1993 Buick Skylark, 6 cyl.

I had the pressure hose replaced and the pwr. steering stilled leaked. went to a shop and it was told to me the rack and pinion bad. this started as a pwr. steering leak. The pwr. steering would come back before i repalced the pressure hose but it leaked awful.

Our mechanic says the part no longer exists is this true and if so what are the alternatives?

I can't find the fuse box in my 1995 buick park avenue!

the passenger air conditioner throws hot air while the drivers side throws cold?

Went in for an oil change and the tech informed me there was a leak around the seal so they were unable to change the oil.

Car runs great, seems to shift fine. Only problem is this accelerating problem from a stop. Service engine soon light came on, and I was told the shift solenoid code came up. Had computer cleared. Since then my door locks no longer automatically unlock when placed in park. Still having the accelerating problem. Engine sounds like it's laboring until you get going.

new battery all new electric starter ect .?

Drove about 10 miles the car would stall while driving about every 2 miles. I noticed it stalled while just ideling after about 3 minutes. Each time it starts to shutter like its starved right before it dies. It usually starts back up right away. No check engine light. Fluids are good. When I reached my destination the car sat for about 2 hrs. On the drive back home it ran normal (good). Just bought the car last week from a used car lot. 1994 with only 84,000 miles.
What could it be?

it seems to smooth out when going down the road. any Ideas what this is coming from?
the code we got on it is P304

car taps when ideling

What else does this involve? Other belts to be replaced?

I can't find the right size wrench, to take off the bolt of the bracket, to the fuel filter.

the woman that ownes it said the last owner told her the compresser had a hole in it.i was getting ready to do the dye check and noticed the clutch wasn't kicking in.any one else run in to this.

My blower control head is not functioning correctly and needs to be replaced. How can I do it?

can i get a supercharger images of parts on 1995 buick

when the car is sitting still is when the car starts to heat up as long as the car is driving down the road its fine . i recently replaced the thermostate and the upper intake ,lower intake gaskets .

It's almost like the cruise control gets turned on. I can be driving through town and it randomly starts accelerating. I'll pull in the nearest parking lot, put it in park, which will immediately shoot the RPM's up to 3000. If I turn the car off, sometimes that helps immediately, sometimes it takes a few minutes of waiting. My speed doesn't seem to make a difference, happens a few times a month.It, obviously, makes stopping slower as well. I've taken the car in to 4 different places (and spending over a grand I couldn't afford) and nobody can find anything wrong. They can't recreate the problem, of course, and act like I'm crazy when I'm trying to explain it.

it should be simple but I don't know where to look

My key fob battey low light will come on when i just bought a new battery, my car will say service engin soon nd just start dinging. everything in the car will lock up. Is there a way tofix this?

I noticed the water only comes out when the car is in forward motion and the A/C is on. I felt under the glove box where it seemed to be coming from and there is an opening, and in the opening seems to be some kind of spongy foam material that is soaked. Could it be because of the extreme humidity/dew point that we have experienced this summer? Or is something really wrong?

The 98 Buick riviera is blowing out hot air. Someone said it might need freon.

what should the oil preasure be on a 1998 buick lesabre custom be it has 105,000 miles and i use castrol edge 10w30 oil?

it might work for weeks then it will only work on setting 5.

need to change fuel filter but don't know how to relieve the pressure

has data at the key

car smells like gasoline in it daily while driving for the past two weeks

when I turn left the car seems to loose power steering unless I have my foot on the gas (just a little) also when I am driving the car wants to stall and sputters and while I was driving 55 down the road it stalled and of course lost all power steering not to mention it was pretty scary

could i just buy the headers would it be something i could put in myself i'm not a machanic but i have a freind who is. but i need to get from here las vegas to kelso washington asap do you think its possible for s to fix in one day and do u think it would get us there with no problems

wher is the location of the module