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The power window switches do nothing except for the drivers side window. It will not go up or down, but when the drivers window button is depressed in the down position, there is a clicking noise. I purchased a ne...
The Engine low oil level light comes on every so often. The oil level on dip stick is good. What causes the light to come on? N0 failure code indicated on engine diagnostic.
1995 Buick LeSabre oil leak. To date I have replaced the following Gaskets. Valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, intake manafold gasket. new oil filter. And still the oil leaks. It seems to be dripping on the passenge...
My AC fan will not work until the car (and AC) is on for a few minutes. Is the fan going bad?
cost to rebuild automatic transmission and torque converter
The air conditioner blows hot air out of the two vents on the driver's side and cool air out of the center vent.
when i turn my lights on, my battery light comes back on. i just put in a new alternator (mine failed when tested) and a new battery (because it wouldn't run unless jumped, but would then die when i turned the lights ...
we just bought the buick and i cant find a book how do I change engine oil ?
ok i have a 1990 buick lesabre and about 3 weeks ago, it started it started idling kinda weird, it only happens when im in Park, when i put it in gear to drive it drives beautifully. Also if im at a stop sight or red...
The dealer did a full electrical check, replaced a relay, and a blown left front headlight 7 months ago. Now it is out again. Normal repair per this site $52 - $72. My cost $343. Can I replace it myself?
My '94 Park Avenue is a little low in the back... Can I just air up the shocks, are they supposed to air they supposed to pressurize automatically or will they have to be replaced?
The air shocks were replaced by Firestone but the ride is still very rough. It rides low in the rear and feals more like a truck then a Park Ave Ultra. I know there are conversion kits to replace the air but I would ...
How much to change brake pads on 2004 Buick LeSabre?
My blower motor is not working. I took it out and tested it and it worked. It's getting power to it but not turning on. What could be the cause of this
Turn signal is blinking to fast.
like a month a go my car remain the ABS light on,what should be the cause and how to fix it
AC wont keep a charge. Have been told its the compressor.
Hello -- my skylark started overheating in stop & go traffic but was fine on the interstate and I noticed that I could hear the fan shutting off. I had the fan replaced but now it overheats immediatley (within 2 - 3 m...
window won't open or close
Just bought this car 3 weeks ago its in great shape, has a 115,000 miles on it, yesterday while on the highway while i was trying to pass someone i noticed i didnt have any pick up to do i looked down saw my oil press...
oil leak looks to be coming from what looks like an oversized shock of some kind black and shiny other parts of underside not clean like this part
the track light and service engine light comes on and off frequently do you know why?
What is the average life of an engine thermostat in a 1990 Buick Century with a 3.3 liter engine.
rough idle-- so I changed the plugs & wires & coil. Didn't solve the problem. What's next????
What is the average engine thermostat life for a 1990 Buick Century with a 3.3 liter engine.
my mechanic says i need a motor. what is the cost of a mew motor and how many labor hours?
My 1993 Buick,has starting problems..It will start great for several days,and then it won't start. Sometimes when i sit and hold the key it will start,or when i undo the battery cables and hook them back up,it will st...
my buick park avenue gets water in it when driving through puddles the carpet gets soaked on the rear passenger side on the floor
Where is the air suspension compressor located?
Do I need to support the engine when I remove the lower motor mount bolt and spacer to replace the timing belt?