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I bought a window regulator with motor , had it put it . Window will roll down but not up unless you use a jumper
Oil change 2200 miles ago and I have added 3 quarts of oil.Dealer says valve guide seals are worn ($7K). Checking third party extended warranty? Only owner since April?? Any advice , previous experiences??
I already checked my window motor& regulator, they are good. What should I check next? or how can I fix my window,
BMW E65 E66 I CONTROLLER CONTROL MODULE CONSOLE OEM 750LI 750I 760 61316947817 The controller button not working to control menu.
Dealership says I need to replace hydraulic controller in console. I cannot find this part name on ebay. What is correct name to search under for controller in console?
is this normal or something I should have checked out by my bmw dealer
The transmission alert states that the car could go into P, D, N,R,D3 ,and D5 without depressing the brakes. What could be the problem? Low Transmission fluid, maybe? Once in drive it will go but once park or other...
i heard that it is a common thing in bmw that they smoke please let me no if its fixable and if its easy to do or repair
BMW said I left the car in the "on" mode too much. The screen stayed off for a week, then came back on just after I made apt with service. Changing batteries in remote doesn't help. When too hot or too cold outside...
Engine light will sometime come on then will go off.
keeping car past CPO warranty and need a good local source
How to replace backup light bulb? Can I do this myself?