No ac at all just hot air blowing out

I'm experiencing slightly warmer air coming from the drivers side air vents, while the passenger air vents have colder air. What are my options in order to diagnose the problem. One repair facility quoted me $1500 - to remove the entire dash and then they want ti replace the condenser as well. Are there not computer diagnostics available in this vehicle that would better indicate the real problem? Any information one can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

What is the costs for parts and labor to replace the HVAC controller? When I put on the ac the right vents have cold air coming out but the left vents send out hot air. Thank you

gauge says change oil soon. just changed the oil

I smell smoke from the right-side vent when the a/c & blower is on.

Since just about all 3.8 engines are included with this problem, what would be a safe way to purchase a clean low mileage 03 lesabre and not be saddled with the expense of the repair.

The odometer went out on june 6, 2011, and has not been working since, so i don't know how many miles i have gone.

The knob that turns on/off my headlights/parking lights has broken off the switch shaft. Since this is a 1997 Skylark, an exact replacement knob is unavailable in most, if not all, stores. How can I find a substitute knob?

the car bangs into every gear when driving its only after u run it for a while and when u turn it off and cut it back on it stops..help please

my car accelerates on its own once warmed up. I have to ride the brakes continously. Anyone else with this problem?

my car is smoking in two places on the right side of the car, first i notice toward the back of the engine in the second place is sort of in the same location just in the middle right side what do u think it is the intake mainford cover or what?

I have recently experienced a problem removing the key from my ignition after turning off the engine. The problem started happening every once in a while and now happens quite frequently. The ignition will not turn off completely...only half way. After several tries at starting and turning off the engine, the ignition will eventually turn completely allowing the key to be removed. Any ideas?

I need to replace the relay switch for my air conditioner and I dont rememeber which one it was?

before taking apart the rear brake system i would like to know what type it is disc or shoes?

Just put a new thermostat and its still over heating???

Sometimes my anti-lock brake light comes on, as well as the AWD light

test fans with snap-on scanner, both work when commanded to come on high and low speeds.

ok i got the order and thank you for that but can you show how the wire run because my son took them all off so dont know if there in the right spot on the dis,

How do i get a diagram of the spark plug wire firing diagram.

speedometer dosn't work,i've already changed the speed sencer--what's next--95 buick lesaber

while driving my buick shakes between 55 and 75 mile per hour? can it be becaue i have bald tires??

I have a 2001 buick lesabre 82,000 miles. The air on the driver side is warm and the air on the passenger side is cold.

my brake lights wont shut off

Via Auto Zone, canister purge valve or gas cap causing problem. Where is the purge valve on 1999 lasabre??

When I got the car it never sounded like this.I keep up on the changing of fluids and etc.No lights come on indicating any problems.Repair shop didnt know either.I had a freind tell me it was a stabilizer that somehow might have turned on during the winter months of driving in the snow??I have no clue.DO u?

readout shows no oil pressure at cold start,drive about 3 miles & it starts reading up & down.then it reads 130#&is ok until you stop & engine cools down.

My a/c compressor wont run cooling fan doesnt kick on and it blows warm air

My check engine lights came on,I saw that the battery state read ??????,what does that mean?

ac doesn't work. how about the compressor if it's bad? what about an oxygen sensor, and a catalytic converter?

coil pack and ignition module are good still no spark