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The transmission alert states that the car could go into P, D, N,R,D3 ,and D5 without depressing the brakes. What could be the problem? Low Transmission fluid, maybe? Once in drive it will go but once park or other...
Dealer reset after one week with no reason given, back on again. Any Ideas??
I am the original owner of this car. 37,000 miles, pristine condition. I smelled fuel inside the car and took it to the dealership. They stated passenger side fuel sending unit was cracked and leaking fuel. They repla...
had the issue diagnosed at dealership also to replace guibo
Automobile engine fault light has been lit
Dealer claims A pillar, B Pillar and head liner need to be removed to gain access. $$$$$ has to be simpler solution.
I installed a new water pump and now I can't get the AC belt on.
i heard that it is a common thing in bmw that they smoke please let me no if its fixable and if its easy to do or repair
just bought a 2007 750li bmw and dont no what kind of oil to use
BMW said I left the car in the "on" mode too much. The screen stayed off for a week, then came back on just after I made apt with service. Changing batteries in remote doesn't help. When too hot or too cold outside...
Blow at full and others it feels like it is on low. I have all settings correct and even the max button will not blow at full strength. This happens about 60% of the time I am in my car
My car is getting close to 30,000 miles and recomended to bring in for the 30,000 mile maintenance. I would appreciate an exact amount or at least a ball park figure. Thank you
Engine light will sometime come on then will go off.
My vehicle has 80K miles and I havent driven it hard. Service tech says my motor needs rebuild.
2 months later same problem, they say that one of my door handles(comfort access) because its broken it has a voltage killing my battery, its been like that for 2 that even possible.. I mean it works ok just ...
battery don,t save and appear alot of errors
Im having a little bit of trouble being tracked by my wife to places where i dont belong...
keeping car past CPO warranty and need a good local source
My 2006 750 li has only 60,000 miles on it. On vacation last month 800 miles from home my transmission failed. There was no warning or previous signs of a problem. The nearest BMW dealer said the only option was to re...
I replaced with same tires. Was very smooth before replacing. I made tire dealer replace entire set, still very rough. Had them trued ,still rough. When car is off the ground and spun up very smooth. sounds like a sus...
Sometimes I get a warning message that the right turn signal is bad. I took the vehicle to the dealer and had it checked they said is the two turn signal bulbs. The cost was $105.00 I said NO I got the two bulbs for $...
I am having trouble filling the fuel tank. Tank always seems like it is full
transmission fault sign came out on the screen and the car has only third and fifth gear. any clue ppl what to do?
computer reported oil level as ok at 33704 miles and at 35743 reported oil level down one quart, and stability unsafe if hard cornering or dast acceleration occurs gefore oil level fixed. both alarms ended when i adde...
How to replace backup light bulb? Can I do this myself?
The light has come on occasionally - once or twice in the past 3 months - "Drive Control Malfunction". What does this mean?
When I close and lock the doors the light where you adjust the seat on the armrest stays on. So does the start stop button.
My GPS DVD player just runs all the time as if it is reading a disc but I get an error message that it's no disc install. I took the disc out and still it runs. Any suggestions on replacing or repairing it.