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cruise control switch , light will come on but won't engage, light will not stay on
How long does it take to replace a ball joint?
When I use my a/c, it will work out of the vents controlled by the passenger unit but will not emit cold air from driver vents. I'm wondering whether or not the vent flaps are operating properly? Please let me have so...
electric window does not operate
For the past couple days the ABS light and the traction control light comes on and stays on along with the message service stability system. I have also heard a noise that sounds like a card in the wheel of a bicycle ...
The split AC (passenger & driver) will only cool the passenger side. The drivers side gets some air, but not cold like the passenger. Is there just a damper stuck that I can free? If so where would it be?
There is a "revving noice" when you accellerate. It is NOT the idle. One guy said power steering pump and another said alternator. He sprayed a bushing or something with WD40 and it wasn't as loud so we think alter...
Cold air blows out the passangers side and hot air blows out the drivers side. Can anyone help me with this?
I have 60,0000 miles on my car and from time to time I notice when the transmission is up shifting that it goes harsh into gear. this doesnt happen all the time. it has been on and off for almost a year. The trans fl...
The air conditioner will blow out cold air on the passanger side and not the drivers side. Hot air blows out of drivers side. Can you help me fix this?
I'm looking for a picture and instructions to remove a buick transaxle
I know the lamps are good, fuses are good, no "relays". I believe it's the HDM beam module. I cannot find the part anywhere. Is there another name for it?
I turned my car on and found out the serpentine belt is off and the tensioner pully barrings are wemt out.
How would I remove the back panel to replace the rear speakers?
Have a 99 Buick Riviera, 3.8L Supercharged, 8 Years on original battery, 2 on 2nd. 3rd six Months. Battery dead after sitting 2-3 days. Mechanics checked parasitic draw, within spec. Checked all fuses, alternator, bat...
I recently bought the car, 1993 Buick Century Special 3.3 L Overdrive Automatic Transmission. When the car is in drive (overdrive) you have to baby the gas to get the transmission to shift. Back it off when it winds...
seems both these problems happened at same time
How to replace heater core on my 2003 Buick century, I keep adding antifreeze, I turn the defroster on full blast and the winshield did not get foggy, I wonder if that is the heater core problem or and other leak some...
when i furst start in the morning it runs rough for about 30 seconds
electronic digital readout for temperature control. ... is blank air condition still blows only throught the defrost
a/c fan stays on after the car is turned off. air comes through the windshield vents and the vents on the floor even when there are no keys in the ignition.
how do change the dash lights on the instument panel?
i wanted to see if anyone knew why the car ac unit display does a 30 second countdown, and sometimes makes the car cuts off(or runs rough, -wierd situation-....is it something to do with the security system??
I have changed starter,catalytic converter,fuel filter,oxygen sensor and now the car acts likes its out of gas but its not. It starts and than chokes out when i step on the gas! Help!
my car jerk when the gears are shifting?? can i put oil or do i have to get oil change
I would like detailed instructions on how to replace front brake pads.
there is a metal cover over the plugs and wires how do i get this off so i can change the plugs,i dont want to ruin anything??
how do you get the plugs out,is there a special tool
when it rains my car dosent want to stay running it spits and sputters and fuel smell is strong. if you let it ideal for about an hour it will run fine