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What is a rotor???
my car over heated and I'm trying to determine if it's the water pump. The serpentine belt is on and working fine and the pulley that I think is connected to the water pump seems to be okay.
Car sat for 4 months before I replaced the transmission with a used transmission. The battery was dead at the time. I put a new battery in at the same time. Did not try to start car before replacing transmission. ...
My lighter in my 1997 buick la sabre went out and wouldnt charge things that i could charge though the port, so i thought id replace it but not to knowledgble to put its replacment back togther. im tryna look for a si...
how do you replace the cabin air filter in 2010 buick lacross
I need to know the torque on the rubber transmission pan gasket. How tight?
I bought the car two years ago, since then the headliner has fallen until the whole headliner is down.
speedometer quit working
how do you push in the piston to install new pads. front was easy. rear has parking brake incorporated and I can't get the piston to move. what am I not doing?
Cannot get rear piston to close in order to replace brake pads
I have 2001 buick lesabre that will shut off while driving no matter how fast or slow.. it will eventually crank either right after it shuts off or either minutes to hrs dwn the line. a light appears on the dash tha...
I don't drive far, only 1.5 miles to/from work. I don't want to repair the head gasket because of the cost and I intend to buy a new car by the new year. If the coolant is kept filled it doesn't overheat. Is it ok ...
I need to replace serpentine tensioner in my daughters car. The tensioner fell apart completely. It will be nessasary to remove the tensioner from the engine block and replace. Is that center bolt left hand thread or ...
I can't steer my car to make a right turn without great difficulty as if there is no power steering I can steer my car to make a left turn just as usual. Driving straight is fine. I was able to get the car home....
the pipes glow red(at night i look under the hood) and the engine revs are high.you have to floor it to get it to go.would the catalytic converter do this? car has two hundred fifty thousand on it.
my radio comes on by its self and also have service vehicle soon light and door ajared and where can i find the body control module on my buick rendezvous. i need a diagram if possible
My husband installed a new starter in my 1999 Buick Park Ave. Now my stereo doesn't work and the anti theft device says loc. I was told I need a code to unlock it. Where do I find the code or do I have to take it t...
i have a 1999 buick regal was running great was time for a new oil change and oil was a little low so added a qt (was barely to add qt line) no oil light. was running great same day till added oil now rt after that...
My 2000 Buick Lasabre's heater will not get warm. I have changed the heater control box but no difference, The thermostat appears to work as the temp gauge moves up to normal position.
I have a 96 Buick Riviera, and I need to know how often I should change my spark plugs.
At what temp should the fan be kicking on
Wonder if can be mass flow sensor problem or climate control relay
Temp goes up only when hot outside until changed thermastat now go up all the time
No codes come up . After outside air temps go down the car ok. Like said it only does this when it gets hot outside. But since we changed thermastat now temp gauge runs up to 260 all the time but we get heat on floor ...
AC blows hot on driver side and cold on passenger side
heater on blows cold drivers side hot passenger side,why
Can you use any kind of antifreeze in your vehicle?
My heater hose fitting cracked and I did get the residue cleaned out, but how do you install the rigid 90 degree replacement fitting?
I was told replacing or tightening down the gasket valve cover would stop the engine from smoking. It is not alot of smoke.
SLOWING DOWN TO MERGE WITH TRAFFIC when I try to pick up speed a lot of chatter and now traction light staying on