The window goes down slowly and up even more slowly...takes forever, less than an inch at a time

gear indecator light does not work at all

I just had the intake manifold gasget replaced at a private repair shop--cheaper than the dealership---Now the Brake light, the ABS light, and the Traction Off lights are on andf we cannot get them to go off. What could have happened and how much should it cost to get them turned off?

I'm not having a problem but I have about 78,000 miles and I'm thinking of driving to florida in the spring. Also, gas mileage doesn't seem great. Thanks!!

I just want to drain the radiator without changing hose.

Brown Automotive diagnosed "oil in coolant with internal engine light" as internal engine damage (possible cracked head or block or head gasket but not the intake gasket). Their paper-work shows "34 engine cooling" and "32 engine mechanical". They recommend an engine replacement. Should I consider this an accurate assesment or get another opinion?

level suspention control on rear d/s lowel control arm

car will not start on occasion. have already replaced MAF sensor,cam+crankshaft sensors,fuel pump+filter. doesn't matter if car is cold or running all day. Sometimes you can drive it off and on for 1000 miles before it happens, or sometimes you can just run to the store a mile down the steet, shut it off, and then cranks but no start. Ive been to several mechanics+all seem to be puzzled sometimes will start in 20-30 minutes,sometimes2-3days.

Would my car have any warning signs or sounds if the engine had problems?

How do I access the lumbar support device, motor runs but it no longer goes up and down? that was easy pull out on the bottom rear panel and slide panel down.

we are tryiong to put new brake cylinder on the rear

car losses power up hill and sputters, stalls and has large iol puddle under car

Anybody ever had a problem with Transmission cooler lines leaking. I took my car for another problem dealer claims to have found that. Anyone know what the repair price on this is?

engine races high idle

My right washer has stopped working the left is fine. What do I have to take apart to to repair this problem.

The car is still at the dealer gaskets were installed 02/17/11

I need to locate the rear marker lights on this car.

I changed the flasher but the turn signals still do not work, the bright white lights in the front still work.

The belt came off,did not break. the pulley on water pump does not turn freely. When belt was put back on heard whistleing sound belt came off again water present on pulley

change rear turn signal bulb

installed new starter. was fine for a day then .in order to start i must turn the steering wheelfrom side to side to start

my buick is shifting hare when you put in to drive and it revers up to almost 5 then takes a min tho shift back to 2 and when i am in stop and go trafic is shifts hard

how to put on crank sensor and where is it located

I was quoted $300 dollars for Dexron VI at $11/ quart and filter at $50

I discovered a antifreeze leak on my cars engine a month or so ago. It amounts to a cup a day. I thought it was the water pump but have since decided it has to be something else. How tough is it to R&R the plentum gasket and old gasket set? Anything else I should be aware of?

My 2004 Buick Rendezvous recently started to make a grinding / banging noise when driving especially when turning the wheel to the left. It feels like its coming from the wheels or steering. Seemed like maybe a tire was lose but all lugnuts were tight. Any idea what is causing this would be extremely helpful.

email adress is larrykuzniar@comcast.net

installing strut assembly but it is extended to far to get it all the way up in there to install the bolts

How do I remove the headlight assembly to enable me to replace a bulb?

The front driver side window control button is broken. How is the cover removed to get to the button? After accessing it, how is the button replaced?

Thank you.