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The overheating was not resolved with water/coolant added. It now has set up 5 yrs plus. There were no recalls for issues of water/gasoline..that is any type of condensation.
A5S-560Z out of a 1996 was used in replacement of trans. I have power to the starter, I have good grounds "I DO NOT HAVE SIGNAL POWER TO STARTER" WHY?
There are several relays in the fuse/relay box but which one is the flash relay for the L & R signals
My left turn signal would intermittenly not work and then the right one stopped and now neither are working check the fuse its good what to do
I have a very low mileage 840CI (14,500 Miles). I believe I tripped something replacing both batteries in the trunk as the auto transmission will not go into forward or reverse. Any way I can reset anything that I mi...
The symptoms are: The first time I was waiting for a green traffic light when suddenly the car wouldn't go. I looked at the OBC and the trans fail message was there. I pulled out the key and start the car again has if...
when i try to crank my 840ci it stalls there is gas in the tank when i hit the bottom of the tank it had started but then i turned it off it started stalling a again, starter fluid was used, still not cranking could i...