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no smell, no smoke, no overheating. car has a sealed oil system so can't check for water. but oil level is right at full like always. 75000 miles. hit 100mph coppla times, never wound out the gears,
when u turn the key to start the car sounds like it wants to turn over but jist cant
i got all other power but wont start! it had a burned smell to it! thanks everyone for your help!
I had charge checked and it was good. A/C blows cold on Max only, but then fan is too high and loud. What do you think it might be, and what is estimated cost to repair? Thanks!
I often see the stability control,abs and brake light on
The fuse and the relay are good, so I was wondering if the fule pump is no good. It will fire if I put fule directly to fule rail, but I do not no the plug to pump diagram. The plug has numbers, I'm thinking I could c...
Battery fully dead aftef 2days of no operation?
It sputters and engine light flickers... Just put in transmission and cam sensor.... Engine code on sheet says 147... Electronic thermostat... The car dies after driving a mile in road like it's not getting any fire...
What is the type of Transmission Fluid for an Automatic 1990 BMW 2.5 325i?
C.P.S. senesers been replaced and fuel filter placed, fuel pump working fuel getting to motor just when press on gas pedal in park at idle there is no acceleration.. Help me
Got a reading from diagnostics about hpfp sensor misfires ,will this cause the car engine not to turn over
anyone know what most likely causes this? i need to buy parts but dont want to buy the wrong one, really need to get this fixed!
The quote to repair is 1,800.00. Is that reasonable? How long can I drive the car before making the repair? Is it urgent?
is it safe to wait til 75,000 miles or up to 100,000
was driving in rain today with a few puddles. car started idling rough and when I tried to accelerate, It barely would move. After it sat an hour or so, I started it and it ran fine.
my parking cable doesn't seem to be connected to anything. It seems to be completely extended to its point, which has caused my car to be completely stuck in emergency park. I called a bmw dealership and they could on...
They are always on, I don't think it's the sensors because the previous owner just did some maintenance on the car, such as replacing spark plugs, new tires, new fuel injector and a couple of other things, I just want...
P2570 - (ASE) Powertrain Vehicle Speed Control, Idle Controls, and Auxiliary Inputs DTC Description: Direct Ozone Reduction Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit High Sensor End of Range - Circuit Higher T...
AC nor heater will come on in X5 BMW after switching back and forth.