The hood is closed but the dash message says hood open and i have looked at the manual but doesnt show where even a sensor is located. A ding sound indicates

Trunk decal has a metal casing making it hard to take off??

four tires and balancing

the antifreeze tank is leaking

The BMW dealership diagnosed it and is asking for ~$2000 to replace the pump and thermostat. Another repair shop quoted $1300 for the same set of repairs. Is it worth to take the risk, and drive my car 30 mins from the dealership to the other repair shop?...I am afraid, I will end up damaging more parts than saving the difference in costs.

I placed a large pkg in the car and drove with it for 3 days and my check engine light came on. How can I reset the light?

Three days. I also recently had an oil change. How can I reset the light?