When my car gets warm, it starts squilling. So I put a new water pump on it. It still squill. Could you tell me what's wrong.
Could the water pump be greased.

150,000 miles. Recently replaced heater coil and starter. In the last 2 months have replaced fuel pump, radiator, battery and hoses. Towed because car would not start. Did a complete tune up with replacement of ignition coil. Again car would not turn over. Replaced ignition coil. Car ran for 3 days, now she won't turn over. What's the problem?
Previous to this car did shake while at a stop.

car runs fine, then shuts off. have to wait awhile then it restarts then it repeats this. Have taken it 3 diffrent places and every one says it checks

1992 park ave wont start. no sound at all. last time this happened, I could hear clicking.. i then disconectted and reconnected battery and car worked great for 4 months...this time that trick did not work. battery appears good, is this a relay problem?.

po453 code

passenger assist handle, driver side rear, above door, for a 1994 Buick 40 Park Avenue Ultra ~ where do I find one?

email: tarbet@austin.rr.com

When starting the car,the air pump lifts shocks to max. height. The car stays at max. as long as the runing and being driven. Is there a manuel available system?

Yesterday when I shut the car off the AC and heater motor kept running. Try to shut it off but nothing helped. I was told that if I take the fuse out it will quit running. Where is the fuse for it? I need the car and at this time don't have time to get it checked.

of the two adjustment screws, which one adjust the low beam height. at present my low beam is not far enough foward. About three car lenghts. Its hard for me to see ahead.

I had my 2002 buick lesabre tuned-up last Friday. Today, it took 2 times to start the car. When I filled up with gas, it wouldn't start the first time and then on the second time, it sounded like a back fire and then started, but idles very rough and at times there is a whistling noice from back of engine.

the esngine won't start even with starting fluid

Where is the fuel filter?

Replace thermostat, water pump. At 50,000 miles had service of manifold done at a cost of 1200 by Buick dealer

My brother (an auto mechanic in Florida) thinks the throttle clip on my Century is broken or malfunctioning. The car will drive for awhile but then when I engage the pedal the car will rev and sometimes go forward but then not other times. He really thinks it is not the transmission. I have 200,000 on the car.

power steering fluid leak at metal line connection by boot
of rack and pinion cylinder are these lines replaceable?

The manual says that the rubber inserts in the cupholders on the Buick Enclave are removable. I can't get them out. Does anyone know how to remove them? Thanks.

my 95 laSaber seems to idle high it goes down then back up it does that driving or not.

My brake light goes off and on but my brakes are good

after 4-5 minute of car running the return hose blows off the rack and pinion this is a supercharged 3.8 engine.

how do you remove a sun visor arm from the roof mount?

car shut off replaced fuel pump still wont start checked all fuses and still wont start after replacing the pump we we jumped the old pump and it did run what else could it be not letting the pump work

car shut off replaced fuel pump still wont start checked all fuses and still wont start after replacing the pump we we jumped the old pump and it did run what else could it be not letting the pump work

alternator will not charge,battery alternator checked,good what could it be pcm replaced

After getting my oil changed today, the shop told me that my steering gear needed complete removal and installation due to the rack & pinon leaking at a cost of $981. There were also two other estimates---one for the valve cover seaping (not too badly) at $259 and another for a right inner axle leak of $232. On the $981 repair, they said that the fluid level needed to be monitored until fixed (which sounded correct) or I could loose all steering which was the most serious of the three repairs. Does any or all three of the estimates sound about right or not? I'm not mechanically savy so your help and input would be much appreciated in my situation. My car has about 75,400 miles on it and I'm beginning to wonder if the time has come to get something else by now. I bought my Buick new and up to now it has been pretty much trouble-free, other than the usual repairs/maintenance issues, but then on the other hand I don't want to be throwing my hard-earned cash into a "money pit". Does it seem like its come to that point now or not yet? Thanks for your help.

what does low coolent light mean

Both my front and back left side windows stopped working, any ideas???

where is fuel pump on 1988 buickpark ave.

sluggish seems the best word to describe it

Need to drain radiator cooling fluid, where is the drain plug located under the engine or radiator?

First time car wouldnt start.It's narrowed to the fuel filter,fuel pump&/or injection.Is there a reset button? Fuse's can be a reset button.