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i have a 1999 buick park avenue ultra v6 supercharger and ran out of gas. refilled with gas, got car started but it wont stay cranked for a long time and then shuts off and wont start anymore until hours later. the fe...
just when backing out of the garage. ok after that.
I'm looking for information on how to replace the windshield washer pump
how much would it cost to replace all the tube brake lines
My air quit working, evidently a leake in the compressor. The air only blows out the defroster, from what I have read it seems like if I replaced the compressor it may fix this as well. My service man who does not ha...
2000 Buick Park Avenue, 3.8 liter, NOT supercharged. I pulled into my driveway, changed the oil and filter and added 4 quarts of oil. And just like that, the car wohn't start. I pulled the starter and it checked ou...
my buick keep cutting off what could be the problem i have changed everything i could think of plus tune up catalyc cov,
My ac doesn't get as cold as it should, and rear vents rarely work. I have been told that it may be the filter. Is that possible? Where is the filter located?
i was driving my buick and white smoke started pouring out of the engine coming into the inside of the car and then i hear slight banging,....any ideas??
Purchased vehicle "As Is" 2 weeks ago, 1st 10 days beautiful. Then interior lights stayed on while driving. Then became erratic, sometimes staying on, sometimes shutting off after 10 mun. Now after dark the lights com...
Its my heater/Air conditioner. It just quit working 2 years ago, about 1 month after I bought it, I took it to a shop twice and they could not figure it out, they gave me a diagram and said the power is getting to th...
how to install push rods back the way the manufacturer placed them in the motor
Replace right front outer tie rod end
My trunk keeps popping open on its own for about two days now. Neighbors and people keep calling me while i'm at work telling me that my trunk was opened and that they had to close it. It stays shut for a few hours an...
Engine will not start without applying the gas peddle.
what will it cost for this repair
my car wont start = have tried all the starter tapping and such - can the anti theft system keep it from starting? Is there a reset button somewhere in the car?
When driving my car it sounds like a saw mill or sewing machine. It is really bad when I turn the stiring wheel really hard to the left or right. What could this be? Other than that it drives good.
how to change water pump on 97 buick park avenue
Purchased 2 weeks ago(AS IS) 123000mi. 10 days beautiful, then 5 days ago the interior lights started staying on while driving, & even when I parked the car. SoMETIMES shut off. GM mechanic had it for 3 days, thought ...
Installation of a rebuilt radiator.
suddenlly my abs and awd lights are on what could be wrong with the car
I was informed that I needed a new plenum and plenum gasket. Is that something I can change myself?
What should it cost to repair axle seal leak?
The cooling fan does not come on when the car is cranked.
where is the crankshaft sensor located on the engine and what parts need to be removed to get to it?
I have replaced the radiator, the starter and the car will just quit running at different intervals after I apply brakes to make a turn it seems. And, sometimes when I start up, the anti-lock brake light and the trac...
I added one small can of R134a to the ac and it does not cool yet. How much does it hold. The can empted into the low side in about 20 seconds. this seemed a little too fast