what can cause my speedometer and gas guages to not work

It either runs backwards first or stops when parked at the top of the windshield

One of the three coils are bad! How do I determine one it is.?

does anyone know where the check engine light is on a 96 buick park avenue supercharged ultra?And how to replace the bulb,seems its burned out and I can't see where it would be.automatically fails emissions if that light won;t come on....

Since I had the front bumper replaced the wipers speeds are not correct. When you go from low to lower the speed increases instead of decrease and there is no longer any wiper delay - is this just co-incidence or is the wiring near the bumper?

The led display for heater/ac outside temp, fan speed, etc no longer lites up. what is the problem? for a while it came on after 10-20 minutes of driving, now it never comes on, thanks

it had been making a loud niose since i bought it but just recentlyt has it cut off and locked up

just wondered if I should change spark plug wires as well as the spark plugs?

the problem occur too times sunday 04-17-2011

My buick rondevu sunroof only opens 2 inches and stops. It opens fine in the vent position. What could be wrong?

When car is in motion, it sounds like an airplane. The faster you go the louder the sound. When the wheel is turned to the right, the noise slightly changes. Could this be tires, engine or wheel bearing?

what does a speed sencer look like & where is it located

My 2005 Buick LaSabre blower motor slowed down and would sometimes make weird noise, this continued for a couple months. suddenly it stops working and now I have no heat. I suspect that the blower has gone bad, if so how do I replace it?

Is there a fuse for the dash lights. If so, where is it.

why would my window and my radio stop working in my 1998 buick rega

None of my gauges work, including the speedometer. I was told the whole main computer would need to be replaced. Is this true and if so, about how much can I expect to pay?

i changed air filter and egr valve

why doesn't my speedometer work

where do i find & how do i change it

where is speedometer cable located

I Have a 1993 Buick Regal, and I was just wanting to know how anybody would boost the Acceleration an a 3800 TPI???
I have already put in a new Air Filter,got Colder Plugs, working on Throttle body, and I have a Tornado put in it already... any answers and opinions would be greatly appreciated...


the engine wont shut off with the key it stays running

what does starting disabled mean

i was repairing power windows and fuse blew and stopped the car from strating and everything else from working. looked for window fuse under colum and it didn't have one for it and all other fues under there o.k. looked under hood and found no fues panel box.....,what the heck did i do to stop everything from working and the car not starting. have brand new generator and battery only a week old.....

Ok my 92 park ave doesn't have the lower break lights I don't know why I've changed the break. Controler behind the duct on the firewall both switches above the pedal any other suggestions are welcome.

We can only unlock the rear hatch with the key fob, have I done something to cause this? We normally had been able to open it when you hit the unlock on the fob. Thank you

car want start had starter checked out, battery is ok seems like not getting fire from battery will crank through starter but wont stay running help

Occurs on almost all small bumps

how do I replace the cylinder and what tool do I need

there is a loud tapping noise under plastic intake manifold. engine idles fine. what could this mean? and is it a cheap and fairly easy fix?