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how do i remove headlight assembly to change low beam
how do I change the headlight assembly to change low beam
I was told I need to replace the control arms on my steering because there is bad bushings. Don't know what that is, why it happened or how much it should cost. It wasn't listed in you repair list.
It just started knocking... i think i had too much oil in the car
Should I have the timing chain replaced before it goes and if so what would it cost? I have 98000 miles on my car. Thanks
the rear window on the passenger side dropped down and will not operate. how do i get the door panels to get into the mechanics to repair the broken part?
the window dropped down and will not now operate. how do i remove the panel for access to the window driver?
My key fob will not unlock doors and the key wont unlock the doors either. Also, the key will not open the trunk.
My A/C and heater always blows cold on passenger side and hot on driver side no matter what temperature setting...What is the problem??
Twice in the past several weeks, the battery has been drained. I replaced the 5-y-old original battery after the first time it happened. The next time, I was told that the headlights were on all night. The headligh...
The airbag lights stays on
How many oxygen sensors or on the above listed vehicle and where are they located.
horn goes on by itself
My 2002 buick rendezvous has a body control module problem. how do i locate it inside the engine and can i can i buy it as used parts?
Took car to Buick dealer & said it is sensor & will cost a little over $1,000 to fix. Does this price sound reasonable? After left dealer light stayed off, they said will come back later.
where is the throttle position sensor located
where is the fuel filter located on a 1994 buick lesabre?
how do i take out and replace the power steering pump?
Can a 1990 Buick Lesabre be driven about 4 miles after the ball bearings go out on the power steering pump? It makes a lot of noise when I turn the steering wheel. I want to drive it to Pull-A-Part to get another pump...
air cond. cuts off after running good and cold for a while, I let it cool off for a while and the cluch will ingage again and cool for a little while, is there a high & low switch somewhere if so where is it located?
how do I know when to replace lower intake gaskets? Are there any visual signs showing that they have failed?
Gas gauge has begun to read full after start up. Turning to key start position, I get a momentary reading of what the level is. After start up it will move slowly toward full.
replace master cylinder and booster got pedal abs light comes on when you get speed when crank car its not on only when you take off also the brakes are now stuck on we had to disconnect the battery did obd2 test can...
What is the minimum thickness of break rotor?
My 1995 buick riviera is leaking fuel I can noot find out where from. The only thing I do know is that it is by the belt and maybe behind the engine. I can not see any fuel lines in that area but it is leaking alot so...
Car want start, Security light blinking. Have tried the turn key on and let set for 10 minutes then start. But the light doesn't go out, and it doesn't start
my car will not turn over...it acts like it will but it want? i just got a new battery but the car just want start.
I had a check engine light come on, and I found it was a vaccum leak, how much would it cost to fix?
will fuses make the rear window defost work
in the winter when i put on the rear window defrost it won't work and ice form in the inside of the window