My car makes a noise when I turn right

I have changed spark plugs and wires, replace fuel filter

key will not go back to stop engine

separation seems to be working its way to the passenger side. Web research seems to be a widespread issue with no resolution. (I read a couple of places to pry up the vent covering and then glue and screw it back down.

Wondering if anyone has a creative solution that worked.


Recently we have been trying to diagnose why it sometimes starts right up but other times will get not even a click when turning the ignition. We had AAA come out and they said it was a bad battery and they replaced it with a new one. Thinking we had the problem solved, it did it again last night but after several attempts at turning the ignition, it finally started and I tried again this morning and it started right up. I am just trying to narrow down the problem so, we are not spending all kinds of money on various parts or at the mechanics. I am thinking maybe it's the ignition switch or the starter solenoid.,,,,not sure Thanks in advance.

Seems like parking brake prevents caliper piston from retracting.

What is the minimum recommended rear, disc-brake pad thickness?

My car will not kick over but it is making a clicking sound. So I think it may be the starter. What do you think?

I just replaced the battory, and a new Ground wire the system reset but has returnd. Can I bypass the system ? or do I have to change the control system?

part fell out causing brakes to fail what part could be missing?

would like to see a diagram on brake system for rear

also, my abs and traction off lights are on. most of the time the brakes seem to operate normally, but the lights remain on. Pads are new, and the rotors look good.

checked the freon.

We were quoted $1400. Is that a fair price ?

I love my 2006 Ranier but I am tired of Buick gas gauges not working. I bought a fuel sensor on ebay but am not sure how to install. Does the gas tank have to be removed to install. How much should a repair shop charge to fix it.

I have had the wheelbearing replaced as the speed sensor keeps going and the anti lock light comes on and disables my all wheel drive. Could it be something else causing this problem? I first replaced it a year and a half ago. then 3 months ago and just one week ago and I can feel it happening again after just 150 miles. it sounds like the brakes are grinding and the pedal is hard to press down to stop.

this only happens when i apply the brake

No problems with engine starting, ideling, rpm, or stalling. Trans shifts correctly, reverse gear ok. After starting and placeing trans in D virtuly no acceleration movement unless the accelerator pedal is depressed almost comlpetely and then speed is slow untill pedal is completely depressed and then it takes off rapidly. Engine service soon light illuminates, crankshaft sensor and start control moduel replaced. No take off speed initially, I am baffeled.

Turn signal and brake light works fine. New bulbs. Plugged right side harness into left side to test it and it worked perfect.

i straight wire radiator fan directly to battery it works.but when hooke back up it will not come on

I was noticing irratic speeds several times before so does that sound like the blower motor quit.

im getting a whining or hissing sound from drivers side engine compartment. will a faulty purge valve cause any noise? thanks n where is IT located? thanks again

just recently my windshield wiper fluid dosent come out im not sure as to why but would like help on how to get it to come out kinda get tired of using gas station window cleaner to get dust and bird poop off my windows please help me thanks a ton!!!!

engine struggles when trying to accelerate

My car is running hotter than normal. After driving for about 20min it starts to heat up to 200-205. If I slow down or stop the car heats up to 205-210

pls respond to

some time 's then other time's runs good for day's

I have a 2001 Buick Park Ave that i inherited from my grandfather. The compressor makes a rattling sound when the car is running, i think it may be the clutch. The car has an automatic control panel for the HVAC unit. Like you set the temp and it keeps up by it self. When i turn on the system, at any temp, the compressor appears to turn on (u can feel the loss of power to the engine) and the rattle stops, but the blower motor does not turn on, even though the panel tells me that the motor is at full power. I just wanted to know what this could be, and if it was something i could do myself so i could at least get the blower motor and the heat working for the winter.

Water has no placw to go..trying to findlocation of drains for ac.

car is slow to shift speedometer/odometer not working

my car won't turn over (new battery)i want to take the starter out and have it checked,but can't find it from the top. where is it? started fine at home went to the store,when i came out it wouldn't turn over,tryed to jump start it but that didn't work---95 buick lesaber