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I replaced a coil and a week later had the same problem. Ended up replacing the other two coils and the ignition module and it fixed the problem. A week and a half later I have the same problem. I need some advice, I ...
Car sat up 4 years. Worked fine when we parked it. 90k miles.
I have changed the plugs and wires, changed the coil and coil module along with changing the crank sensor but still no fire to or from the coils
I found it in front of the radiator. It has a wire that runs to it bit was not connected. I can send a pict through email to show u its connected to the. Frame
What might have been disconnected from a 2003 buick century trans that when a shop found it disconnected reconnected it and when they did reconnect it, it caused the car to start acting up? shifting weird, or eratical...
While driving my car this light comes on sometimes,and my car turns off in the middle of the street and all of the lights on the panel go crazy. Already changed the module and fuse box. No codes come up when we took i...
replaced fuel injectors and lost o-rings on input fuel line connector, need info on how to put the 2 o-rngs on .or into connector.
Front wheels are locked will not turn. Not forward nor reverse.
horn dont work fuses r good ?
Recently replaced all brake pads and rear rotors and calipers. The work was done by a trusted mechanic with 30 years experience (family member) he says my tires need aligned, tire shop says they don't.?? Another frien...
Need help with how to diagnose electrical problem with DIC readings, temp guage airbag lite, but cluster checks out ok.
vaf,baro map defective vaf defective or dirty,whats all this mean to me
my drivers information center goes blank it usually resets itself this has happened to me 5 times and tire warning lite on and the tires are fine this is so weird.
Buick diagnosis listed bearings and motor mounts need to be replaced also service engine soon light on
I drained battery so jumped it, and its fine but volt light still on.