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The problems is I took my car to Suss Buick because they said the keylock worked but it needed to be reprogram to my car. They said after an hour that there was a problem and it would cost me more to find out what the was is. My problem is that when I put the car in drive all the doors unlock and they stay that way I have to manually lock them when I get out of the car.

have had my riv for almost 6 months now has over 200,000 thousand miles on and car has been driving funny lately recently replaced fuel filter and valve cover gasket fuel relay fuel pump and thermistat but car starts jerk at 55 not wanting to accelerate until let off gas and press again and then will accelerate not sure what is going on

my fuel pump started humming while driving and car did not want to accelerate here and then and then fuel pump died put a used one in and would not turn on and no fuel pressure and then got another used one and it dont turn on either. would it just be bad luck of buying two bad fuel pumps or not getting electric fuel relay and fuel fuse are brand new

After traveling at some stops it jumps and jerks like tires not catching but car actually jumps in front end then runs fine. Maybe 10 stops later it might happen ..hit or miss. First time happened thought rear wheel spinning and catching on bad pavement..but no seems serious or trans said had to have it happen with intermittent it did not happen with them.

it has had a tune up and i tried gry gas, and it has oil.

I have to lock my car manually because the system is shot and the car unlocks when I put the car into gear.

Has a brand new battery and altinator. It still wont crank. When I try to crank it, it turns over and trys to start but wont. The lights on the dash light up and stay on a little but car wont crank. It sounds like its blowing air a little when trying to crank it. It also has a light smell to it. After I put the altinator on it drove about 1miles. I turned it off and truned it back on and now it wont crank back up. It has 123000 miles on it and no other issues. Someone told me it can be the "brain" of the car gone bad? What could it be.

Replaced the altinator and new batter. The lights on the dash all light and stay on for a few seconds when I try to crank it. It sounds like its blowing air a little from under the hood when I try to crank it. It also has a lite smell to it when I try to crank it. It has 123000 miles. Haven't had any major issues with the car. Someone told me it sounds like the "brain" is bad said the part is 138 new from advance auto.

2006 Buick lacross...can change thru trunk...

it has had a tune up and i put dry gas.

already replaced power steering pump still having a problem
turning the steering wheel at slow idle or when parking

i dont know how to change the wheel studs

reading is a misfire on cylinder one i have had the spark plugs changed the boots changed and the ignition coils changed and the starter replaced. what else would and it is still loosing power and cutting off.

intake gasket removal and reinstallation

owner says it doesn't put out any heat.

pulled door panel, speaker good with test, no breakage in pass through harness..where should I check next.
car only has 83,000 auctual miles and mint condition otherwise.

slow or when parking the car. already replace power steering pump.

The gas cap indicator came on frequently. Then the check engine light came on. There was an emission issue code, so I cleared the error and replaced the gas cap. It happened again the next day. Gas cap indicator until eventually the check engine light came on again. What's the issue. I've been told it is a simple system and it's probably a loose hose. What's my next step? I really don't have the money to take it into a shop.

we have tried turning the steering wheel both ways; pressing the brake; DW40 around the ignition area; jiggling the key, but to no avail.

No check engine light, had codes pulled anyway - no codes, replaced spark plugs and wires, replaced wire at LF wheel speed sensor, replaced PCV valve, replaced throttle position sensor, replaced fuel filter, replaced air filter, cleaned injectors, cleaned idle air control valve, cleaned mass air flow sensor, cleaned EGR, then replaced mass air flow sensor. WHAT IS LEFT TO DO?

the rear doors will not lock with the switch on the drivers sound can be heard when using the switch on the rear door.

Relay maybe? Where is it located?

Window will go down but not up unless pushed by hand. Will also go down by hand pressure on glass.

Replaced the head set, one of the intake valves, and the push rod which were broken and the engine is still very noisy. When we checked the oil filter there was no oil in it. So than we checked the oil pump and it was fine too. What would cause the oil to not be circulated in the motor if the oil pump was fine?

How hard is it to replace?

I have replaced the crank sensor and the ignition control module. at one point thought fuel first. new fuel pump installed. It would run then shut off, now it just wont start at all. Ready to blow it up!!!! LMAO. HELP!!!!! What am i leaving out

This is a radom problem and have had it to the dealership multiple times and they cannot find anything wrong. The dash lights just go out with no reason - I had to drive home with no dash lights last night. It does not seems to affect any of the other electrical components or affect any other lights.

Was my repair estimate reasonable? to replace intake manifold and three gaskets?

The dealer recommended this be done just after having an alignment. Does this sound fishy?

I have not looked at the windows yet, but need to know how tough it will be to get to them and repair any problems with electric windows I might come across.