I am not able to turn the key & start the car. It's parked on an incline w/ the wheel turned.

repacing cabin filter first filter got stuck past place to slide in second filter .tried and tried to bring it down would not come down.so put in second filter and third which slid together is this ok to leave until time to change again in 15000 miles?

i need to locate the purge solienod on my car can not locate it and can not get a corret answer

no lic. plate or back up lights. have already replaced fuse and bulbs. could this be the ground wire and if so . where is it located

engine stalls while driving/sometimes will not start

how much to replace a fuel filter

My car jerks when the automatic gears change and the check engine light is not on, and I had the transmission fluid and filter changed. Please reply.

my car jerks upon changing gears .I had a mechanic changed the transmission fluid and filter a couples of days ago.

When my car changes gears automatically, it makes a slight thump noise until all of the gears are changed.

woke up this am and my speedometer is not working right just barely pushing gas it's on 30 and pushing a little when it's probably at 60 it's at 100.

Can u put a 05 buick centry motor in a 2000 modle buick centry

When I turn the temp dial to (all the way) to run the AC the blower blows cold air through certain vents and hot air through the others?? Is this a relay or electrical issue or just a problem with the vent door?

I tried to fill ac with freon but it would not take it the port by compressor is to small. which is the lower port to fill. there are only two. but which one is it.

how much dose it cost to get a new transmission

How to change the transmission oil

Why would a front end sound like loose suspension, loose tie rods,loose sway bar, or just loose joints?

Low beams and daytime running lights do not come on. High beams are the only headlamps that come on at all, no matter what settings on the switch are. Is there a separate circuit breaker for low beam/DTR?

The window will not raise or lower - I believe the cable is broken.

Heater fan only works in the high speed positions - I suspect the air flow sensor

Just got the vehicle back today for above. When I drove it home, water ran out from underneath the glove box. I had a puddle on the floormat when got home. Only about a 5 minute drive.

On the way to work I put the window up and a few minutes later it would not go down. The motor sounds like it is working but the window does not move.

speedometr stopped working stuck at 20mph

I have checked all fuses and can not find the problem . Could it be something in the security system of the car or am I looking in the wrong directinn?

brake pads semi metalick or ceramic what should i use.

Never had this happen before. Enetered my car around 1PM on Fathers day to go home but was unable to start my car because the key would not slide into the ignition switch to start the engine. again I say this has never happened to me for the last four years. Why is this?

My dad recently had front wheel bearings put in. He had the diagnostic test done It came up front wheel bearings. The same noise continues to happen. The mechanic told him it was a defective part. They put a new one in but it still keeps making the noise. Can you please help It would be appreciated for your help. Dad's on a fixed income and can't afford to be shelling out $1000 already.

My car starts but cannot shift the vehicle out of park.

i am trying bto change bad starter

When I go to jiffy lube the put in the comment section , that the car has an engine oil leak.

The car has a load popping noise under the body a shop told us it was the carriage bushing and filled it with grease it stopped for awhile. Figured I could do it myself and save 120 dollars.