This problem started yesterday and it stalled on me 3 times in half an hour. When it stalls the windows won't work at all and once it sits for a few minutes it will start and run just for a few minutes and the windows work then but once you try the windows it seems to stall back out faster. We replaced the ignition switch and had the ignition control module tested and it tested fine 10 times. We've had the car one month it just did this all of a sudden . The previous owner had a new fuel pump put on but it didn't solve the problem either. Anything you can tell us will be much appreciated . Thank you

i looked up the labor for both and wasnt sure why it took longer for an air filter than a fuel filter

when water is added to my reservoir and/or coolant is added it just leaks out and i believe it is leaking from the seal on the water pump

master celender to brake cylinder in back

How do i release the parking break. Its stuk on the floor. It wont come back up! i need this car to work! please help. its stuck and i dont know how to do a manual release.

when the strut goes up and down it hits the top frame of car

I recently purchased a used car, and while doing my own inspection, I noticed that there was an oil like substance in my coolant reservoir. In doing some research I noticed some people talking about mixing the wrong types of antifreeze can turn the color brown. My question for you is what exactly is this in my coolant reservoir, and how do I fix it?

anit lock light comes on at random also hearing like a rubbing sound when sometimes turning the wheel, odometer light out

When driving up long inclines, and not in passing gear, it feels like the car suddenly skips or loses power and I can see the RPM meter drop, but if I back off on the gas and go slower and gradually pick up speed again, it's fine for a while - until it happens again. This is not the normal slow down to be expected as the car climbs a hill. Instead it's a sudden drop or "skipping". The rest of the time the car is fine, including when excellerating on level or only slight-inclinded roads.

try everything new battery, starter

no problem before.. On vacation and ready to drive home and radio/ gps system working one minute and then it completely shut down?

My 1991 Buick Park Avenue cuts of after driving a few miles
What could be the cause

Can I get it back the same day, if I drop it of in the morning ?

Apparently my ac drain is leaking into my passenger side rear floor board. Really a lot of water. Any ideas?

I need to replace my bad clutch !

when i have it on heat the blower motor blows hard but when i go to a/c it hardly blows anything even with the hard turned all the way up

HOw can i get to the air line and top of the rear air bags to remove


How do I remove and replace the water pump?

I am not able to turn the key & start the car. It's parked on an incline w/ the wheel turned.

repacing cabin filter first filter got stuck past place to slide in second filter .tried and tried to bring it down would not come down.so put in second filter and third which slid together is this ok to leave until time to change again in 15000 miles?

i need to locate the purge solienod on my car can not locate it and can not get a corret answer

no lic. plate or back up lights. have already replaced fuse and bulbs. could this be the ground wire and if so . where is it located

engine stalls while driving/sometimes will not start

how much to replace a fuel filter

My car jerks when the automatic gears change and the check engine light is not on, and I had the transmission fluid and filter changed. Please reply.

my car jerks upon changing gears .I had a mechanic changed the transmission fluid and filter a couples of days ago.

When my car changes gears automatically, it makes a slight thump noise until all of the gears are changed.

woke up this am and my speedometer is not working right just barely pushing gas it's on 30 and pushing a little when it's probably at 60 it's at 100.

Can u put a 05 buick centry motor in a 2000 modle buick centry