My odometer light is out for days at a time, then it will just come on for a few days then go back out.

All of a sudden this afternoon she will not start I've got all my power but she will not start

My transmission slips after acceleration from a stoplight or stop sign. It does it quite often. It feels like it falls into neutral and can't catch back into drive. Lately, it feels like it won't go. I have a hard time accelerating when getting on the freeway. It sputters and just won't go.

need an estimate of labor cost plus replacement of the transfer case, dealership cost

My right rear brake cylinder is leaking. How do I repair it?

car has started making grinding noises and slight smell of steam but no actual water that i can see

I have replaced the battery but if i dont drive it for a few days it goes dead again. And when i drive it down the road the car dies out an i lose all power. But after i pull over it starts back....

12 bulbs were replaced in the instrument cluster, but I have a hard time reading speed etc unless the sun is shining on it. Just too dark. Bought it used so don't know if this is a common problem or not.

When I make turns

i cant get rear caliper piston to push in. it actually moved out more. is there a trick? the front pads were no problem

Ehow just says remove caliper to pull off rotor. Do I have to remove caliper mounting bracket also?

Where could I get my car serviced with reliable work, I live in Petersburg, VA/ also a reasonable pruce

In changing the sensor could I be refreshed on the steps that are need to be taken?

rear hatch will not unlock. is there a manual way to open it?

It runs good don't use oil but the service engine light comes on at times it start to trying to die don't want to go at all, like the tansmission shifts to lower gear. Once it quit and would not start, the garage said it was the fuel pump and it was relaced but it is doing the same thing again. what could it be? I can put it in netural and restart it and the light goes off and it goes on.

A couple of months ago my check engine light came on and my indicator warning periodically will flash check gas cap. I read the post about the loose gas caps so I bought a new one, but the light never went off and the indicator warning still flashes sometimes. I took the van to auto zone and had them run the codes and it came back with P0449 and P0455. Can you tell me what I should do?

Transmission knocked and shifted hard one (1) time. On two other occasions it slipped and did not move when the gas pedal was depressed. This was confirmed by electronics.
How much should it cost to replace the pressure control solenoid?

low fuel light has come on and after refueling light has continued to stay on even after adjusting the gas cap. Now after 4-5 days, the check engine light has come on and remains on at all times. Is this a bad gas cap or a computer problem?

worked ok then just quit

was changing a cig lighter fuse,didnt have one went to start car the abs,brake, traction control lights stayed on and tire oressure was not working

I recentley wrecked my buick regal. I flipped it upside down and it was driveable but now it will turn on but will not go anywhere. I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with it. Possibly transmission problems. I have no use for the car because the repairs will cost more then I'd like to spend. I was going to scrap the car out. I had a few people tell me that I might beable to get something for just the engine since its a supercharged engine. I'm just not sure how I would approach the situation on selling it.

the rear end of my buick, will not lift. what will cause this and does it have anything to do with the awd?

i changed my fuse for the tail lights and they keep blowing out and my dome light keeps staying on

My digital dash goes off and on someone suggested central control module?

gas gauge goes wacky when it gets down about a quarter of a tank. It operates ok as far as I can tell if the level is kept above that. Whats the problem?

i have a 94 park avenue my brakes are locked up how do i unlock them cheaply

Will my Regal still run when it needs fuel injectors replaced?

Does this estimate include the cost range for the 3.6 as opoosed to the 3.4 engine?

i have a 1995 roadmaster with three oil leak,smoking out the tail pipe,slow take off gas line need to be check run hot at time i am a mother with little mean too fix this car it was good when i frist had it then the trouble started

it just happened