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I just inherited this 2005 Lacrosse with 12,760 miles on it. Today, I find that with the Auto temp control set at any temperature, ambient temp air blows out the driver side of the car, and cool air out the passenger ...
my buick starts and idols high and than the engine shuts off what to do
after i replaced the rear struts the car rides like a buckboard - really hard
how do you replace a window regulator in a 2003 buick lesabre. right rear passenger window
I broke the hood release in the inside of the car and i want to know if there is a secondary release or another way to open it from the outside.
My car does not have heat on the passenger side. This isn't happening with the air conditioning just the heat.
I will be riding down the street and the car will jerk like it wants to go faster. it jerk when i stoped at a red light. was wondering what the problem was
cant get the drum off wear is the access hole in the backing plate so i can adjust the brakes enough to get them off?
need to know exactly wear the brake adjuster is so i can adjust the brakes enough to get the drumm off
My AC is not working. Am I correct in assuming that the clutch should be spinning with the pulley when the air is on?
my aircondition wont blow max it blows the same for max and norm. while driving down the street i hit a litte hole and that made it jump and start to blow max forjust alittle while then it started back blowing low whi...
my 1st time, please bear with me. 3800 eng. misses on #6 in dry weather(in phx., almost always), runs great when raining. have had car for 2 yr's., & this is consistent. traced miss to loss of ground-signal to inj. fr...
car was getting hot we took it to a local shop we had been doing business with for 17 years they said it was the the water pump 300.00 to replace parts and labor. then they said after looking thoroughlyit was the harm...
air conditioner only cooling on passenger side
whats the latest time i can take my car to get windows tinted in phx,az?
Passenger side air vent's through out cold air but driver side is not as cold?
trying to locate the blinker flasher where is it located
I need to know how many injectors are in this car???
My buick is having a misfire problem in cylender 4. I have changed the spark plugs and wires twice but the codes P0304, P0304 pd, and P0404 are now coming up and my check engine light came back on. Do anyone know how ...
How do I replace a cam sensor on a 1992 3.8 liter v6 Buick Park Avenue?....
I have been told that there are error codes in history of 13, 17 and 23.I hear that 13 is Oxygen sensor, 17 cam shaft sensor error, and 23 air temp too cold...What do I do now?
Both my headlight lenses are cloudy. My research so far shows the entire headlight assy has to be replaced. What would this cost approximately?
If the computer code comes up with code 2761 on my car what can I expect the cost to be in repair. My car only has 45,000 miles on it. Thanks for the info.
My 1992 Buick Park Ave base model, starts right up, runs until warm, then stalls. Let it cool to the touch and it will start right back up. After it stalls it will crank over, but no spark. Could this be the ignition ...
My son was driving and said he heard a big pop when he hit a pot hole.Now the car wont go in any gear is it the transmission or the half shaft that is broken?
ABS light has been ON for past 4 years but braking has been normal until a few weeks ago. Front pads were replaced about a week ago with right side showing extreme wear, left side about half thickness remaining. ...
abs bearing assy. was replaced 5 times by Meineke, (a couple of mechanics I really trust and think are good) they used rebuilt assy's the first 4 times and a new assy last time. they all last about two weeks, then lig...
how much to replace the steering rack
I've done plenty of waterpumps on old cars but only a couple on newer models.