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Where do I find a power window master switch and how do I replace it?

Need to know about front power window switches and wiring.

Need to know about front power window switches and wiring.

Front power windows were working fine, then both just stopped working at the same time.

Front power windows were working fine, then both just stopped working at the same time.

Will re-charge system. But, can't locate problem with blower. I assume it's the resistor. Please advise

Losing oil from the intake gasket. Also, the coolant tube right below the intake on the passenger side leaks.

It randomly comes on or doesn't come on at all. It does not work manually at all. I suspect the dash unit itself may have a problem, but I'm not sure. When it does function, it has to be on auto and sometimes the fan runs on after the engine is turned off.

my email is

2007 Lucern CXS, 86K miles. I am replacing the rear pads and rotors for the firs time since new, I am the original owner. Using a "C" clamp (as I have done on many vehicles)and an old brake pad, I find that the caliper puck will not retract on either side. I had no problems with the replacement of the front pads and rotors when done at 55K miles. Is there a special procedure to retract the pucks on the rear calipers?

now the car starts and massive white smoke out the t-pipe and runs very rough and won't gain rpms

OK we scraped the bottom of the car on the pavement of our driveway. there is a short straight segment of this line that was damaged, and needs replacement. I can't seem to find any information online or anywhere as to the diameter of this line, or information on how to replace it. Any suggestions?

Have replaced all four tires

My 95 Buick suddenly started using oil. Oil is appearing in my coolant reservoir. This car has never lost oil before, car has had no signs of any issues until the check oil light came on two days ago. I forgot to tell Hubby about this. Yesterday a friend checked the oil level for me when the light came on and stayed on after a miles drive. He added almost a quart of oil. Today it is a quart low.

I have driven approximately 50 miles since noticing the light two days ago. The car has never overheated although the temp gauge went up to half way while sitting in construction traffic in 90+° weather for about 10 minutes a month ago.

Two months ago hubby had oil changed at a local station. They did not use a hoist and used oil from a drum. When hubby asked them about the oil brand all they said was it was a quality Canadian oil. Up until this oil change, hubby has maintained the car since we purchased it 4 years ago. The car had been excellently maintained and came from friends. When we bought it, the car had 95K miles, it recently turned over at 120K.

This car has performed well, runs like a top, as the old saying goes. There has been no leaking other than the standard AC leakage. The oil level never dropped between changes.

Research mentions an intake manifold gasket, blown head gasket. The oil light never came on until two days ago. The car has not displayed any symptoms of a intake manifold gasket leak. The gas mileage has been great, the car performs as well as it did the day we bought it.

There is no foaming under the radiator cap.

Do you have any ideas of what the problem may be?

getting drainage under carpet on passanger side when using ac

The oil filter came off on the interstate'.

Since car seems like extra good features, should GMreplace this sealed unit?

Other good features indicate to me that such a problem is unique and GM should stand behind this wear. How do I contact GM?

According to the mechanic who inspected my car, I need to replace the upper intake manifold (leaking coolant), trans pan gaskets, oil pan gaskets and valve cover gaskets. He says there are "massive" oil leaks. I want to order the parts online to save $$$$, but I'm totally confused on what parts would be best & least expensive. Also, how many labor hours should this all take? The shop says I might pay about $500 in parts (from him) and $1000 ($88/hr) in labor. Does this all sound right? I also don't have that kind of of money to spend. Sorry if I seem clueless, but I'm just a girl who did a little googling on this and now I'm more confused than ever. Any advise/help given would be GREATLY appreciated. thnx for reading my question.

Driving Buick 89, Park Ave until it dies, Muffler/exhause reallyloud. Need Idea of approx cost to repair in Port Richey FL area, Tech help, have 2 wire hangers...PS Site won't let me sign up-driving junk?

Turned ac on after replacing the alternator and battery.Now passenger side is cold and drivers is warm. Whats wrong and how can I fix it myself?

i have a 2005 buick rendezvous the last couple days it's been acting my temp gets hot and then today the car ran fine thinking it's a thermastat prob. are water pump....HELP Thanks Troy

When I'm driving my 2000 buick regal the right front side feels like the tire is wobbling.

My left side rear were the first to go. When the wires were jumped we had intial sucess but then quickly lost everything. The break lights, turn signals, head lights, license plate lights are still completely functional.

it happened after we charged the battery, how do we get it to work again?

Interior lights stoped working after it was serviced for a non related problem. What could they have done? Open the doors no lites, turn switch no lites, open glove box no lites

had dye show up in hvac sercice port. do i need to change this.

1993 Buick Skylark, 6 cyl.

I had the pressure hose replaced and the pwr. steering stilled leaked. went to a shop and it was told to me the rack and pinion bad. this started as a pwr. steering leak. The pwr. steering would come back before i repalced the pressure hose but it leaked awful.

Our mechanic says the part no longer exists is this true and if so what are the alternatives?