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Window mtr. is working ok. However the frt.area hangs down causing the rear part of the glass to tilt the glass, If I pull up on the front while the mtr. pushes on the rear of the glass I can get it to close.
Thanks for whatever help you can give me.

I'm trying to remove the front stuts on my 02 LeSabre. The top bolts appear to screw into a nut that is is round and flat. I have no way to hold the nut firmly as I turn the bolt and the whole assembly turns. Is there a special tool for gripping this nut and if so, how would I get it.

I have a 3800 v6 we have done a compression test all cylinders are at 150 psi. cooling system pressure check holds 18lb. no oil in coolent or coolent in oil. engine runs smooth, and starts easy. Runs well and not overheating running at normal temp. cooling fans working. How ever the exhaust manifolds get very hot. much hotter then the engine and when you hold the gas to about 2000rpm they turn cherry red. starts close to the heads and moves down the exhaust. Any one ever have this problem?

no air I checked the fuses they are fine but getting no electricty to the clutch

high beam only, replaced bulb, not the problem. low beam lights will not come on. been checked, not in headlight what could problem be?

How do you turn the check engine light off?

i hit a huge pot hole and know leak antifreeze from water pump and if i have to replace that my timing chain isn't giving me issues but its overdue car has 129000 miles on it no other problems

I want to thank all for the help on blower--lots of good help--went well AFTER I removed blower motor. Got screws out (even the hard one) with 7/32 ignition open end wrench.
03 Buick Century

/Thanks to all
Allen Bridgman

just replaced a cranck shaft and need to know the specs for the cranck and rod bearing bolts.

I have a loud tapping noise in the engine several people told me it was the haarmonic balancer. I replaced it but engine still makes tapping noise also my speed has been hesitant since the tapping started. I also need a MAP sensor could that be related to either issue.

a/c fan stays running after car is turned off

do you have to remove the blower fan to get to the resister that controls fan speeds?

I turned on the a/c for the first time this season and I could only get cold air to come out the passenger side vents. On the drivers side, it's blowing hot! What do I do with that?

fan does not work on low. works on 3s 2/3/4/

i want to know the cost for installing a starter in a 1999 buick riviera

Removed all fasteners and storage console from seat... 3 bottom bolt/screws do not have anywhere to attach to through metal on lower seat center mount. This mount has much larger opening than necessary. Is there supposed to be a clip or nuts. Cannot find any inside or underneath. Thank you!

my car bucks when excelerating

How you turn off the air suspention so that it can be lifted for oil change, etc..

How do you change spark plugs on fire wall side of 3800
engine Buick leSabre 2005

the cover is taken off but now there is a black case surrounding the blower. There are some screws that were removed but still unable to get to the blower.

how long will it take to replace pressure and return hoses on the power steering.

I have constant hot air coming into cabin even when ac or heater is off.also hot air on driver side only, when ac is on,passenger side gets cold.any tips on problem

What is the + or - on the shift lever used for?

at times, not always, engine hesitates slightly until you back off on footfeed. car bought at 68,000, now has 103K, don't know if prev. owner had ever changed.

the car will run rough when it is idling and stall, also when I am driving it it shifts hard, any ideas

it just happen two weeks ago it all just went out.

I changed the coils,control modgul,wires,plugs.the car still pops when i take off,when take off slowly its ok but when accellerating it gets louder?.

My 2007 Lucerne bhas 75,000 miles and I have never had a tune up. When should I have one done?

white smoke coming out oil stick hole .oil and water fine no oil in the water

Does not charge.