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I bought the car a couple of months ago and it doesn't have a key for the locking lug bolt and I don't have money to buy another one
rough idling when engine is cold
Car goes into the red sometimes And overheats if sitting too long running
Repair hours needed to replace
I have fitted a different pump and the lights still remains on. Can anyone recommend anything that would sort this problem out for me please
Stop sounds like air when I put the dip stick back in engine starts to squeal but it only happens when engine gets warm
It will start when I put starter fluid in and shuts off.
replace intake a year ago and went to crank it this morning blow intake again
I am able to drive the car but the steering wheel doesn't lock when I park so I'm thinking this may have something to do with it. I have checked the automatic gear shift and it's fine.
The radio and dashboard works.