in area of passenger right rear tire. AWD Diable warning light just came on.

When I turn on my heat, hot air comes out on the driver's side, but all I get is cold air on the passenger side. Is this something I can fix myself?

how do you open the rear hatch when it is jammed?

i have a 99 buick lesabre. its leaking a clear semi-slimey/oily fluid from around the crank shaft area... does anyone know what could be causing this.. or what the fluid is that is leaking?

I have a Rendezvous with 95,000 miles on it. If I pay to have the head gasket replaced along with the 100,000 work done at the same time, 1.) will the engine last another 100,000 miles? 2.) Can I drive it once a year to Florida. Thank you, Patrick

My electric door locks & the electric fuel door quit working at the same time. I checked the fuses under the hood & under the driver side dash. They are all OK. Is there something in common for these two things? Any Ideas? Thanks.

the headlights horn and inteior lights just stopped working what are common fixes

when you start car it idles fast 3000 rpm. we had a fuel injector replaced 3 week s ago mechanic says it just has more power and that motor mounts need to be replaced.

hi this is derrick from lafayette louisiana. i can see that power steering fluid is leaking from a hose in my car just wondering if that means i need 2 change d high pressure power steering hose in order 2 fix d problem.

Yesterday while driving on the parkway at about 65mph it seemed like there was no resistance in steering wheel (very loose) When I arrived home 10 minutes later and was parking in my driveway I felt and heard a thump in the left front of the vehicle. What are the possibilities? and as far as the fuel guage which doesn't work right after they installed a new fuel line from the tank to the engine I try
to keep track of the mileage travelled. I am all for replacing the module but isn't that expensive. I have 105,000 miles on my Limited which I love and rides great

light on poor gas miles

I have been told to only use Dextron coolant
when I flush my old out is that true or is that away
of selling there coolant?

electrical fuse blow prematurely even when we do not use a charger,