this is the first time the power window will not go all other windows go up & DOWN

How do I change a fuel pump in a 1993 Roadmaster? I have to believe it is in the fuel tank. Thanks in advance

worked sometimes in past,but since weather started getting hot it doesn't work at all.

my car is cutting off I have replaced the fuel filter fuel pump mass air flow sensor and all the coils it seems to do it when the temp is hot outside once it starts cutting off it does back to back what could it be?

Installed new baterey, now airbag light stays on. How do I resetsame?

how much does shocks and struts cost for a 1996 buick park ave parts only for front end


at what time does my struts need to be replaced? on average it is of course 8 yrs. old.

Must keep it on lo setting, seems to keep working. I can sometimes turn the car off and then on and then they will work again. Putting it on pulse they stop and stay in that position.

engine missing believe fuel pump is acting up

"Check engine soon" light comes on. Engine stalls while driving offroad or on highway often. Engine sometimes will not start right away.

Car was running but sat for a couple of months.Now the engine turns over but won't start. It has gas but suspect no spark getting to the ignition. Possible problem?

have according to a mechanic and a parts store according to their small hand held computer i have a multi mis fire i did what they suggestewd new wires plugs also switched the coil packs but no change it happens spoiradically , engine acts if it stops and jerks and starts running smoovely

how can i fix a leaky brake line myself

Car stalls in drive,will not go in to park.Will not start

My auto transmission with go pretty well if I start out really slowly but If I start off normally it will shift hard from 1st to 2nd that the just rev like I'm nutral and not shift to 3rd. Any suggestions?

When this light comes on after ti has been found to not be a problem and the gas cap is ok what is the next step. Will I have to pay continually to have it switched off or can I just ignore it.

Lights do not work, now will not go over 45 mph??

I have a 2006 buick lacrosse with a 3.8 engine.
I tried to change the air filter. But I dont want to force the plastic filter holder open.
I unclipped the top 2 clips, but the 'box' dont open enough to change the filter. Whats the trick?
Thank You

My head lights will not come on,but the bright lights will.

what can cause my speedometer and gas guages to not work

It either runs backwards first or stops when parked at the top of the windshield

One of the three coils are bad! How do I determine one it is.?

does anyone know where the check engine light is on a 96 buick park avenue supercharged ultra?And how to replace the bulb,seems its burned out and I can't see where it would be.automatically fails emissions if that light won;t come on....

Since I had the front bumper replaced the wipers speeds are not correct. When you go from low to lower the speed increases instead of decrease and there is no longer any wiper delay - is this just co-incidence or is the wiring near the bumper?

The led display for heater/ac outside temp, fan speed, etc no longer lites up. what is the problem? for a while it came on after 10-20 minutes of driving, now it never comes on, thanks

it had been making a loud niose since i bought it but just recentlyt has it cut off and locked up

just wondered if I should change spark plug wires as well as the spark plugs?

the problem occur too times sunday 04-17-2011

My buick rondevu sunroof only opens 2 inches and stops. It opens fine in the vent position. What could be wrong?